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Puzzles, Passports, And More: Clever Invitation Designs That Are Anything But Square

If you've always been creative at heart, a traditional wedding invitation may not feel like the best fit. Wedding invites don't have to come in square packages -- check out these invites in special shapes and unique themes. (more…)

Real Wedding Find: Beachy Accents That Tied A Destination Wedding Together

Name: Marissa Olexa Wedding: Windjammer Landing Resort, Labrelotte Bay, Saint Lucia (more…)

Latest From MOMfinds & BRIDEfinds: Maternity Maxi Dresses, Etsy Wedding Favors, More

Etsy's Garden Wedding Favors & Decor You want 'em. We got 'em. Maternity Maxi Dresses Whather you're preggo or just fat. For more awesome finds, check out this cool Madewell bag we found (looks like Mulberry for half the price!), this hilarious Tory Burch "drug rug," and the Olivia Palermo-approved orange trend.

Donate To Oxfam International On Behalf Of The Sister-In-Law Who Returns Everything

If buying your sister-in-law another generic gift card just isn’t ringing your bell this year, making a donation to Oxfam International in honor of your loved one is a gift that will make everyone feel good. Oxfam is one of my favorite charities. It’s a confederation of 13 organizations that are working around the world to bring lasting change in the areas of poverty and justice. A donation can provide buckets for clean water, buy textbooks to students, improve farming methods, or fund small-business training. And you can rest easy knowing your money really is helping the people who need it. In 2006, Oxfam America was awarded four out of a possible four stars by Charity Navigator and again received the Better Business Bureau’s highest rating for charitable organizations by meeting all 20 of its “Standards for Charity Accountability.”  To make it really easy, you can send an e-card in a denomination of your choosing. So what are you waiting for? Make a difference this holiday season!

Week in Review: Beef-Scented Cologne, How To Make Staying Home Better Than A Vacation, And More…

Must-Reads:Burger King has come out with Flame, a men's body spray that has the "scent of seduction with the hint of flame-broiled meat.”You can save some money--and some stress--by planning a holiday staycation. We show you five clutches that are worth throwing a party for. Sales and Deals:50% off sweaters at New York & Company Up to 70% off jewelry at Brooks Brothers Additional 40% off basic black pants at Bloomingdale's Taste Tests: Which gold bracelet preserves your wealth?Which biker sweater is tough on your wallet? 

What To Wear To: New Year’s (That Doesn’t Involve Sequins)

Maybe it's the sparkle of the ball dropping, or the stars you see when you hit the pavement after taking a drunken nosedive, but for some reason, everyone associates New Year's with sequins. Which is completely fine, but there are other options for dressing up on December 31st that can make you stand out without having to reflect the light around you.   Lace is a refreshing option when getting dressed up to have too many cocktails and kiss random strangers. Picking a metallic lace is even better to keep from looking too conservative. Pair with a cropped leather blazer to create a downtown appeal - just make sure it's a soft leather that can breathe and move while you work the room. Tonight is the night that jewelry can be a bit bigger and bolder, so go for a large pendant necklace and a flashy cocktail ring (this is where you can sparkle). Shoes should be edgy but not the focus of your outfit. Black with some fringe detail is a wise decision. Finally, pick a clutch that complements the ensemble but doesn't bore. Something with a metallic or jewelled detail will work wonders. DKNY Lace Tank Dress ($177, was $295) Christiane Leather Jacket ($108) Jade Cabochon Pendant Necklace ($405, was $675) Crystal Ball Cocktail Ring ($21.60 was $36) Lorelei Isa Patent Metallic Stripe Clutch ($300) Calvin Klein Petra Heel ($66, was $110)Check out our Invitation Translation Guide for other party outfits to wear out on the town.

Fake Fur, Real Wood And High Tech: What SheFinds Writers Want For The Holidays

You might think that because SheFinds writers get up close and personal with some of the coolest products, there's nothing left on our Christmas lists. But oh, how wrong you'd be. After seeing the best of the best, here's what we hope to hold in our greedy little hands after the wrapping paper comes off.   She Finds Becky wants to sustain coolness and the planet in iWood's Macassar Sunglasses.   SheFinds Erin wants to improve her Karma with this vintage-inspired necklace from J.Crew.   SheFinds Kristin wants to keep warm in a Development Faux Fur Vest .   HeFinds Adam wants an Istik to keep his music really  closet at hand (or shoulder or chest or...).

Recession Proof Beauty: Wash Yourself (And Smell Good) For Less Than $10

Like the shampoos in our last Recession Proof Beauty post, body wash has one main job: to wash. After it's done it's duty, it slips away. Keep your money from slipping away with it.For everyone: Dial Yogurt and Honey Nourishing Body Wash ($5.69) gets the job done. It cleanses without stripping the skin, has a pleasantly sweet (but not cloying) scent that's unlikely to offend, and it's easy to find at a reasonable price. For dry skin sufferers: Olay Quench Body Wash ($8.79) cleans and moisturizes. If you've got dry skin (especially in winter), it's a great first layer to keep you from shriveling out of the shower. For the naturally supple and well-hydrated, you can probably skip lotion altogether.For the flakey: Tone Sugar Glow Exfoliating Body Wash ($4.99) Tone always seemed like the redheaded stepchild of the drugstore aisle, but this stuff is actually good. Since “microbeads” haven't done squat to exfoliate my skin and salt scrubs are a little too involved for daily use, this is the perfect option for a routine morning scrub down. For anyone with olfactory glands: Unlike the overpowering botanical blends out there,  Dionis Virginia Hyacinth Body Wash ($8.95) smells like an honest-to-God flower. It makes you feel like you're showering in a garden, but doesn't cling to your skin for the rest of the day.  It's gentle, and goats milk proteins and vitamins keep it from drying out your skin. The Rose scent is amazing, too.

