Stella McCartney Hates The Word Nanny--What Words Make You Cringe As a Mom?

March 5, 2012 by Mom Jeanine
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Can you believe fashion designer Stella McCartney has 4 kids under the age of 7? Yikes! How that woman manages to run a fashion empire and keep her house in order is a mystery to me?

Well, not so much anymore, actually. Stella recently fessed up that she has help–a “good husband,” a housekeeper and a nanny. Actually, scratch the nanny and replace her with friend because Stella isn’t too fond of the whole nanny term. She says, “I have a nanny, though I find that word jarring. I tell her, ‘I just want to call you a friend.'”

Nice, right? Except most of us don’t keep our friends on payroll. But I digress. The real question here is why Stella has issue with the term nanny. Is it a s class thing? Does she feel guilty about needing help? Whatever the reason, don’t we all have words that make us cringe as moms? I sure do. Here are a few:

1. Baby daddy. I hate, no, I despise this term. Not only do I think it trivializes fatherhood, but I just think it has such trashy and class-less connotations. Of course, it’s not unlikely that I’m particularly sensitive to this term because I am a single mom.

2. Preggo. This might be the old lady in me, but not every word needs to be colloquialized and dumbed down. A woman is pregnant, not preggo or preggers. And really, you’re not saving any syllables or breaths so just say pregnant for goodness sake.

3. Perineum. Before I had a child, I only vaguely knew about this section of the body. Now that I’ve experienced childbirth, however, and had my perineum stitched back together, I literally get shivers every time I hear and/or read this word. Just writing this paragraph is making me twitch.

4. Bitch. Excuse the expletive, but I wanted to see if it’d make you cringe, too. Did it? Yeah, it still makes me uncomfortable, too. Now that I have a daughter, I’ve become hyper-sensitive to all the reality shows where women throw around the term like it’s no biggie. I’m hoping my daughter’s vocabulary is a little more developed so she doesn’t rely on this awful word to describe someone else… or even worse, herself.

5. Fat. I know there is an obesity epidemic in our country, but I just don’t think any child should ever be called fat. I know a little girl whose mom once called her fat jokingly, but it’s stuck with the girl. It’s one of the first words she uses to describe herself and she’s only 9. I know it’s a touchy subject, but I think we’ve all got to do better when dealing with this issue and our kids.

What about you? Are there any words that make you cringe now that you’re a mom? Share in the comments.

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