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Nordstrom Is Basically Giving Skinny Jeans Away With This 40% Off Sale

You’re Going To Be Completely Obsessed With These $39 Jeans From Target

Target is about to change the game in more ways than one with their upcoming Universal Thread collection that drops in stores and online February 2. It marks not only the very first time Target has introduced a new fashion line in complete 00-26 sizing, but it's also notable for being a huge denim push for the brand. This means that in a few short weeks, your favorite jeans will be priced $39 and come from Target. Know how we know? Because they've put a *lot* of resources behind it. Admittedly, it's because they want the market share. “The key behind all of this, honestly, is [to] make Target the preferred destination,” a rep told AdWeek this week. But hey, any brand that's willing to take the sting out of jean shopping is alright by us. And the fact that it's Target, with a vow to keep "value" is even better news. According to the press release, the brand started by recognizing what each of us has known since (practically) birth: that shopping for jeans sucks. It's true--it does. You could potentially try on 50 pairs before finding the perfect ones. It's exhausting, it's daunting, it's a game of diminishing rewards. As we age and our bodies change (or if we don't fit society's "ideal" standards from the jump), it only becomes more difficult to find jeans we *love*, rather than jeans we just tolerate. Brand spokesperson Jessica Carlson tells AdWeek, “We did guest research, and what we heard was shopping for denim was something women really dreaded." Now, we're onto something! From there, Target made a vow to make all the jean sizing available (which is not cheap for a brand) and to keep the online shopping experience "pretty straight forward." Both of these are huge. For one, sizing is everything when it comes to jean shopping. Having every size available is the only way for a brand to win the customer (us) over. Just think about how Fenty Beauty's 50 shades of foundation shook up beauty this year. Availability is everything. Secondly, with more and more people shopping online, Target's commitment to the online experience is key. There's no way to know exactly what they mean by "straight forward" until the line launches, but we like the sound of it. Then comes the issue of price. The entire Universal Thread collection is priced $5 to $39. I come from the $200 jean generation, and have operated under the (false) assumption that the only way to get jeans that fit girls with big booties (and to not stretch or rip) was to spend three figures on them. I haven't tried the Target jeans, but if they can master denim for $39--they've got a customer for life. So--what do you think: will Target rise to the occasion and become your new favorite jeans when Universal Thread launches February 2? There's only one way to know--shop them!--but we can certainly place our bets now. And if they do figure this whole jean shopping thing out, can they please tackle bathing suit shopping next? #AGirlCanDream

These Lucky Brand Jeans Are Crazy Flattering–Get A Pair On Sale For $29 (Down from $80!) Today Only

If there's one closet staple that every woman must own, it's a go-to pair of black jeans. Not only are they incredibly versatile--you can wear them to work, on a date or to brunch--but they're also super flattering. Everyone black is slimming and skinny black jeans just have a creating the illusion of supermodel legs. One of our all-time favorite pair of black jeans? These Charlie Low Rise Skinny Jean in Black Amber by Lucky Brand. We put them to the test and they're flattering on tons of different body types and builds. The denim has just the right amount of stretch, but doesn't lose its shape and the pure black color is incredibly slimming. If that's not enough to convince you to a buy a pair, there's also this: Lucky Brand is currently having a pre-Black Friday sale and these amazing jeans are on sale for just $29.99, down from $79.50. That's more than 50% off and at that price, these babies are sure to sell quickly so snatch up a pair ASAP. Charlie Low Rise Skinny Jean ($29.98, down from $79.50) And if you're looking to do a little denim overhaul, be sure to check out some of the other amazing styles on sale at Lucky Brand right now. These four styles are all under $30! Lolita Skinny Jean With Side Slit Hem ($29.98, down from $129) Sweet Boot ($24.98, down from $79.50) Americana Midrise Skinny Jean ($29.98, down from $119) Sweet Boot ($24.98, down from $79.50) SHOP MORE GREAT JEANS ON SALE AT LUCKY BRAND NOW Be sure to check out these super pretty millennial pink booties. [Photo: Lucky Brand]

These Are The Most Comfortable — And Super-Flattering! — Skinny Jeans To Wear On Thanksgiving

These Are The Jeans Every Editor Wants This Year

Jennifer Aniston’s Jeans Couldn’t Be More 90s If They Tried

These $26 Jeans Are, Hands Down, The Best Deal At Nordstrom Right Now #YouveBeenWarned

If you haven't already been stocking your closet with cold-weather gear (or if you just need more options for the season!), you are in luck. Nordstrom just restocked one of their most popular jean brands--1882 Denim. But they didn't just add more sizes; they lowered the prices, too! The one pair you need to invest in? The two tone skinny jeans. Not only are these must-haves the perfect shade of blue, but they're made out of a stretch-cotton fabric that is super comfortable. Plus, the two tone design and frayed hem are so trendy right now. These jeans will look great with ankle booties, cool sneakers, ballet flats... any shoes, really. The best part: these jeans are only $26! Make sure to grab a pair ASAP because sizes will sell out fast. Two-Tone Skinny Jeans ($26.40, down from $44) Be sure to check out these crazy popular leggings and this amazing Nordstrom peacoat. [Photo: Nordstrom]

