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January 28, 2005 by
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Tired of the celebrity barrage of plasticity? Think shows like The Swan is what is wrong with America? Well, have a look at Any celebrity is game in this lipo-slinging forum for the worst of the worst plastic obsessions. With topic categories like “Ooops, I Messed Up My Face” and “Bad Hair Transplants,” there are plenty of before and after shots for you to gander at and feel a little bit better about that characteristic bump in your nose you got from your Aunt Jeanie.

One article titled “The Ugliest Breasts In Hollywood” shows pictures of Kate Beckinsale’s boob-job complete with breast stretch marks. That’s one bad boob-job. I’m all for improving your outward appearance, but even some of the already beautiful are apparently trying too hard for perfection. (See: “Meg Ryan aka Trout Lips”) Poor Meg Ryan appears to be the butt end of a joke from the American Bee Research “cosmetic” division.

And of course, what would a site about bad cosmetic surgery be without the Plastic Pop King? Michael Jackson. offers a link to which provides detailed descriptions of Michael’s path to plastic-dom.

If you see a cosmetic disaster in progress, encourages their readership to submit any celebrity bodily or facial folly. Suggest a celebrity and they will try to find the flaws in even your least-favorite scene stealer. But, who, might you ask, is the most requested celebrity? Aussie beauty Nicole Kidman, who “[has] problems making facial expressions and resorts to these weird gestures using her head.” The site claims that people are amazed at how much her appearance has changed over the years, yet asserts that “aging is allowable, but looking like a different person is odd.”




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