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Ties That Don’t Suck: Our New Favorite Etsy Seller Makes Silkscreen Ties For The ‘Cool’ Groom

Etsy seller Bethany Shorb launched Ties That Don't Suck in 2005 after noticing what she calls, "a void in creative yet sophisticated neckwear," - aka, a world of boring ties. If your groom cringes at the thought of a traditional tuxedo and is looking for something a little edgier, he'll go crazy for their cool silkscreen designs -- which include everything from brass knuckles to laser cats (yes, really). We're loving this Antique phonograph tie ($30). Bethany even says they regularly (and dutifully) outfit "gangs of groomsmen and ring-bearers," so if you're thinking of making ties the stand-out accessory on the men in your bridal party, here's the perfect venue to find 'em. I loved the Lorem Ipsum design ($30) as a gift for my web-developing husband; the bow-tie version ($40) would be perfect for a geeky-chic groom. Now that you've accessorized your guy, find the perfect accents for yourself: see our guides on the best wedding headbands, wedding veils, and diamond wedding jewelry.

Lady Gaga’s “Judas” Music Video Is Out: How To Get D.I.Y. Gaga Nails

[youtube width="450" height="286"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wagn8Wrmzuc&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Lady Gaga's "Judas" music video While I did sport a Lady Gaga Halloween Costume two years ago (last year I went as Ke$ha. Obviously), I still consider her to be a style icon, absurd as she may be. And once again in her newest music video, "Judas," she did not disappoint. Though her opulent crown and cross-adorned bra both were worthy of discussion, it was her nail art that truly stole the show. Check out screen shots from two of our favorite looks: Left, Gaga is pictured with alternating colored nails and 3D decals, and right she's sporting red and black nails with chain attachments. Her exact nail decals aren't available for purchase yet (c'mon, the video only came out yesterday), but luckily Etsy's got us covered with some very similar looks: (more…)

Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts Via Etsy (Crafty Gene Not Required)

Valentine's Day gets a bad rap for being a manufactured "Hallmark" holiday, so go the authentic route by giving a gift that's handmade and from the heart. Who said it had to be from your heart? Even if you don't have the crafty gene, that's ok--Etsy's sellers have you covered. Check out these cool handmade finds you can give without feeling guilty: Check out more Etsy finds, and best find of the day stuff we're obsessed with. Then peruse all of our handpicked sales and deals and calendar of online sample sales. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @shefindseileen.

Leave No Electronics Uncovered: Handmade Etsy Cases For Your iPad, Droid, Kindle & iPhones.

So maybe by now everyone you know has an iPad, or at the very least, an iPhone. One way to stand apart from the pack is a one of a kind case. Etsy is the place, where there are tons of handmade cases for pretty much any piece of equipment you own. Ready to cover up those electronics? Here we go: Check out more of our favorite Etsy finds, see our roundup of the best iPad cases from around the web, including the Tory Burch iPad case that keeps selling out. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @shefindseileen.

Etsy Find: A Gold Foldover Evening Bag ($160 Cheaper Than Its Halston Heritage Counterpart)

I have a semi-obsession with party purses and evening bags. Leather clutches, mini shoulder bags, and pretty much anything with a metallic finish is my friend. So when I stumbled upon this Gold Foldover Clutch ($34.95) by Etsy seller Marketa Psenickova, I was in love. This is the perfect evening bag - pair it with skinny black jeans, sky high black pumps and a bar top, and you are good. to. go. The added bonus? It's exactly $160 less than this identical Halston Heritage bag:   If you love Halston Heritage as much as Sarah Jessica Parker, you may prefer this Jenny Metallic Folded Clutch ($195). The gold foldover style will pop against your skimpiest little black dress for any holiday party or Saturday night at the club. Pass the Courvoisier. For more holiday must-haves, check our guides to the best cocktail rings, party dresses, earrings, party shoes. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @bridefinds.

Kick Your Lady GaGa Halloween Costume Up A Notch With These Etsy Finds

Everyone and their mother is going to be Lady GaGa for Halloween this year - so set yourself apart from the pack with one of these Lady Gaga-inspired, handmade accessories from Etsy. This is what Etsy was made for - who else would hand bedazzle a pair of sunglasses to look exactly like the pair she wore on her Fame album cover? For more awesome Halloween ideas, see our Snooki Halloween costumes, the quirky Simon Doonan for Target costumes, how to be Katy Perry from the "California Gurls" video and the 10 stupidest sexy costumes (sexy Crayon anyone?). Follow the author of this post on Twitter @bridefinds.

Etsy Chiffon Necklaces: Make A Statement Without A Visit To The Chiropractor

I love statement necklaces, but they tend to bother me by the end of the day (i.e. I end up heaving them onto my desk around 4 pm). But this one is made of chiffon, so not only is it lightweight and airy, but it's gorgeous and completely different than anything you can buy in stores. Best part? It's under $20. Grab one (or four) of these pretty handmade chained rose chiffon necklaces for $19.50. If you'd like another color, Etsy seller Studio Elenus will make it for you. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. What would you wear it with? It goes with everything from sheath dresses to skinny jeans and cardigans or blazers. Want more jewelry? Check out our guides to necklaces and cheap jewelry.

