Style Blogger Admits To Photoshopping Herself--See The Before & After Pics Here

August 18, 2014 by Julia Welling
shefinds | beauty

As a young woman, I will be the first to admit that I am not 100% happy with my body. Growing up, I was always under pressure to be stick skinny for ballet, and in college my roommate and I used to cut out Victoria’s Secret models from the catalog and tape them to our mirrors as motivation. (I know, so typical. We were so basic. but hat’s not the point.) We were victims of believing in photoshopped images.

Now that I work in fashion editorial, I am more aware than ever about photoshop and how much of a problem it has become. Even though we’ve seen the epic photoshop fails of Target, Old Navy, and Ann Taylor LOFT, young women, like me, are still falling for the images we see. The catalog images we see are obviously photoshopped, it should just be assumed by now, but what we’ve been curious about is fashion bloggers.

Now that fashion blogs have become a huge outlet for young girls to get their styling inspiration, it’s safe to say we’ve all wished we looked like our favorite blogger before. After all, they are real girls, just like you and I. They aren’t paid models, so it’s much easier to want to be like them. It’s seems like an attainable goal, but maybe it isn’t. We’ve always wondered, “Do bloggers photoshop their images?” and now we know, the answer is, yes.

We would like to give major props to Dana Suchow of Do The Hot Pants, who recently came out on her blog and admitted to photoshopping her images. And here’s what she said:

In my ongoing mission to lift the veil that is currently suffocating us women, I realized that I, Hotpants, haven’t been entirely truthful with you.

I’m sorry :(

But because I want to be as transparent with you as possible, I’ve decided to expose the instances where I used photoshop to distort and change my body.

Then, she posted the original images and the photoshopped images side by side, and highlighted what she edited out. Hotpants, this takes major courage, and we commend you for it. But it makes us wonder, which other bloggers have photoshopped their photos?

Check out Hotpants’ images below, and then let us know what you think in the comments.







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[Photos: Do The Hotpants]

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