Hudson’s New Riley Crop Raw Hem Jeans Are So Flattering–And They Look Good With Everything

Like most people, I'm always sad to see summer go, but the silver lining is definitely being able to resume wearing jeans on the regular. Every fall, without fail, I always try to some amazing new denim to my collection and this year one of my favorite new scores are the Riley Luxe Crop Raw Hem Jeans from Hudson. It's no secret that I've loved Hudson's jeans for years, but this pair has me super excited because they're so different from my go-to Barbara skinnies. I love that these are cut a little looser, which came in especially handy during my recent trip to Paris. Indulging in Parisian sweet treats without any tightening of the waistband? Yes, please! Obviously, the raw hem is so popular right now and I love that these aren't super dramatic. I can easily dress them up with heels or booties for work, but they're also the perfect casual weekend jean to bum around the city. Of course, I can't talk about Hudson without talking about their super high quality denim. These jeans are made from premium Japanese denim, which means they hold their shape and will hold their color for year and years to come. Need some cute new wear-everywhere jeans for fall? You won't regret treating yourself to this super flattering pair. I'm in love! Hudson Riley Luxe Crop Raw Hem Jeans ($225) SHOP HUDSON'S RILEY LUXE CROP RAW HEM JEANS NOW Be sure to check out our favorite grey booties and how to make your own tinted lip balm.

These Are The Three Pairs Of Jeans You NEED For Fall (Bonus: They’re All Under $40)

It's officially fall, but just because we're getting into sweater weather doesn't mean you can't still show off those legs--in jeans that is! And now is the time to step up your game and stock your closet because Nordstrom is having a crazy good sale on some must-have jeans. One pair that you NEED to add to your collection? These Side Panel Skinny Ankle Jeans from Caslon. They're anything but basic as these jeans feature a stylish, dark blue panel along the seams. These skinny jeans have a super flattering fit. Plus, they're make with a stretchy fabric, so these jeans are ultra comfortable, too! Even better, these jeans are so affordable at just $34 (down from $69!). Do not miss out on getting a pair of these perfect fall jeans while they're still in stock! We guarantee this deal won't last long. Side Panel Skinny Ankle Jeans ($34.49, down from $69) But don't just stop with this pair. Make sure to add some of these other amazing jeans to your cart! Topshop Button Straight Leg Crop Jeans ($36.99, down from $75) Halogen Frayed Hem Crop Jeans ($39.49, down from $79) SHOP MORE NORDSTROM JEANS NOW Be sure to check out these amazing under $20 Nordstrom leggings and the tunic top that you need for fall. [Photo: Nordstrom]

How To Wash Jeans Without Shrinking Them

You found a new pair of jeans that fit you like a second skin and are the perfect length — congratulations, that’s definitely not an easy feat. But now comes the second greatest denim challenge: washing and cleaning them in a way that won’t ruin their shape, stretch your jeans beyond repair, or shrink them to doll-like proportions. Even if you’ve ruined your fair share of jeans in the past (don’t worry, you’re not alone), it’s completely possible to make this the pair that lasts you for years — with a few good tips. The good thing about denim is that it can hold up and take more wear and tear than your average blouse or cotton skirt. You may be shocked when you find out how often you can wear a pair of jeans without washing them. It isn’t necessary to wash jeans after every wear and some experts say you can get away with wearing denim without it ever seeing the inside of a washing machine for two months or longer. In addition to not over-washing your jeans, here are 5 simple ways to wash your jeans without shrinking them. 1) Turn Jeans Inside Out And Zip Them Up Taking good care of your jeans means ensuring them don’t shrink or lose their vivid shade of blue in the wash. Always turn denim inside out before washing it to prevent soap and water from fading its natural color. Keep your jeans from ruining other clothing in the same cycle by zipping every zipper and fastening all buttons and snaps so that they don’t snag more delicate fabrics while in the wash. 2) Use The Gentle Cycle And Cold Water It may seem like a tough pair of jeans requires rough handling in the wash, but the opposite is true. Since denim doesn’t absorb odors and debris the way other fabrics can, turning your washing machine knob to the gentle cycle is the way to go. And water temperature will make or break your jeans — always use cold water. Hot and even warm water will shrink jeans fast. 3) Skip Detergent And Add White Vinegar By now you’ve heard a dozen times that jeans rarely get super dirty. Unless yours have caked-on debris or smell funky, you can skip regular detergent, which can be harsh and cause fading, and stick with one cup of white vinegar, which can be added to your wash. The vinegar is a natural cleanser that will respect your fabric and its hue. 4) Hand Wash Your Jeans Of course, if you have a little extra time and a free sink or tub, one of the best ways to make certain your jeans come out of the wash the exact way they went in is by hand washing them in cold water with nothing more than a cup of white vinegar. Let them soak for 15 minutes. 5) Hang Dry Your Jeans Finally, we come to the number one most important rule to keep in mind when it comes to jeans: never, ever place them in the dryer — not even for a five-minute tumble (although many will disagree and say a few minutes on a low setting is okay). If you don’t want to risk it, and who can blame you, simply hang your jeans to dry in a warm place that is not in direct sunlight.