Sea Glass Necklaces From Etsy: The Prettiest Souvenirs Of The Summer

Fall is almost here--what better way to memorialize the summer season than with a beautiful sea glass pendant souvenir? Etsy seller Sea Find Designs has plucked some gorgeous sea glass from the Rhode Island oceans and made them into necklaces. Get one for yourself--or as a gift, today: The gorgeous hardware that surrounds this turquoise sea glass stone makes this necklace ($85) seriously special. This "Three Sisters" sea glass necklace ($33) is one large beach stone flanked by two sea glass pendants. This Sea Glass pendant ($50) is perfectly oval--it'll look so cool atop your favorite maxi dresses and cardigans this fall. See our guides to the best necklaces and cheap jewelry and then check out more best find of the day picks and all of our other Etsy finds.

Latest From MOMfinds: Etsy Necklaces, Cool Chalkboard Decals, And More

Etsy Find: Initial Necklaces Treat yourself to a personalized, handmade necklace for just $35 on Etsy. Ditch The Post-Its Feeling forgetful? These cool chalkboard decals will keep you organized--no Post-Its required. Thanks, MOMfinds! Pottery Barn Sells Halloween Costumes Know a kid you like to spoil? Peruse these adorable costumes. Check out all of this week's sales and deals, group coupons for every city, and our guide to cheap jewelry. Still not satisfied? See all of our best find of the day posts and more Etsy finds.

Pearl Necklaces Inspired By Chanel–Without The Six Digit Price Tag

While Coco Chanel defined the word" classic style icon", it can be pretty costly to channel the woman. While times have changed (ahem, Michelle Obama in affordable J.Crew!) the style's still kickin'. Etsy seller Bouvier jewelry designs makes it easy, with this chic pearl necklace for $195: Coco Sophia pearl necklace ($195) Shop for more cheap jewelry, necklaces and earrings, and then check out all of our online sample sales and our hand-picked best find of the day posts.

Etsy Find: One Of A Kind, Handmade Ring Pillows That Are Not Pillows At All

Whether it’s your little nephew or a four-legged family member that carries your rings down the aisle, we found plenty of  beautiful and one-of-a-kind ways to do it on Etsy. Who has the time (or craftiness) to make something as simple as a ring pillow so cool and different. Plus, they’re a great keepsake of your wedding long after your “I Do’s” are said and done. From Etsy seller Y&E Bridal, the Chantel Ring Bearer Nest ($40) is a perfect accompaniment for a country-style or vineyard affair and offers a whimsical sense of nature and charm. Another option for a down-home kind of ceremony is this Ring Bearer Pillow With Personalized Wood Heart ($26.99) which is sure to draw smiles both on your wedding day and beyond. The handmade charm by Etsy seller Bragging Bags of this piece works great for a barn or farmhouse setting, and beyond. And from seller Paloma's Nest comes the most modern ring “pillow” we’ve ever seen: the 'With This Ring' Ring Bearer Bowl ($38). Engraved with the words "With This Ring," you will use these bowls not only on the wedding day, but as a pretty ring dish for your nightstand or vanity.

Genius Etsy Find: Take A Quiz, Get Your Own Custom-Blended Perfume

Etsy seller Ophelia's Apothecary has a solution for anyone who's ever wished they could have their very own fragrance like Beyonce, Katy Perry, and even Britney. Here's how it work: purchase a custom blended perfume ($95) and you'll get an email questionnaire--fill it out, and within 10 days, you'll get six testers to choose from that are made just for you. the coolest part? They'll go on file and will never be sold to anyone else--you get your very own blend. See all of this week's best find of the day posts all of our beauty roadtests, and check out this week's online sample sales. Then head on over to our guide to fragrances for every season to pick your own ready-made perfume.

Etsy Find: Under-$50 Handpainted Silk Scarves To Wear With Everything

Now you don't have to go to an estate sale to get a hand-painted, custom-made scarf: just shop on Etsy. These beautiful scarves are handmade and painted to look like tie dye. What could be cooler to wear around your neck with one of your sheat dresses, or a pair of jeans? Add a pop of color with this Pink silk scarf ($45). Everyone will be asking, "Where'd you get that?" This pretty Orange hand painted silk scarf ($42) can be tied several different ways and has a cool tie dye print that can't be matched. Wear this Purple scarf ($49.50) to work, or give it as a gift--the sheer chiffon paired with a dreamy pattern is completely unexpected. See more Etsy finds, plus our best find of the day posts, and all of this week's sales and deals.

Paper Airplanes, Origami Cranes, And Pinwheels, Now In Necklace Form

I love wearing statement necklaces, but I'm sick of visiting the chiropractor afterward. Behold, the power of the delicate statement necklace that doesn't have to weigh 2 lbs to make said statement. An example: I have a very delicate necklace with teeny tiny knives on it that makes people do a double-take.  "Are you wearing ninja knives around your neck?," they ask. Why yes, I am. Tiny delicate chains have their place just as monstrous ones do, try these unexpected charms by Etsy seller The Mix on for size: This gold paper crane necklace ($12) is 3-D, and actually looks like a gilded version of paper. If you're looking for something new and unexpected, this paper airplane ($12) will brighten up anyone's outfit. Feel like a kid again with this playful pinwheel necklace ($12) that looks like a flower at first glance. See more Etsy finds, plus all of our best find of the day posts, and choose from more cheap jewelry.

