SheFinds Rant: Shorts -- The Good, The Bad and the Fugly

July 30, 2007 by SheFindsJennifer
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As much as I love shopping, there are times when it can be down right frustrating — like shopping for bathing suits. There is a reason why shoes are the average woman’s favorite things to shop for: they are cute and they always fit. Shorts, on the other hand, can be tricky little seersuckers because (unlike shoes) it is not just about finding the right size, but the right shape, too.

There are images floating all over the web of every shape and size celeb rocking shorts, whether it be the itty-bitty hot pant, or the more modest Bermuda. But trust us, even the richest and most beautiful can be victimized by fashion’s leg-baring atrocities.

Take Beyoncé, everyone’s favorite “bootylicious and proud” Dream Girl, who woke up one morning and decided to put on this hideous metallic gold eyesore of an outfit and take a trip down the red carpet. What can I say, except sometimes bad shorts happen to good people: her legs look huge.

But if we could turn our attention to exhibit B, that white, wide-leg drawstring pair is much more fitting — literally. The length is enough to cover the thickest part of her leg while the roomier fit slims her down a bit.

Now I don’t want to hear that shorts really only look good on skinny girls either. Let’s examine Mischa’s several short attempts: Can she pull off this mini, knotted, golf plaid diaper resemblance? Nope. How about high-waisted turquoise mom-shorts? Uh-uh. A Swiss mountain yodeler costume? Try again. Wait, a white tank with rolled-cuff khakis, there she’s finally got it.


We know how shorts can be such a nightmare so we’ve selected a few of our favorite most flattering pairs to help you out. When in doubt, though, just wear a dress… it is so much easier and just more elegant overall.

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