The 2-Second Trick For Distressing Your Jeans

Boyfriend jeans, embroidered jeans, skinny jeans, distressed jeans-- there are so many styles of denim you can choose from when shopping. One style of jeans in particular is ideal for late summer, early fall weather-- you know, for the in-between temperatures. The answer? Distressed jeans. Ripped jeans cover you up just enough, and not to mention, they're also super stylish and edgy too. Luckily, you don't have to go out and spend a fortune on that new pair of distressed denim that you've been eyeing. You could actually distress one of your favorite pair of jeans that you already own! It's finally time to give those faithful skinny jeans an upgrade. By following some quick simple tips, you too can learn how to distress jeans. This quick tip is so easy and effective, you'll for sure be thanking yourself for saving major money by skipping that purchase of a new pair of distressed denim. Think of the exact way you want to style your own rips and tears, and let's get ready to distress! Here is the 2-second trick you should try to make your own distressed jeans: 1. Measure your inseam According to Who What Wear, you should first measure your inseam and then get ready to make the first cut into your jeans. They recommend starting at the top of your thigh and measure to where you knee would naturally hit in the pants. This way, you will know of all the right places to distress your denim. 2. Plan out your denim distress marks & get to cutting  American Eagle, one clothing company that definitely knows how to make jeans the right way, offers some tips for what you'll need for cutting up your pants. AE recommends gathering sandpaper (220 grit or higher), an ingle-edge razor blade, a pair scissors, a block of wood or deck of cards, and bleach for this DIY project. You can use the blade for making fine thread tears, use the scissors to create entire holes in your jeans, and the sandpaper for light wear and tear. You can also switch up all of the tools to create the exact style of distressed denim that you desire. 3. Try them on as you distress While we don't recommend distressing a pair of jeans while wearing them, you can always take brief breaks in between tearing up the pair of jeans that you have laid out on a table in front of you. You can always try on your jeans after making the first or second hole during your DIY project. Trying your jeans on as you complete this 2-second trick will guarantee that you make them distressed in all of the right places. Our pro tip is not waiting until the end of your project to try them on. You should try to catch any mistakes as you go! Don't worry, we have you covered for all of the DIY styling tips that you need to know. If you're looking for more 2-second tricks make sure to check out The 2-Second Trick For Telling Whether Heels Are Comfortable and The 2-Second Trick For Breaking In Your New Sneakers. [Photos: thevivaluxury.com]

Psst! Express Has Amazing Jeans And They’re Only $29.99 Right Now

Ladies, the perfect pair of jeans is sometimes hiding where you least expect it. Chances are you know and love Express for their amazing dresses and going out tops, but did you know their denim is also so good?! Honestly, we debated keeping this intel to ourselves, but these jeans are just too good not to share. And lucky for you, one of our most favorite pairs ever is on sale for just $30 right now! Yes, super high quality, flattering denim for just $30! The Mid Rise Distressed Skinny Jean is not only the perfect shade of blue to wear all year round, but these jeans have just a hint of stretch that makes them super comfortable. They move with you without getting all stretched out and saggy. They're currently available in every size, but at this price they definitely won't last long. Consider yourself warned! Express Mid Rise Distressed Skinny Jean ($30.59, down from $79) But these aren't the only jeans that you should stock up on. Add these other crazy affordable pairs to your cart ASAP! High Waisted Original Vintage Skinny Ankle Jeans ($29.99, down from $79.90) High Waisted Original Vintage Skinny Ankle Jeans ($29.99, down from $79.90) Mid Rise Raw Step Hem Girlfriend Jeans ($30.59, down from $88) SHOP MORE EXPRESS JEANS NOW Be sure to check out these falls newest trendy top and these super cute rain boots. [Photo: Express]

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Get A Pair Of These Amazing $19 Jeans Before They Sell Out #YouveBeenWarned

With August coming to an end, it's almost time to pack up the shorts and dresses and trade them in for jeans. Need to invest in some amazing new denim before the fall officially arrives? You're in luck! Saks OFF 5TH is having a huge sale right now on stylish VIGOSS jeans. Case in point: their crazy flattering and versatile Skinny Five-Pocket Jeans are on sale for $19.98... down from $78! Skinny Five-Pocket Jeans ($19.98, down from $78) But that's not all! There are tons of other pairs--in various sizes and shades--on sale all under $25. Make sure to grab a pair before they sell out. Cropped Slim Straight Jagger Jeans ($19.98, down from $78) Cotton-Blend Skinny Jeans ($24.98, down from $78) High Rise Skinny Chelsea Jeans ($24.98, down from $78) Jagger Skinny-Fit Jeans ($24.98, down from $89) SHOP MORE CHEAP DENIM SAKS OFF 5TH NOW Be sure to check out these under $26 finds on sale at Nordstrom and this dress that you need to have for fall. [Photo: Saks OFF 5th]

We Found The Best Jeans For $33 At Levi’s Clearance Sale

H&M Sale Items Are An Extra 25% Off Today Only–Get These Flattering Jeans For Just $18 Before They’re Gone!