Save Your Money For Pedicures: Etsy Leather Sandals For Under $55

I hate paying full price for shoes, but the clock is ticking, and the cool flat sandals I've been eyeing since June still haven't gone on sale. The second I saw these beautiful handmade, top grade leather sandals in sorbet colors ($50), I immediately forgot about those overpriced ones and got these instead. The best part? You'll have enough money left over afterwards to get a great summer pedicure to show off. Thanks, Etsy seller Totu. Check out more Etsy finds, plus our favorite best find of the day posts, and all of this week's online sample sales.

Tote This $69 Leather And Canvas Bag To The Beach And Then To Work On Monday

Say goodbye to switching handbags (and thus forgetting to transfer your keys or wallet in the other bag) after the weekend's over. This leather-and-canvas Hampton tote ($69), created by husband and wife team and Etsy seller Kibber is good enough to be taken on vacation--and it's functional, with inside pockets to hold your smartphone, so it can come along to work. Big enough to fit a beach towel and your laptop (hopefully not at the same time) and versatile enough to use though fall (hey, it's pumpkin-colored), it's pretty much perfect. At $69, how  can you argue? See more best find of the day picks, plus this week's online sample sales, and summer hats, sunglasses and Spanx swimwear.

Etsy Find: Get Two Trends In One With Leather Bracelet Watches

I haven't worn a watch for a few year, but the second I saw this cool leather wrap bracelet watch, I changed my mind. Check out Etsy seller Alfresco Unique Group -- there are tons of antique-eque watches fastened onto wrap leather bracelets. Get two trends in one--something old and something new, and watch the compliments roll in: Can you believe this handmade watch bracelet is only $69? Get it (and other styles) for yourself, or as gifts and start a new trend. Check out all of our Etsy finds, plus best find of the day posts, and our guide to the best jewelry.  Then see our favorite online sample sales, and today's best sales and deals.

Etsy Find: Handmade Leather Sandals From Greece–No Airfare Required

Five years ago, I bought the most beautiful, hand crafted leather sandals on a trip to Greece. I wore them out two seasons ago, and ever since have been vowing to return the Athens go get a pair. Now I don't have to:  Today's Etsy find from seller Telena  sells authentic Grecian sandals straight from the source--and shipping to the USA is just $12. So when people ask you where you got them, you can smugly reply, "Greece," without ever having to hop on a plane. These handmade leather sandals ($49) are elegant and feminine--perfect if you hate the chunky gladiator look. The crisscross pattern on this pair of handmade leather sandals ($69) is special, and looks eclectic paired with all of your summer dresses. I consider these the perfect t-strap sandals ($49)--so authentic-looking, it's hard not to picture Aphrodite gliding around in a pair. See more of our favorite Etsy finds, plus our best find of the day posts, sales and deals, and our entire guide to flat sandals for summer. Looking for high heels? Try our guides to nude shoes,  kitten heels, wedges, and espadrilles.

Etsy Find: Handmade Turquoise Jewelry That Will Make Your Friends Teal With Envy

Turquoise jewelry - from oversize rings to pendant necklaces - is a great way to make a statement with accessories. Turquoise is so exotic and eye-catching, even the smallest items make a big impression. If you want to try the look at home, try these gorgeous, handmade pieces from our friends at Etsy. The teardrop design of this Darling Turquoise Blue Drop necklace ($19) makes it an eye-catching piece that you'll wear with everything from white t-shirts to bright dresses. Thank you, Etsy seller Friedasophie. The oversize oval shape and gold frame of this Oval Turquoise ring ($30.90) by Etsy seller Beadycats looks like something your cool hippie aunt would wear - but better. Check out more of our daily Etsy Finds. Then head over to our guides of the best discount jeans and the best cheap scarves.

Etsy Find: A Military-Inspired Bag With Straps To Lug Your Beach Blanket

The military, utilitarian trend is huge, and thanks to Etsy seller Maytreeark, it's accessible in a handmade bag form ($69). This cool cargo-pant-inspired tote is also super useful. With straps to hold a yoga mat, beach blanket or towel for the pool, how can you resist? Check out all of our favorite Etsy finds, plus our best find of the day picks, and the best skinny jeans, skirts, summer hats and best sunglasses.

Etsy Find: Under-$30 Necklaces That Look Like Family Heirlooms

Don't have a wealthy grandmother who left you all of her antique jewels? Neither do we. Thanks to Etsy seller Roundabout, now you can grab some of your own pretty necklaces that look like heirlooms--for under $30. Layer this Large locket ($22) with lots of other delicate little necklaces to get a really cool, effortless look. Fill it with an antique photo of said wealthy grandmother to keep the tale spinning, or wear it  alone. This Tiny skeleton key necklace ($22) looks salvaged from the antique shop. Feel free to tell anyone who asks that it's the key to your family fortune. This tiny Nautical star ($25) is just the right price: while many gold star necklaces are hundreds of dollars, this is truly budget-friendly. If you're the non-traditional type, go for this sterling silver Tiny pinecone necklace ($23) that adds a little bit of unexpected whimsy to an outfit. Check out more of our Etsy finds, plus get the best deals from our calendar of online sample sales, and then see our guides to cheap jewelry and necklaces. Looking for more accessories? Try our guides to the best nude shoes, clogs and flat sandals.

