SheFinds Asks You: Has Luxury Become Ludicrous?

August 23, 2007 by kristindiva
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Like kids waiting for new school clothes, most of us wait for September’s magazines with great anticipation, wanting to see what’s new and stylish for our Fall 2007 wardrobes. We sat down with the very heavy September issues of most of the industry’s top mags and read them cover to cover this weekend and, ok, we’ve hailed the end of the “It” Bag and now we just have to ask: Has the concept of luxury gotten completely out of hand?

The signs are everywhere: Marie Claire tried to justify springing for a $1550 Salvatore Ferragamo handbag. The cheapest clothing/accessory listed in Vogue was a pair of Wolford tights for $38. Elle waved in the rear view mirror at its competitors with the priciest item, a Mark Rothko painting for $73 million.

It’s not just the fashion rags that are talking about ruining your credit rating. One of the hottest discussions on New York streets is the new “World’s Most Expensive handbag,” the Chanel “Diamond Forever”, a white alligator and pavé diamond monstrosity that rings in at a cool $260,050 (which, IMHO, the Canal Street copies will be better looking — really.)

With everyone toting around interlocking G’s, C’s and LV’s, is anything a special purchase anymore or has luxury become so commonplace that we’re expected to just fork over the cash? J. Crew has an upscale line now, for crissakes. Don’t get us wrong: we love good quality stuff as much as the next girl but we’re just wondering if it’s all gotten a little out of hand. With stores like Gap and masstige collections like Target's Go International collections, such as that designed by Alice Temperley, you hardly have to go broke to be well-dressed.

We all know as women we’re supposed to invest in our handbags and shoes, but does it have to cost as much as a home in the Midwest? SheFinds wants to know what you think: are you into it or are you over it? Let us know in the comments section.


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