Runway Recap: Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

September 12, 2008 by Bryn
shefinds | Style

Here's the latest Runway review from SheFinds reader Kate:

The designers were tapped to create an avant-garde ensemble based upon the zodiac signs and were forced to team with designers who were ‘auf viderseigned’ earlier this season. Usually team challenges prove spicy with the usual personality clashes, and this episode had its share of fireworks.

What’s going to be exciting in coming episodes will be the future clash between Kenley and pretty much every other designer on the show. She’s a crying Jeffrey in Bettie Page drag. We’re taking bets now for a showdown between Kenley and LeAnn. Who will come out on top in that cat fight?  Stay tuned!

As usual, in the midst of design and production – there’s a wrinkle! In the middle of the frenzy of creating the garment, Tim arrives and tells the designers that they will be swept away to the Museum of Natural History to meet up with Heidi and PR alumns who will judge the garments. And then the big bomb is dropped —  not only will there be no more “immunity’ granted, but TWO designers will be “aufed” this episode.    

So enough with the back story – on with the show!

And the winner is…

Jerrell! He worked with Jennifer and his design of Sagittarius was fabulous. We loved the mixed mediums of tweed and the feathers, and thought the long pencil skirt was just divine.

The losers?
BLAYNE. We thought his outfit for Libra belonged on a float at Carnival. When Michael Kors talks about human excrement to describe your design (“your model is pooping fabric!”), you might as well just walk off the runway right then and there.  

The other loser was Terri. Her original design for Leo had a fur wrap and she was smart enough to drop it before the runway, but, alas, it wasn’t enough to save this dress, which looked like something She-Ra would wear before going to slay Skeletor.
Kenley’s design for Aquarius looked like something out of Alice and Wonderland.  All of us think her days on the runway are numbered, as she got pretty cocky and argued with Nina during judging.  Honey, don’t mess with Nina.

Korto’s design for Aquarius was – in this judges opinion – quite lovely. I wouldn’t wear it, but can definitely appreciate the construction and how it draped and flowed on the runway. It wasn’t a winner, but definitely not a loser.
Leann’s depiction of Scorpio was not our cup of tea, as we’ll go on record as saying we strongly disagree with the judges and Tim who just “oohed” and “ahhed” over her hooded asymmetric dress. It looks like something a couture vampire would wear.  


We absolutely loved Joe’s design for Aries. The mixture of colors and textures is fantastic.     

Finally, there is Suede. Third person speaking Suede – the Bob Dole of Project Runway. His depiction of Libra was an epic disaster, and although he was on the chopping block, he didn’t get the final cut. Harem pants?  Enough said.

So stay tuned for next week! We’re now down to six. Make it work! And catch up on our reviews of past episodes.

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