Should You Charge Your Phone Overnight? The Answer.

September 9, 2016 by Justine Schwartz
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When you remember to plug your iPhone in at night and wake up to a full battery, you feel like you’re really on top of your stuff, right!? What a grown up you are to plan ahead for the next day! BUT–is keeping your phone plugged in for that long, even after it’s fully charged and at 100%, actually bad for your phone? Might it be doing damage? That is the real question, folks–and the New York Times just gave the answer.

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According to the Times, the answer is–yes, it damages the battery, but that doesn’t really matter if you’re the type of person that gets a new phone at least every two years.

Okay–but why?

So smart phones come with lithium-ion batteries. The phones themselves are truly “smart,” and know when to stop taking charge, so it’s not an issue with the phone continuing to charge after it hits 100%. But they also come with a technology that makes them speed up the charging process as needed. This “fast charging” is what damages lithium-ion batteries over time, causing them to break down around that two year mark (that’s why your phone starts to suck right around the time Apple announces the new iPhone model!).

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If you religiously get new phones–you can continue to charge the phone however you want. Really the only thing Apple suggests is not letting the phone overheat (above 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 Celsius, can “permanently damage battery capacity.”)

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If you want to make your phone last longer than two years–try this hack that the Times suggests: keep the phone from “fast charging” by using a weaker charger meant for a less powerful device. Aka, use an iPhone charger to charge your iPad. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work–but it is a clever way to work around the problem.

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