If you're looking to restock on jeans for fall, now is the time to shop. H&M is having a huge sale; all sale items are an additional 25% off with code 6489 at checkout which means tons of great jeans will be less than $20! Obviously, H&M has lots of denim to choose from, but we found the one pair you absolutely, positively need to add to your closet ASAP. These Straight Regular Jeans are not only super cute and flattering, but they have just a hint of stretch and look great on basically every body type. Best of all? They're just $18.75! H&M Straight Regular Jeans ($18.75, down from $39.99) Want to add more great jeans to your wardrobe for fall? Here are a few more can't-miss styles under $20. Straight Regular Jeans ($18.75, down from $39.99) Super Skinny Low Jeans ($14.99, down from  $39.99)   Skinny Regular Jeans ($9.74, down from $19.99) SHOP MORE SALE ON SALE AT H&M NOW Be sure to check out this must-have dress for fall and these Anthropologie tops that are selling out super fast. [Photo: H&M]

Nordstrom Shoppers Love These $39 Skinny Jeans–Get A Pair Before They’re Gone!

We can all agree every woman needs at least one really great pair of jeans. But finding a quality pair that's comfortable, has the right fit  and doesn't drain your bank account? Not so easy. Luckily, we're here to help. If you're looking to invest in some new jeans that are crazy flattering, Nordstrom has the perfect pair--1822's Butter Skinny Jeans. Made with a stretchy, form-fitting material, these jeans don't loose their shape after a few hours. Is it any wonder they have loads of rave reviews? The best part: these jeans are only $39. 1822 Butter Skinny Jeans ($39) Not only do they fit well, but these amazing skinny jeans also come in four different colors. Get one of each ASAP! 1822 Butter Skinny Jeans ($39) 1822 Butter Skinny Jeans ($39) 1822 Skinny Jeans ($39) SHOP MORE JEANS AT NORDSTROM Be sure to also check out these amazing Nordstrom finds under $26 and these wear-anywhere ballet flats. [Photo: Nordstrom]

The Best Jeans That Give You A Bigger Butt

Some ladies (myself included) just naturally weren't gifted with bangin' booties like Beyoncé or a Kardashian, and squats can only do so much if you lack any sort of junk in the trunk. Any cat calls from passersby regarding my rear end tend to involve reminding me of how small my cute little butt actually is (as if I didn't already know), and usually happen when I'm sporting a tight pair of jeans. So, what's a flat-butted gal to do in a world of Nicki Minaj-sized derrieres? Turns, out denim can actually be your magical solution. Sounds crazy, right!? The idea of tight jeans and small butts might make you cringe, especially if you're far from filling them out in the behind department. But, specific jean styles can actually do some heavy lifting work to give you the illusion of a bigger butt. Hallelujah! Check out five pairs that can miraculously do the trick. J. Brand:  The secret to a form-fitting, butt-flattering pair of jeans is a little bit of stretchy material. J. Brand's Photo Ready pant uses a slightly stretchy fabric that flaunts your entire body, butt and all. As the name of the style boasts, your buttox and stems will be ready for your next Instagram opportunity when you flaunt this pair. Even after wear and tear, these jeans still hold their shape, which makes your shape look even better. [caption id="attachment_613524" align="aligncenter" width="196"] J. Brand Photo Ready Maria High-Rise Skinny Jeans ($190)[/caption] Calvin Klein: CK knows a thing or two about high-quality and well-fitted jeans, so you can rest assured you're getting the most bang for your little booty. This pair relies on an innovative stretchy material for a little bit of help in the butt department. Plus, the super light wash is a refreshing change of scenery from all the dark denim out there. [caption id="attachment_613525" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Calvin Klein Stretch Sculpted Skinny Jeans ($24.83)[/caption] Mother: The High Waisted Looker pant will surely earn you a look or two. Even though Mother jeans run on the pricier side, it's worth the extra splurge if you've been dying for a bigger butt your entire life. The material beautifully frames your body, and the back pockets hit higher than most pants. This will help you instantly transform from a flat butt to looking like a replica of the peach emoji. [caption id="attachment_613526" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Mother Denim High Waisted Looker ($228)[/caption] Citizens of Humanity: When "Sculpt" is part of the pant title, you know your butt is in good hands. Er, good jeans. Citizens of Humanity's entire Sculpt collection uses a unique weaving technique to give you a butt-lift and flatter your entire lower half. This high-rise pair can hug your body in all the right places, which helps make your bottom look like a dream. [caption id="attachment_613527" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Citizens of Humanity Sculpt Rocket High Waist Skinny Jeans ($238)[/caption] Levi's: Don't let the name deter you—the Levi's Wedgie Jeans are the butt-lifter you never knew you needed. Even though high-waisted, looser jeans can sometimes flatten your butt, this pair actually lifts and separates your butt cheeks to fake the appearance of a big booty. Kylie Jenner flaunted a pair of these on Instagram, so they have the celeb stamp of approval. [caption id="attachment_613528" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Levi’s Wedgie High-Rise Jean ($88)[/caption] [Photo: Shutterstock]

