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April 2, 2007 by SheFindsErin
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You may have asked your stylist for Jennifer Aniston’s cut or Jessica Alba’s color or Eva Longoria’s big curls, but have you ever requested a ‘do based solely on its part? According to the Hair Part Theory, you may want to pay more attention to where your hair is parting. This little tidbit — like your handwriting and the shape your lipstick wears down to — could be sending cues about your personality without you even realizing it.

According to the theory, your part “has a crucial impact on interpersonal relationships by affecting immediate character appraisal, perceived personality traits, self-perception and self-development.” Want to do big things in politics or business (traditionally masculine fields)? Start parting on the left to draw attention to the analytical activities of the left hemisphere of the brain. More of a touchy-feely, creative type? A right-sided part may reveal that to others, since it emphasizes the right side of the brain where all your feminine traits apparently originate.

As with any theory, there’s a little hindsight involved. My hair naturally parts in the middle, a quirk no stylist or blow-drying trick can change. Does that make me a tough-as-nails artiste? I wouldn’t put money on it. But, to be on the safe side, I might just get a strategically subliminal left-part cut the next time I’m up for a raise.

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