Etsy Find: Classic Striped Totes Made From Denim

Denim and stripes are an unbeatable combination--and no one knows it better than Crazy Boy, our favorite Etsy seller today. These nautical striped bags are all made from denim--so they last just as long as your jeans do, and they get softer with age, whether you take them to the beach, or just use yours for every day trekking: The Lovely Denim handbag ($45) is seriously classic--like the equivalent of a great pair of chic sunglasses for summer. Consider this striped denim tote ($45) work appropriate, and roomy enough for your laptop, even if you can't wear jeans to the office. This Chic cream handbag ($35) in a lighter shade with a bucket shape is great as a carry-on because it's one of a kind--no one will ever mistake it for their own. Check out all of our Etsy finds, plus more handbags, evening bags, flat sandals, cheap swimwear, summer hats, and best sunglasses.

Etsy Find: 3 Large Beach Bags You Won’t Mind Getting Dirty

Cute beach bags are everywhere right now from the Hamptons to Beverly Hills, but there's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a designer tote that's destined to be filled with sand and dirt. Throw all of your stuff-towels, magazines, sunscreens, and more-into one of these inexpensive and handmade totes: This eye-catching, appropriately-named Take Me To The Beach tote ($10) by Etsy seller Queridas is colorful, cheap, and the perfect size for a weekend beach getaway. This QT Canvas tote ($42) by Etsy seller Kinies combines style and functionality: the over-sized bow and cool color make it a fashionable piece, but little details - like a deep pocket inside for your laptop or iPad - makes it practical, too. This Starfish Beach Tote ($12) by Etsy seller The Swell Shell has sturdy rope straps - so you can lug pretty much anything with you. Plus canvas material and starfish give it a true nautical feel. Create your own unique style with more of our Etsy Finds. Shop our guides to the best really big tote bags, the best overnight bags, and the best carry on bags. Subscribe to SheFinds for more fashion news and updates.

Get Van Cleef & Arpels Lookalike Jewelry That Rivals Reese Witherspoon’s Necklace

UPDATE: Get the look from Reese Witherspoon's wedding on BRIDEfinds! There’s no better feeling than finding a lookalike designer item for a fraction of the price.  Reese Witherspoon's Van Cleef & Arpels four leaf clover jewelry (called Alhambra) is nice, but nobody wants to pay a home mortgage just for one necklace. Thanks to Etsy, the online flea market for handmade and vintage items, you can now afford the long-lost twin of Van Cleef & Arpels clover necklace, earrings, and bracelets. Made by two Brooklyn, NY designers, BrooklynArts and NYLightMetals, these lookalikes cost practically nothing compared to the real thing, giving you the chance to snag the entire set. These three clover staples are all must-haves: Bracelet: This turquoise and gold four leaf clover enamel bracelet ($32) is perfect for daily wear or for a special occasion. Necklace: If gold’s not your color, slip this pearl and silver single clover necklace ($39) on to dress up a t-shirt or a little black dress. Earrings: Complete the set with the original clover earrings ($36), available in black and white enamel, to match any outfit every season. See more of our favorite Etsy finds. Shop our guides to the best celebrity jewelry, the best cheap jewelry, and the best figure-flattering jewelry. Sign up for the SheFinds newsletter for even more fashion updates.

Etsy Find: Under-$30, Handmade Cocktail Rings You Can Wear With Everything

We love costume jewelry (and the fact that the trend is totally back in) - especially cocktail rings. A big, funky ring completes pretty much any look, from a t-shirt and jeans to a black dress and stilettos. Don't worry - we don't expect you to spend tons of money on a single piece of trendy jewelry. How about one inexpensive ring that makes a big statement, just like these? Yes, please: The pink glass and gold stud combination on this clover shaped cocktail ring ($30) made by Etsy seller galla15 adds a pretty touch, especially in the spring and summer months. Jazz things up with an oversize vintage gem encased in a stone like Etsy seller Moonface's All That Glitters ring ($10). With a clear stone, the clothing possibilities are endless. Etsy seller Lulu B Revamped keeps it classic with vintage pearls on this Cocktail Pearl ring ($19). It's small enough to be worn everyday yet noticeable enough for the fanciest occasions (like a wedding). Keep building your own unique style with more handmade Etsy Finds. Shop our guides to the best cocktail rings, the best figure flattering jewelry, and the best cheap jewelry. Remember to join SheFinds for fashion e-mail updates.

Etsy Find: Under-$40 Necklaces That Look Just Like Jennifer Aniston’s

Recently, we told you about the signature gold pendant celebrity trend which counts Jennifer Aniston, Leighton Meester and Lauren Conrad as fans.  But if you're not on a Jennifer Aniston jewelry budget, these handmade gold necklaces by Etsy seller Beau & Stella we found nail the look for less. This Luck Necklace ($38) looks just like Jennifer Aniston's Jennifer Meyer Wishbone necklace ($700), but it's a lot cheaper. Be a chic surfer girl like Hayden Panettiere with this Beach Day Necklace ($36). You'll save almost $350 by opting for the Etsy necklace, rather than Hayden's Adina Reyter version. If you're looking for more celebrity style and fashion trends, check out our guides to cheap jewelry, plus the best bras, best jeans, harem pants and the best strapless bras. You won't regret it.