Psst! There Are Tons Of Great Jeans On Sale For Cheap At Nordstrom Right Now

The best jeans are the ones that are high quality and look amazing, but don't leave you completely broke after the purchase. If you could use some great new jeans in your closet ahead of fall, you're in luck because Nordstrom has tons on sale for super cheap right now. I'm talking just $31 for crazy flattering, won't-lose-their-shape jeans. Snag a pair below before they're gone!   Ripped Cropped Skinny Jeans ($31.20, down from $52) Articles of Society Mya Skinny Jeans ($35.40, down from $59) Vigoss Chelsea Crop Skinny Jeans ($35.40, down from $59) Vince Camuto Five-Pocket Stretch Skinny Jeans ($41.40 down from $69) Crop Flare Leg Jeans ($41.40, down from $69) SHOP JEANS ON SALE NORDSTROM NOW Be sure to check out the $12 leggings Old Navy Shoppers love and the $26 top that is trending at Nordstrom. [Photo: Nordstrom]

Don’t Miss Your Chance To Get A Pair Of Crazy Flattering Levi’s Wedgie Jeans For Just $34!

When it comes to jeans, one style has truly captured our intrigue and interest over the last few months: the Levi's Wedgie Jeans. Don't let the name deceive you. Far from uncomfortable, these jeans are actually nothing short of amazing. Why? They're so flattering, especially when it comes to shaping and framing the booty! We have to give it to the team over at Levi's--this cut really does work wonders on so many different body types. If you've been eager to try a pair of Levi's Wedgie jeans, but hesitant to drop $100+ on them, here's a tip: Anthropologie currently has three super cute styles on sale for just $34. This is your chance to put them to the test without blowing your budget, ladies! Just hurry--we have a feeling these are going to sell fast at this price. Levi's Wedgie Icon High-Rise Jeans ($34.97, down from $118) Levi's Wedgie Icon High-Rise Jeans ($34.97, down from $118) Levi's Wedgie Icon High-Rise Jeans ($34.97, down from $118) If you don't believe us you'll just have to treat yourself to a pair and see for yourself. Your butt will look amazing! GET A PAIR OF LEVI'S WEDGIE JEANS NOW Be sure to check out the most flattering $19 blouse and every woman needs this $20 maxi. [Photo: Anthropologie]

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Exactly How To Wear Denim If You’re Under 5’2″

These Jeans Are Soft, Comfortable, Flattering On All Body Types And On Sale For Just $11 Today #Winning

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is difficult, trust me, I know. Between fit, wash, price... there are just so many factors to consider. Good news! We found the best. pair. ever. They're from H&M and they're only $12.99! Say what!? It's true. They're available in a bunch of different colors, tons of different sizes and they're comfortable and flattering. Hands down, these jeans have it all! And today only, all women's sale items are an additional 10% off at H&M, meaning these jeans could be yours for just $11. What are you waiting for?! Skinny Regular Jeans ($11.69, down from $19.99) If you're looking to upgrade your complete denim collection, there are tons of other great pairs of jeans on sale at H&M. Check these out: Straight Cropped Jeans ($16.19, down from $34.99)   Washed Slim Regular Jeans ($17.99, down from $34.99) Skinny Low Jeans ($13.49, down from $29.99) Distressed Slim Regular Jeans ($17.99, down from $34.99) SHOP SALE JEANS AT H&M NOW Be sure to check out $23 Old Navy maxi dress and must-have $19 Nordstrom top. [Photo: H&M]

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The Best Jeans For Petite Girls

