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Have A Pop-Culture Halloween: Be Tacky, Skinny, Preppy…Or Sarah Palin

Instead of a (sexy) cat or a (sexy) devil, why not try a pop-culture-inspired Halloween costume this year? It’ll be a great conversation starter (everyone loves talking about Sarah Palin) and you can even re-use some of the stuff as real-life clothing and accessories. SheFindsCatesby showed us how to hunt down authentic-looking Heidi Montag apparel at – surprise, surprise – Wet Seal. To dress like everyone’s favorite moose huntin’ maverick, SheFindsTara suggests a very wearable Tahari suit and the now-infamous Naughty Monkey pumps. To be frank, I’d like to dress like Blair Waldorf every day, but Halloween is probably the only time it’s socially acceptable to be that overtly ridiculous. SheFindsKristin has been following Rachel Zoe's show all season, so she’s pretty much an expert on dressing like our tiny caffeinated friend. Contrary to what she’d probably tell you, you can look like Zoe for under $100. You could also be a girl next door in likeWise's Kendra costume. Or really confuse everyone and show up as Lindsay Lohan dressed as Sarah Palin - talk about the sanctity of the traditional definition of marriage then kiss a girl.