Etsy Find: Handmade Twisted Gold And Pearl Necklace, $10 Cheaper Than The J.Crew Version

If you're in the market for a pretty twisted gold necklace (maybe for all of those friggin' summer weddings), and want to save a few bucks, try this Etsy Find which is $10 cheaper than its identical twin over at J.Crew. The Think Pink Necklace ($76) by Etsy seller All Things Tinsel is not only one-of-kind and handmade - but its super feminine, and perfect for bridesmaids and weddings guests. If you already have a J.Crew card, or missed out on the limited Etsy stock, get this J.Crew Crystal-and-pearl pastiche necklace ($85, down from $135). It's super cute - and marked down almost 40%. Check out more of our Etsy Finds, as well as our buying guides for the best rompers, the best cheap swimwear, the best SPANX swimwear, and the best summer dresses.

Etsy Find: A Handmade Agate Necklace for $20 Less Than Its Nordstrom Twin

Agate necklaces are huge this year, and you'll be happy that we searched Etsy today because we found this hot pink, hand-made one that is $20 cheaper than an identical Nordstrom style. If you want to make a statement with jewelry, but hate bib and oversize necklaces, go for a bold color, like this Haute and Pink Agate statement necklace ($28) by Etsy seller RMichelle. It's more than a great deal - its a great find. If you don't order the Etsy necklace before it's sold out, you could always spring for this Nordstrom Treasure Pendant ($48). The little charms and bright pink color make this cool necklace a summer treat. See our other previousEtsy finds of the week, and then check out our guide to the best necklaces, best earrings and the best jewelry staples, plus blazers, summer dresses, flat sandals and oxfords for spring.

Etsy Find: Top 6 Nautical-Themed Accessories. Yacht Optional.

This year, everything from tops to handbags and bikinis have  nautical themed  stripes. The trend is huge - but why look like everyone else when you can get these one-of-a-kind, handmade Etsy accessories to satisfy for your sailor cravings? Now you can sing,  "I'm On a Boat!" at the top of your lungs in style. Raise your hand if you had one of those white rope sailor bracelets in high school. This Sailor Knot Bracelet in Natural and Gold ($18)  is a cooler cousin to the classic - we love the gold clasp and large knot detail. Thanks, Etsy seller The Vamoose. Not only is this Octopus Locket Necklace Red and Gold ($38) an original design with an antique finish (read: no one else will have anything like it), but it has a secret compartment. My inner 12-year-old is dying; thank you, Etsy seller Cosmic Firefly. The knot pattern on this Summer in Nantucket Wristlet Clutch ($24) by Etsy seller Cathy's Totes is perfect - whether you actually do summer in Nantucket, or just pretend. This oversize 24K Gold Bezeled White Coral Pendant Necklace ($79) is such a great way to make a statement with the nautical trend if you love big jewelry. The white coral and gold fixture are such a perfect pair. Bravo, Etsy seller Iris Jewelry Design. We love the turquoise bead and large gold chain of these Nautical Necklaces ($22 each) from Etsy seller Olivia Clare. Not only are they hand-crafted in Hawaii, but shipping is free worldwide. Okay, we know this one's not an accessory - but how freakin' cool is this Coral Pillow ($25) by Etsy seller Freshline. We love everything about it - the colors, the pattern, the way it will spruce up any dull couch color. See our other previousEtsy finds of the week, and then check out our guide to the best necklaces, best earrings and the best jewelry staples.

Etsy Find: Bright, Handmade Floral Necklaces – Buy 3 Get 1 Free Today

Whether you're shopping for the barrage of upcoming weddings, or just in the market for a pretty, colorful summer necklace, Etsy seller Rachelle D's handmade beaded pieces are perfect for the season. Plus, if you buy 3 today you get 1 free - perfect for bridesmaid or graduation gifts. We love the large turquoise beads on this Holiday in the Tropics necklace ($29.95). You can pair it with a white tee or cocktail dress for an instant girly look. Pink and black is a classic color combo, and the  3D rosette and onyx-looking beads on the Jasilyn necklace ($29.95) great for your jewelry collection. The vintage-looking piece can be worn with color, or black and white. How pretty is the color combination of the Roxy Romantica ($29.95)? The yellow pops against the turquoise. See our other previousEtsy finds of the week, and then check out our guide to the best necklaces, best earrings and the best jewelry staples.

Etsy Find: A Beachy Handmade Tote

Having a good beach tote that you can throw your iPod, book, and basically life, in is so key. We love this Sand Dollar Tote in Corn Flower Blue ($50) from Etsy seller Willywaw - it's a pretty, chic version of the classic canvas tote. We love the periwinkle color and long straps - which makes for a stylish, not back-breaking, trek to the perfect beach-chair spot. Check out our guides to posts on handbags, evening bags, and ouronline sample sales for more deals.