As a fellow petite human, I know the woes of jean shopping better than anyone. The dressing room and I do not get along when I try on jeans. Too long, too short, too tight, too small in the waist—I could go on and on. The bottom drawer of my dresser is filled to the brim with more pairs of jeans than most people should ever own, mainly because I could never find the perfect pair and had to settle for whatever I could get my hands on. Jeans are such a coveted wardrobe item that it would be unheard of to not have a wearable pair. Jean shopping makes me want to give up and call it a day, but I can't leave empty-handed when I need a new pair. There's pros and cons of shopping for jeans online and in-store. While you can try on as many pairs as you want in the store and immediately know whether they fit or not, jeans online show how they look on a model. This has been an effective method for me recently. I like to look at the model's height measurements and see how the jeans fall on her. If the model is 8 feet tall with legs for days and the jeans she's wearing come past her ankles, then I know those aren't the right match for me. Either way you choose to shop, check out five clothing brands that have mastered the art of creating jeans for petite girls. Because you shouldn't have to roll the bottom of your pants just to get them to fit. Zara: Zara has a little bit of everything for every style, and they also accommodate a variety of heights with their jeans. If you're shopping online, look out for cropped jeans specifically. This model is 5'10," so you know that if these pants fall mid-calf, they'll fit your much shorter legs like a charm. [caption id="attachment_607070" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Low-Rise Skinny Fit Jeans ($22.99)[/caption] .American Eagle: I've been a tried-and-true American Eagle jeans fan for as long as I can remember. The fit of their skinny jeans has changed throughout the years, but the "Short" version of their pants is always reliable. On their website, you can choose "Short" for any size of any pant. I also love their skinnies because they hug my body without cutting off my circulation. Make sure you check out their flare jeans. Paired with heels or booties, this outfit will give you illusion of a taller figure. [caption id="attachment_607069" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Denim X High-Rise Slim Flare Jean ($49.95)[/caption] J. Crew: J. Crew's cropped denim collection also has plenty of selections for petite women. J. Crew came to the rescue with the perfect pair of white jeans for my small frame, thus finally ending my years-long hunt for the perfect pair, and I've never looked back. Most of their cropped denim comes in loose and casual styles, so even us petite girls can stay in the trendy jeans loop. [caption id="attachment_607067" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Petite Vintage Crop Jean In Destroyed White ($110)[/caption] Banana Republic: I love BR because they have a specific petite section, both in-stores and online. You can get the jeans of your dreams, and even find a cute top to go along with it, all in the same place. This pair screams casual Friday in the office by day, drinks with the girls by night. These are also made with a stretchy material that's perfect for big butts. [caption id="attachment_607071" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Zero Gravity Dark Wash Skinny Ankle Jean ($68.50)[/caption] Topshop: This on-trend brand also has a petite section. I'm a huge fan of high-waisted denim, especially because it gives you the illusion of longer legs when tucked in with a top, and Topshop is no stranger to this pant style. The frayed hem gives these jeans that extra something special, and you won't even have to roll them up! [caption id="attachment_607068" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Petite Let Hem Rip Jamie Jeans ($80)[/caption] [Photo: Always Judging]

These Are The Perfect White Jeans For Summer–And They’re Under $60!

If you're looking for a great pair of white jeans now that summer is imminent, don't spend hours hunting down the perfect pair; I did it for you! And guess what? They won't set you back a ton of money! These BLANKNYC Canvas Cropped Kick Flare Jeans are crazy flattering. Rather than being super tight (which is a big no-no when it comes to white jeans), these jeans are cropped flares which look great on lots of body types. Plus, the material is nice and substantial, so you don't have to worry about them showing every imperfection. Best of all, they're on sale for just $46 at Nordstrom right now! BLANKNYC Canvas Cropped Kick Flare Jeans ($46.80, down from $78) If you're hesitant to jump on the cropped flare silhouette, no worries. These KUT FROM THE KLOTH Catherine Stretch Boyfriend Jeans are amazing, too. The denim is soft and stretchy and thick so you never have to worry about showing too much. And yep, these are on sale, too! KUT FROM THE KLOTH Catherine Stretch Boyfriend Jeans ($55.29, down from $79) Don't miss Converse sneakers on sale for $29 and the best drugstore beauty products. [Photo: Nordstrom]

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It's no secret that I swear by reviews when online shopping. How else are you supposed to buy with confidence? I've been looking for a great pair of jeans for the new season and came across this super cute distressed pair by Topshop on nordstrom.com. I immediately liked the look of them, but my decision to buy was solidified upon reading the reviews. Women love these jeans! Multiple reviewers call these jeans "amazing" and say "Love them!" There are also only a few sizes left, which leads me to believe these jeans are really all they're cracked up to be. Even better? They're on sale for 40% off right now. Snag a pair before they sell out for good: Topshop Moto Leigh Super Ripped Ankle Skinny Jeans ($44.98, down from $75) While you're at Nordstrom, be sure to peruse the sale section. From 40% off Madewell goodness to super cute spring jackets, it's a treasure trove! Bobeau Ruched Waist Side Slit Maxi Skirt ($28.90, down from $44) Halogen Tie Sleeve Off the Shoulder Top ($35.40, down from $59) Treasure & Bond Boyfriend Jeans ($59.40, down from $99) Madewell Distressed Denim Jacket ($69.99, down from $128) Topshop Ethan Shirt Jacket ($45, down from $75) Madewell Cold Shoulder Chambray Dress ($69.99, down from $118) SHOP MORE GREAT SALE FIND AT NORDSTROM NOW [Photo: Nordstrom]

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Drop Everything–The Perfect Denim Cutoff Shorts Are On Sale For Just $29.99 Right Now

