Lift, Separate, And Charge Your iPod With The New Solar Bra

May 15, 2008 by Bryn
shefinds |

Ah, we love our intercontinental friends. They're always coming up with kooky beauty treatments (remember those bird poop facials?) and eclectic fashions. But this one really takes the cake – a solar bra. Lingerie maker, Triumph International Ltd., unveiled a solar panel bra in Tokyo this week. The bra has a solar panel that is worn around the stomach and can collect enough energy from either the sun or room lighting to charge an iPod or cell phone. Oh, and we almost forgot the best part – there's an electric bulletin board on the bra that can display earth-friendly messages with the power it harnesses. Now that's quite a bra. 

The company has gained a reputation for making eco-conscious products – their last venture was a bra that held a reusable shopping bag (it conveniently folded inside the cup). 

So if you're thinking to yourself, darn, I've just got to get my hands on one of those solar bras and use my lingerie to save the planet, stat, you're pretty much out of luck, since the bra was developed purely for events and presentations to raise awareness of global warming. However, below are the Global Warming Knickers from that may not harness the power of the sun or come with their own billboards, but actually perform a little magic of their own: as the underwear warms up, the globe disappears to symbolize the ocean swallowing the earth. Creepy, yet poignant. 




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