Etsy Find: A Dead-Ringer for J.Crew’s New Fenton/Fallon Necklace, For $200 Less

While shopping Etsy for handmade Mother's Day gifts this week, we did a double take when we spotted this tangled chain necklace with oxidized brass, rhinestones and a crystal teardrop . The asymmetrical Scavenger ($86) by Etsy seller Savage Salvage is a dead-ringer for the FENTON/FALLON for J.Crew's Carrington side drape necklace ($275) - but costs nearly $200 less. Needless to say, we are obsessed and yet again amazed by the wonder that is Etsy. If you want to snatch up both, here is the equally edgy-chic J.Crew one: See our other previous Etsy finds of the week, and then check out our guide to the best necklaces, best earrings and the best jewelry staples, plus blazers, summer dresses, flat sandals and oxfords for spring.

Etsy Mother’s Day Find: Make Mom Think You Inherited Her Crafty Gene

If your Martha Stewart-esque mom makes Halloween costumes for the neighborhood kids now that you've left the nest, we've got the Etsy find for you. Make her think you inherited her crafty gene this Mother's Day when you present her with these hand-sewn, hand-printed tableware. These Block Printed Organic Cotton Octopus Placemats ($15/set of 2) are made of organic cotton; complete the dining set with these pretty Block Printed Organic Cotton Octopus Cloth Napkins ($18.50) Check out more of our Etsy finds, and if you want to get your mother out of her mom jeans, see our guides to the best CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans and the best skinny jeans.

The Perfect Etsy Gift for Your Home-Makeover-Show-Obsessed Mom

Whether she's redecorated your bedroom 6 times since you've left the nest, or she can't talk to you on the phone when her Home Makeover shows are on, then consider this her Mother's Day gift. We fell in love with this handmade Coral White throw pillow ($28.45) by Etsy seller The Home Centric - and so will she. The satin ribbon embroidery makes for an eye-catching texture - perfect if she has an eye for design or home decorating (or if that's the understatement of the century). After this gift, she'll never question your taste in housewares again. See more of our best find of the day picks, check out all of our sales and deals, and our other Etsy finds for Mother's Day. Have more of a workaholic mom? Consider one of our favorite cool laptop bags.

Not Crafty? Etsy’s Got You Covered This Mother’s Day

We love finding fancy serving platters at flea markets and turning them in to trays for perfume or jewelry - but if you don't have an afternoon to kill at a tag sale, Etsy seller Addrienne Wong has exactly what we're looking for. This Glass Tray in Monogram B ($60) is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Moms like to feel pampered on their big day, and these trays are hand-printed and not found at the mall. Of, if she's crafty, get a one of these pretty Monogrammed Pen Cups ($32.50) - the perfect way to add color and style to her desk or kitchen. Check out more of our Etsy finds, and if you want to get your mother out of her mom jeans, see our guides to the best CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans and the best skinny jeans.

Give Mom Something Homemade For Mother’s Day, From Etsy

I wasn't born with the crafting gene, but thanks to Etsy.com, I can still give my mom a non-generic and affordable gift for Mother's Day (May 9) that's also handmade. Jill Rosenwald's Number 6 Vase in Exeter Links Light Chartreuse ($78) on the left is the perfect multi-use ceramic vase that can hold flowers or kitchen utensils. If you're Mom loves it, that means no more guess work for future gifts--just work on building her collection (right). Check out more of our Etsy finds, and if you want to get your mother out of her mom jeans, see our guides to the best CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans and the best skinny jeans.

Etsy Find: Delicate, Handmade 14K Gold Plated Jewelry For $20

We were feeling lucky today when we came across these pretty, delicate handmade gold plated necklaces by Etsy seller Lu's Boutique. The nature-inspired pendants are sweet, and the hand-polished gold plating is the cherry on top. Check out our three favorite pieces from the collection that made our Etsy Find Of the Day: The "Lucky You" wishbone pendant in 14K gold ($22) comes on an 18 inch chain and is a great everyday piece. Wear it alone, or custom-order a small colored gem (see the other wishbones on Lu's Boutique). We love the 3D shape of this "Sparkle Star" necklace ($18) - it's unlike anything we've seen on Etsy or beyond. It's definitely a conversation piece. Another pretty, feminine piece, the Two-Toned Circles Necklace (18) has 14k gold circles and a sterling silver chain - perfect if you wore both silver and gold jewelry. You don't have to choose anymore - wearing a mixed piece makes means you can wear both! See our other previous Etsy finds of the week, and then check out our guide to the best necklaces, best earrings and the best jewelry staples.

Etsy Find: Handmade Silk Clutches with a Southern Twist for Spring

Channel your inner Southern Belle with these pretty Spring clutches from South Carolina Etsy seller Fiazco. The silk patterned bags are feminine, vintage-looking and one-of-a-kind: the cherry-on-top for any wedding, graduation or Kentucky Derby outfit. The navy and white paisley of this Aleana Collection clutch ($70) has a preppy feel - and is neutral enough to pair with a variety of dresses and outfits. The bold Melanie Collection clutch ($70) speaks for itself: the oversize flower pattern and bright pink color are eye-catching and playful. Keep one hand on this head-turning bag, and the other around a mean Mint Julep. The Dalilah Collection clutch ($70) is a more understated option, but still very chic and classy. We love the color combination and the old-school feel. Check out our guides to posts on handbags, evening bags, and our online sample sales for more deals.

