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Sexy Wedding Shapewear That Won’t Scare Your Man

Remember that moment in Bridget Jones where Hugh Grant discovers her granny panties? Bridget learned a valuable lesson: never wear underwear that resembles a diaper or medical wrap -- even if they suck you in. We have a solution if you need some extra shaping on your wedding day, but don't want to look an 80-year-old. Need more beauty solutions for your wedding day? Try these tips to get Flawless Wedding Day Skin,Waterproof Wedding-Day Makeup, or Best Wedding Jewelry.

Fashion Find: Let Your Clothes Do the Talking

What: SingleTease Why: Dating these days is tough. You’ve done the whole match.com and eharmony thing, been set up on countless blind dates, and still, you haven't found the perfect guy. Why not consider putting your clothes to work for you? We’re not talking about cleavage-baring tops or skinny jeans, but SingleTease, whimsical new T-shirts that will get guys to strike up conversations with you. The Boy Scouting (are you prepared?) tee definitely got me noticed while running errands. I got grins, a thumbs up and the cutie behind me in line paid for my latte. Not bad for throwing on a T-shirt and stepping out my front door. Just imagine what could happen with the other tees they offer, such as "just ask me (out)" or "support your local library (check me out)." Price: $22 Find It: SingleTease.com