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The iDress: One Company’s Answer To The Bulky iPad

Pockets are everywhere lately, even on gowns, but this is getting absurd. Do we really need to buy a dress to hold our iPad (that we don't own), or a cleavage caddy for our credit cards when there is already a rack trap? Check out these products that will free up your hands, but also make you look a little silly while doing it. The iDress ($73.99) is actually pretty well cut and cute, but why would anyone add on extra weight to their tummy, even if it's more convenient. It's probably better to check out guide to the best dresses that hide your tummy. Everyone probably remembers seeing someone, usually a character from a movie, stuff their lipstick into their bra, but now with the Cleavage Caddy ($29.95) you can hold your keys, credit cards, and your lipstick.  It's a streetwalker's dream. It even has lace details that add an extra "element of modesty." Putting stuff in your socks isn't a completely novel idea, and while a sock with a zippered pocket ($9.99) screams goofy, we guess it could be useful. We might be most offended by the horrid Pepto Bismol pink color. What's that going to match? See some non-crazy products in our guides to the best flat sandals, the best summer dresses, the best floral dresses, and the best bras.