Etsy Find: The Perfect Weekend Handbag Is Handmade Eco-Friendly and Under $50

No, it’s not too good to be true - it’s another great Etsy find. The shapes and colors of seller Bayan Hippo’s handbags caught our eye, but the prices and versatility made us click “Buy” on not one, not two, but three of the styles. In case your karma needed persuading, the totes are made of 100% eco-friendly cotton canvas. How can you resist the nautical stripes and white rope strap of this oversize Sailor Tote ($33)? It works as a beach bag, market tote or just an everyday carry-all, and also comes in an equally chic red style. This mustard yellow slouchy hobo bag, the Nagy ($35), comes in a versatile color and is perfect for the city or country girl. We'll be wearing it with a striped Picasso tee, dark jeans, and a great attitude. In case you were wondering, the medium-sized Sailor Tote ($33) is how you incorporate nautical into your everyday look.  It comes in the yellow above, and is the quintessential weekend bag. Beach house on Martha's Vineyard not included. Check out our guides to cheap handbags, evening bags, and our online sample sales for more deals.

Etsy Find: Handmade Gold Jewelry–Buy Two, Get Something Free

The attention to detail in this jewelry collection by Etsy seller Modern Trinkets caught our eye - and made choosing just a few favorite pieces almost impossible. Featuring woven wire detail, colorful stones, and out-of-the-jewelry-box shapes, the nature-meets-girly collection is playful, pretty and irreverent. Added bonus? A mysterious "free gift" comes with a purchase of $25 or more. The Take a Bow Earrings ($20) are playful and feminine – perfect for a date or cocktail party. We love the oversize stone and twisted detail, which make this pretty pair one of those "only-on-Etsy" finds. The woven detail and the pretty dangling stone on the gold Lattice Necklace ($30) makes this piece a special treat - its delicate enough for work, but interesting enough to hold its on as a party-piece. If you looker closer you'll see tiny leaves in these Ensared Earrings ($20) - another job well done by the designer. A sucker for skull accessories, we couldn't resist these one-of-a-kind Skullduggery Earrings ($22). Don't worry - you can rock them without feeling goth - the delicacy of the gold and the shape of the earring makes them pretty, not punky. See our other previous Etsy finds of the week, and then check out our guide to the best necklaces, best earrings and the best jewelry staples.

Friday’s Etsy Find: Inspired-By-Nature Jewelry For Under $35

It's always nice to wear something that's different-in-a-good-way. Jayval's Etsy shop fits that description, and the shop is full of rustic and feminine jewelry that's chic and cool. The handmade jewelry is also very affordable--the prices range between $15 and $60--but each piece looks expensive and custom made. Check out our four favorite pieces from the shop: I love the unexpected pop of color on this Matte Gold Twig Branch And Briolette necklace ($35). The fuchsia stone is a little off center, which makes the necklace interesting. This Matte Silver Pine Tree Leaf necklace ($30) is very contemporary, and it will add a different element to any outfit. If you prefer less rustic jewelry, this Matte Gold Textured Three Ring necklace ($30) has great dimension, and looks much more expensive than its price tag. The mix of brass filigree with the crystals and pearl surprisingly works on these White Pearl And Swarovski Crystal Brass Filigree Drop Earrings ($19). See our previous Etsy Finds of the week, and then check out our guide to the best necklaces, and the best jewelry staples.

Etsy Find: Crocheted Earrings That Are Actually Cool (Read: Not For Granny)

Crochet might make you think of grandmother's dining room doilies, but Miami Etsy seller Tania Nova makes crochet look cool. I can't get enough of her handmade crocheted earrings that come in vibrant colors that will turn any basic outfit up a notch. See my three favorite earrings from her collection: I love the coral color on these Tania Nova Handmade silk crochet hoops ($21.99) that looks like something you'd get on an exotic vacation. Lilac is a popular spring trend for nail polish, so why not try it with jewelry? These Tania Nova Handmade violet crochet hoops ($21.99) look cool with grey tones or neutrals. Gold hoops are a staple, but they can get a little tired. These Tania Nova Handmade gold crochet hoops ($21.99) are a good replacement when you want something different. Look through her entire collection here. See more of our Etsy Finds, then check out more statement making jewelry in our guide to the best cocktail rings and the best necklaces.

Etsy Find: Affordable Handmade Jewelry That Looks Straight From Anthropologie

Good, delicate jewelry is hard to find. If you buy it at mass retailers, you run the risk of it breaking on you, and if you spend too much on it, you feel a major loss when you can't find your other earring. The jewelry in Elizabeth William's Etsy shop is handmade, pretty, and affordable with an Anthropologie-esque aesthetic. Check out three pieces from the shop that we want to wear now and into spring. And if you mention SheFinds in the note to seller, you receive 10% off your purchase! These Karman earrings ($21) will add a girly touch to any outfit without looking silly. We love pearls here at SheFinds, and we appreciate this Nissa bracelet ($37) that is a unique mishmash of pretty charms. This Lorna crystal necklace ($28) will help add a tiny bit of sparkle to any outfit. See our other favorite Etsy find, check out more of our best finds of the day, and then take a look at the best jewelry staples to have in your jewelry box.