Dark Lips: Yes, Marilyn Manson Has Started A Trend

Not every woman will be able to carry off the dark, almost black lip shades that are everywhere this fall. But women at extreme ends of the skin color spectrum will find the deep red and purple lip colors wearable for different reasons. Dark-complexioned women can wear them because the sultry colors look more natural on them. Fair-skinned women can wear darker colors, too, as the high contrast gives a dramatic, Goth effect (if you’re into that sort of thing).  However, for those of us in the middle, finding a suitable dark color may prove more difficult. Make the most of the trend by first determining the right shade for you. Cool shades for cool skin tones (pink, olive and some ebony skins) and warm shades for warm skin tones (yellow/golden, peach and reddish brown). Opt for a lip pencil/dark gloss combo, instead of a heavy matte shade, and keep the rest of your makeup pretty subtle. Cross over to the dark side wearing Smashbox’s limited edition Wicked Lovely Lip Gloss in Sultry ($18) and Liner in Tempt ($16), both perfect for this look.

Over-The-Knee-Boots: The Return Of Hooker Chic

Boots this season don't seem to want to stay mid-calf.  They're either moving downtown to the ankle, or upwards to cover the knee. The latter style reminds me of the footwear Julia Roberts stashes her protection in at the beginning of Pretty Woman, but hooker insinuation hasn't stopped celebs like Madonna and Rihanna from going there. And according to the NY Times, many more women have decided to venture over-the-knee as well.  If you're going to try out this trend, we suggest either a flat boot in classic black leather, like this Steve Madden pair ($230), or a heeled pair in suede. These Moschino boots ($760) could be a nice option for evening, worn over solid tights or skinny jeans. Just try to stay away from any pair in ultra-shiny patent leather with sky high stiletto heels. Unless it's part of your Halloween costume.   

Designer Political Fashions: Don’t Leave Home Without Your Palinator Tee

Back in July we showed you what celebrities were backing their candidate of choice and now that the election date is rapidly approaching, and the debates are heating up, the rest of the world with disposable incomes has joined forces to make us want to buy swag supporting our candidates -- the fashion designers of course! All of our favorite designers have come together to create Runway to Change.   Rachel Roy's scarf supporting Obama will keep us nice and toasty as the fall comes rolling in ($95). DVF's Obama '08 Love Tote bag is just $75 and will carry all your campaign gear up until decision day in November. Tracy Reese lets the ladies show their support to their main man with this fitted long sleeve Obama 2008 t-shirt ($70).Don't worry - we wouldn't dare leave out all the cool stuff McCain fans have created, too. Get your Palinator maternity tee for ($35) in white or pink, your basic tee with Palinator silk screen of Sarah's face superimposed over the terminator's face ($16), or your "We Can Do It" tee with Sarah's face ($33.85). Wear one to your next debate party! Or even better, pass them out as party favors... Are these all a bit too in your face for your liking? Check out our less obvious ways to display your political loyalty.

Good Stuff From Cheesy Stores: Fall Outerwear At American Eagle

My little brother wears American Eagle, so every Christmas I brave the throngs of teenage girls and popped collar post-grads to find him a decent button-down or two. But yesterday I decided to venture into AE in search of something I'd be willing and able (I've been out of college for some time) to wear. Here's what I found: Fall outerwear. American Eagle has some surprisingly stylish and classic jackets and vests perfect for these transitional months. This yellow peacoat ($119.50) is very J. Crew-esque, and a refreshing break from standard navy. This chocolate puffer vest ($59.50) is the perfect piece to throw on for weekend errands or a casual autumn barbecue. Plus it's lined with soft jersey, so it feels like a t-shirt on the inside. And for the office, a simple, crisp navy blazer ($69.50) will work with either a slimming pencil skirt or pair of wide-leg jeans.  Check out the other great finds we dug out in cheesy stores around town. 

Latest Blog Posts From MomFinds

Deal of the Day: Frye Boots for Baby for Under $20 If you’re a fan of Frye boots, you will love these Small Frye Harness Boots, miniature versions of Frye’s signature adult boot made for the youngest of cowboys and cowgirls. Reusable Bags: Three Problems, Three Solutions Reusable bags are essential to a greener lifestyle.  A savvy mom knows that not every bag fits every situation. See if the following bags will work for you.Win it Wednesday: Win a Special Edition Oreck XL® Gold Vacuum Cleaner In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re kicking off this month’s Win it Wednesday with the brand new Special Edition Oreck XL® Gold Vacuum Cleaner.