Just how do I know these shorts are perfect? I own not one, not two, not three but a whopping four pairs of these Levi's 501 shorts. (Want proof? Here's me wearing them in Mexico. And again in Hawaii.) Yes, they are that good. Now before you think you have to be super skinny and svelte to pull off these cutoff shorts, you're wrong! Full disclosure: I don't have a thigh gap and they are my absolute favorite denim shorts. They're actually the only shorts I own now. After I tried them last year, I gave away all my others and replaced them with these 501 in every color and wash. The best news of all? They're currently on sale for less than $30 at Zappos! My advice? Get every color ASAP because they are amazing and you'll wear them all summer. Levi's Womens 501 Shorts ($29.99, down from $49.50) Levi's Womens 501 Shorts ($29.99, down from $49.50) Levi's Womens 501 Shorts ($29.99, down from $49.50) Levi's Womens 501 Shorts ($29.99, down from $49.50) PS: There are actually loads of amazing steals in the Zappos sale section. They have adidas Superstar sneakers on sale, crazy cheap Havianas flip flops and even Hunter rain boots! Be sure to check out these crazy cute cutout leggings and Converse sneakers on sale. [Photo: Zappos]

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Consider Yourself Warned–You Need These $18 Jeans For Spring

If you're counting down the days until spring weather finally arrives, why not start getting your closet ready now? If there's one item you need for the new season, it's a great pair of spring jeans. Think light wash and cropped to wear with dressy tanks, strappy sandals and your best worn-in tees. Rather than spend a fortune on a new pair of jeans, here's our recommendation: snag these perfect for spring cropped jeans on sale for just $18 at Nordstrom Rack now! BP Crop Straight Leg Jeans ($18.73, down from $65) Nordstrom Rack is currently hosting one of their epic Clear The Rack sales and the deals are insane. Obviously, these jeans are a steal, but there are loads more can't miss deals. Here are a few you shouldn't miss: Alex & Ani Aries II Expandable Wire Bangle ($7.35, down from $28) Franco Sarto Emira Block Heel Sandal ($20.83, down from $89) Electric Yoga Motorcycle Yoga Pant ($36.45, down from $108) Socialite Cross Front T-Shirt Dress ($6.60, down from $44) SHOP NORDSTROM'S CLEAR THE RACK SALE NOW Be sure to check out this amazing $5 mascara and our favorite beanies under $10. [Photo: Nordstrom Rack]

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Nordstrom Shoppers Can’t Get Enough Of This Affordable Denim Brand–Shop SP Black Now!

If you think good quality denim has to be super expensive, think again. I'll be the first to admit that I love designer denim as much as the next woman, but spending $175+ on jeans isn't really feasible. So I decided to try a brand I'd seen getting lots of rave reviews on Nordstrom and I'm a convert. SP Black jeans are the truth! Not only do they make jeans featuring all the latest trends, but the quality is amazing. Best of all? The prices are incredible. They're regularly less than $75, but on sale the prices are even better! I'm talking $29 for perfect skinnies or fray hem flares. Treat yourself to a pair on sale below and prepare to be hooked! SP Black Decon Girlfriend Jeans ($29.40, down from $49) SP Black Decon Destroyed Skinny Jeans ($34.80, down from $54) SP Black High Rise Skinny Jeans ($31.20, down from $52) SP Black Decon Destroyed Boyfriend Jeans ($31.20, down from $52) SP Black Destroyed Frayed Hem Jeans ($34.80, down from $58) SP Black High Rise Crop Kick Flare Jeans ($31.20, down from $52) SHOP SP BLACK DENIM ON SALE NOW [Photo: Nordstrom]

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These $29 Black Jeans Are Seriously The. Best.

If you've been searching high and low for a pair of black jeans that flatters no matter your size, look no further. These Halogen Mid Rise Skinny Jeans are the ones you've been waiting for. They have the perfect amount of stretch to make them comfortable without going all baggy in the butt and knees after a few hours. They're also crazy slimming throughout the leg and have the perfect rise so that you never show too much. Best of all? These babies are only $29.97--really! Snag a pair before word starts to spread: Halogen Mid Rise Skinny Jeans ($29.97) Need more affordable denim recommendations? We've got you covered! Here are some of our faves under $40! SP Black High Rise Crop Kick Flare Jeans ($31.20) STS Blue Fray Hem Straight Leg Jeans ($34.80) 1822 Denim Classic Skinny Jean ($29.97) Articles of Society 'Sarah' Skinny Jeans ($38.40) Be sure to check out this amazing $59 moto jacket and the best items under $23 from Nordstrom's sale. [Photo: Nordstrom Rack]

Psst! There Are So Many Good Jeans & Leggings On Sale For Under $32 At Nordstrom Right Now

If your leggings have seen better days, get over to Nordstrom ASAP. I just found these amazing black leggings on sale for just $20. Super soft leggings you can dress up or down for just $20 at Nordstrom?! That's like a triple win! Fire Faux Suede Front Leggings ($20.98, down from $35) But don't stop with just one pair! There are actually loads of really good leggings and jeans on sale. These moto leggings are cult and have tons and tons of rave reviews and these crop flare jeans are nothing short of perfection at just $31! Shop now before these deals are gone! BP. Stretch Cotton Moto Leggings ($23.40, down from $39) SP Black High Rise Crop Kick Flare Jeans ($31.20, down from $52) SP Black High Rise Skinny Jeans ($31.20, down from $52) SP Black Distressed Skinny Jeans ($31.20, down from $52) SHOP JEANS & LEGGINGS ON SALE AT NORDSTROM NOW Don't miss our major Movado watch coupon code and these amazing $8 candles.