Etsy Find: Queens Cache Vintage Earrings–Get Ready To Hear “Where’d You Get Those?”

Etsy, home to tons of vintage and handmade goods, has troves of one-of-a-kind pieces. But if you don't have the time to search the site, it's hard to find the real gems. Queens Cache Vintage Jewelry is filled with beautiful vintage pieces--here are three pairs of earrings from the shop we're swooning over. A simple pair of diamond studs is nice, but we love the subtle drama on these Vintage Diamante Clip Earrings ($20). You definitely won't find anything like these Vintage Bead Cluster Earrings ($16) at your local mall. These will add a glam element to any black dress. We could actually see J.Crew reinterpreting these Vintage Dangle Hoop Earrings, ($20). Check out our other best finds of the day, or go see our roundup of the best black dresses and the best evening bags that you can wear with these earrings.

Gwen Loves Her L.A.M.B. Bag, We Remain Fixated On Her Tee

You know a star genuinely likes her fashion line (and is truly involved in the designs) when she actually wears it somewhere not expecting to be photographed. Case in point: Gwen loves her L.A.M.B. and carries things like this Etoile L.A.M.B. handbag (which comes out in October) all the time. And while it’s an awesome bag, I can’t take my eyes of her slouchy, asymmetrical tank, which she's belted low on her hips. It’s lightweight and perfect for layering under blazers and jackets for fall. For a not-so-simple black silhouette, opt for this Double Layer Tank from Elizabeth & James ($95), or if you're feeling adventurous, try a more extreme cut with Urban Outfitters' Asymmetrical V-Neck Tank ($32). Search our guides for the perfect leather jacket to layer over your new tee. And add a slouchy belt to the mix, if the mood strikes.

Deal Of The Day: Up To 50% Off Cut-Out Boots at Lord & Taylor

Oh good!  Just in time for fall, Lord & Taylor has already begun marking down autumn booties.  I can't wait to pair these with a pencil skirt. Remember cowboy boots?  These perforated ankle boots are a perfect contemporary take on them, and they also come in black ($60 from $120). We've said it before and we'll say it again - black peep-toe booties are a staple this fall ($80 from $100). Pour La Victoire makes some of the most well-crafted, innovative boots out there ($200 from $345). Get more boots!  We've got the best of every variety, along with a neat selection of thigh-high and foldover boots. More Sales and Deals: FlyJane: Use code SNUFFY to receive $25 off an order of $150 or more Steve Madden: Save 20% off and receive free shipping with code MADDEN20 Yves Rocher:  Save 50% off their summer sale

Post Grad: Unemployed, But Can Somehow Afford Good Outerwear

In the latest summer (semi-chick) flick, Post Grad, Alexis Bledel plays a perfectly nice girl who graduates from a nice school, but can’t find a nice job after college. Her character’s wacky family and her sartorial choices in coats are two bright spots in the movie, and the latter is definitely worth copying. As a recent graduate from Cali, you’d expect Ryden’s style to be fresh and original, mixing current  trends with some well-worn classics. And she does it perfectly when it comes to her little leather coat. It dawned on me over the course of the movie that I really need to get one just like it, and this MICHAEL Michael Kors Leather Quilted Detail Zip Jacket ($267) would be an ideal choice. On her mission to get back the perfectly nice boy she didn’t know she wanted to be with, a cropped plaid blazer like this one from Theory ($445) with skinny jeans, knee-high flat boots, and a perky scarf couldn’t be more perfect. I think I’ll get one of those too. Browse more cinema fashion from this season's other top flicks: The Time Traveler's Wife, 500 Days of Summer, and, of course, The September Issue.

Deal Of The Day: Up To 50% Off Handbags At Nordstrom

It may sound oxymoronic, but one easy way to get your wardrobe ready for fall is to pick up a deeply discounted summer handbag.  When bags like these translate into autumn looks so well, there's no need to pay full price for something that just hit stores. We love the fresh look of this blue hobo from Furla ($295 from $445). The toned-down floral pattern and chain strap on this structured Tory Burch bag are prime examples of modern ladylike details ($237 from $475). Snakeskin for fall is a trend we're very much on board with, and conveniently, this Perlina hobo also comes in black, lavender, or yellow ($110 from $168). For more of the best bags, check out our guides to celeb handbags, really big tote bags, and the best overnight bags. More Sales and Deals: Gap:  Save 20% off new fall clothing through August 23 Bluefly:  Receive up to 75% off during the site's Bluesale FlyJane:  Get $25 off a purchase of $150 or more

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Newsflash: Payless Designer Collabs Now Available

From the Hell Yeah Department:  Payless fall designer collaborations, including Alice + Olivia, Abaeté, and Lela Rose, just became available.  Our top pick: The Abaeté for Payless Dauphin Pump, $35 We can't wait to flaunt them at the office with a chic new pencil skirt and cozy cardigan. For more top shoe picks, check out our guides to celebrity shoes, booties, and platforms.

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