Levi’s Are On Sale For Just $26 (Down From Over $100!) At Ssense Right Now–Go!

If you want to start the new year off with a new denim wardrobe, get over to ssense ASAP. They have an insane selection of Levi's jeans on sale starting at just $26! Now, we really shouldn't even have to tell you how amazing Levi's jeans are. The brand is pretty much synonymous with denim that not only flatters, but lasts forever. Whether you're looking for classic skinnies or their super popular "wedgie" jeans, now is the time to score great jeans for crazy cheap. Hurry! Levi's Blue 721 Jeans ($26, down from $75) Levi's Blue 505C Jeans ($29, down from $95)   Levi's Black 505C Jeans ($29, down from $95) Levi's Blue Denim Boyfriend Trucker Jacket ($40, down from $95) Levi's Indigo Denim 501 Shorts ($35, down from $60) Levi's Blue 721 Jeans ($39, down from $130) Levi's Blue 505C Jeans ($45, down from $150) Levi's Blue Wedgie Fit Jeans ($68, down from $85) SHOP THE SSENSE WINTER SALE NOW Be sure to check out the best drugstore beauty products and weird bras that are actually genius.

Khloe Kardashian Responds To Claims That Her Good American Jeans Are Made In A Sweatshop

There's no doubt that Khloe Kardashian's Good American denim collection, which includes sizes 0-24, is a hit. The styles quickly sold out when they launched in October (but were just restocked for the holidays--shop now!) and received rave reviews from real women who tried them on. However, Khloe is now facing backlash over her denim line after taking her Snapchat followers on a tour of the factory. The reality star visited her Good American factory in L.A. and gave a behind the scenes look at how her jeans are created, from rolls of fabric to pants. She showed employees sanding, whiskering, and ripping individual pairs all by hand. https://www.instagram.com/p/BNad2qyDFr-/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BNad4uRjHMi/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BNad6EejN70/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BNad70wjvwJ/ Some people were not impressed and started critiquing the working conditions on social media. "By the looks of @khloekardashian Snapchat, she’s got a sweat shop working on her jeans," one person tweeted. https://twitter.com/tiff_easton/status/803716783282814976 Khloe was quick to clap back. "Watch your mouth. All make salaries and all are employed in la! Know your info before you chime in." https://twitter.com/khloekardashian/status/803720415516295168?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw She followed up with another Tweet: "It means a lot to me to fight to make my denim in the US and to be employing good wages to all of my hardworking employees!" https://twitter.com/khloekardashian/status/803721142150103040 What do you think about Khloe's Good American factory? Let us know in the comments! [Photo: Twitter]

Once And For All, How Many Times Can You Wear A Pair Of Jeans Before Washing Them?

We've all done it. You wear that new pair of jeans just right so they fit perfectly in all the important places. As you pull them off, you wonder: should I really put these in the hamper? You know if you throw them in the washing machine, they'll get all tight again and who knows when you'll be able to achieve this ideal fit again? Is it gross to just fold them and put them back in the closet so they fit perfectly the next time? Turns out, it's not gross at all. Unless you spill something on them or roll around in a mud puddle, there's nothing wrong with not washing your jeans after every single wear. In fact, some experts actually recommend that you wear your jeans a few times before washing them in order to preserve the fabric and color. So just how many wears can you get away with before washing your jeans? Up to 5 or 6 according to Mary Ellen Moschetti, CEO of California-based denim brand Parker Smith. "You should be able to wear your jeans at least 5-6 times or until you feel that they are dirty. If they aren’t dirty then just fold them, press them, and wear them again. A good pair of jeans should maintain its shape without comprising the stretch and fit," she says. Sarah Ahmed, the Creative Director of DL1961 agrees. "The number of times to wash your jeans is influenced by how stretchy your jeans already are and how often you wear them. If they have a lot of stretch, you'll find yourself washing them more than jeans with zero stretch. Either way you shouldn't be running your jeans through the wash more than once or twice a month. If you need to wash jeans more than that then I recommend using the freezer trick to kill bacteria and odors without shrinking your jeans or losing the color." So there you have it; enjoy those perfect-fitting jeans as long as you want! Be sure to read the biggest ripoff at the drugstore and 7 tips for buying pre-owned designer items online. [Photo: proseccoandplaid.com]

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