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Kate Moss’ Wedding Dress Designer Revealed! (Hint: It’s A Controversial Pick)

It's disgraced designer John Galliano! In March, long before the whole anti-semitic, booze-filled tirade, John Galliano was tapped to create Kate Moss' wedding dress - undoubtedly a dream for any designer. Then, alas, he got himself in hot water, got fired from Dior, faced criminal charges, and was effectively black-listed by the industry. It turns out that his girl Kate is sticking by him as multiple sources are confirming that he is, in fact, designing her gown for tomorrow's wedding, which has been dubbed Mosstock. Leave a comment: do you think Kate is condoning bad behavior, or is it time to forgive and forget? Shop our guide to the best strapless wedding dresses, white wedding shoes, and inexpensive wedding dresses.

Two Fashion Heavyweights Tapped For Kate Moss’ Wedding — Find Out Who

Kate Moss' wedding has already stirred up enough controversy -- from news that she'd hired and fired John Galliano as her wedding dress designer, to her There's Only One Kate In London ad (a jab at Ms. Middleton). According to Vogue, Kate has hired the world's most famous fashion photographer Mario Testino to shoot her wedding, and is allegedly still wearing John Galliano, despite his epic fall from grace. Shop our guides to the best strapless wedding dresses, white wedding shoes, and inexpensive wedding dresses.

Can You Find Which Denim Shorts Costs $322 More Than The Others?

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Shop Riccardo Tisci’s Last Givenchy Collection Before He Replaces Galliano At Dior

With news of Riccardo Tisci replacing John Galliano at Christian Dior all but confirmed, the fashion now knows that the very last Tisci-designed Givenchy collection showed on Sunday. Watch the the show - now a piece of history - now, and then shop the last available pieces now: (more…)

Get Your Gossip On This Weekend With 7 Hot Messes Of The Week

Maybe you're traveling, maybe you're relaxing at home. But it's Friday and you need to be prepared for whatever conversation comes your way. Here are our top picks from the past week to make sure you don't encounter any awkward silences. Designer John Galliano got the boot from Dior for his rants and raves and ridiculous comments. Whoopi Goldberg blames the booze. The newest cast of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew has been released with Lindsay Lohan's dad and the Real Housewives of DC party-crashing Salahis. Thought men didn't like Sex and The City? Think again. HBO announced a new show called '40' which is the male counterpart to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. (more…)

Your Handy Live Stream Guide To Paris Fashion Week: No Passport Required

Before you tell yourself that you're all fashion week-ed out (New York, London, and Milan), stick it out for Paris' fashion week. A week full of couture shows, more celebrities and of course, more fall and winter trends. But if you're like us, and not leaving the country, it's okay because we have everything you need to know about watching Paris 2011 Fashion Week live here: (more…)

UPDATE: Will Kate Moss Keep John Galliano As Her Wedding Dress Designer?

Update: Now that John Galliano has been fired from Dior, the big question looms: will Kate Moss ditch him as her wedding dress designer? Kate, who weathered that whole blowing cocaine on camera scandal in 2005, is certainly no angel herself. What do you think? Leave a comment below. From 4/25: With style icon Kate Moss recently engaged, and Kate Middleton's royal wedding two months away, the battle is on for which British Kate we should care about more. I'm going to side with Moss - who's been our radar much longer than the future princess, and has far better taste. That's why news that she tapped John Galliano for her wedding dress is so major. The good news: he has plenty of experience designing couture dresses for Christian Dior and Givenchy. The bad news: those dresses made our worst haute couture list, and last night, John went to jail. You win some, you lose some. For more Kate Moss-approved wedding fashion, check our guides to simple bridesmaid dresses, long bridesmaid dresses, and satin wedding shoes.

Fashion News, Events And Dates To Know For March. Love, SHEfinds.

March 1st: If you missed New York City or Milan's fashion weeks, now is you chance to catch up with Paris' Fashion Week starting today. March 4th: John Galliano's most talked about Dior show in Paris will have to go on, with or without him, due to his recent encounter with the police. March 4th: What better way to travel back in time than with Anna Faris' new movie, Take Me Home Tonight? Hello, big hair and nonstop laughter. March 6th: See who gets fired from Hollywood with Donald Trump's newest season of Celebrity Apprentice featuring Star Jones, David Cassidy, Mark McGrath, and more. (more…)

6 Conversation Starters To Get You Through Any Weekend Awkward Silences

Welcome to the weekend - a place to relax, unwind, and mingle with your pals. And since we don't want you to be a mute, here are some excellent conversation starts to really get the ball rolling: Kate Moss is engaged, we know, but she has just decided to have John Galliano design her wedding dress. Maybe it will be covered in newsprint about her wedding. [CocoPerez] Tyra Banks is more than just looking for model and hosting "Panty Parties (!)" on her show. Next up, Harvard Busisness School. You go girl. [CocoPerez] Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, and Olivia Palermo all took a trip to the barbershop together and unveiled shorter lengths. Maybe too much Smart Water makes you go crazy. [Vancouver Sun] (more…)

Latest From MOMfinds & BRIDEfinds: John Galliano Kids, Safari Honeymoons, More

John Galliano's Newspaper Print Onesie Perfect for the Carrie Bradshaw-wannabe mom. What To Pack For Your Safari Honeymoon Yes, you can look like Keira Knightley in Vogue. Nicole Ritchie Styles Her Son To Perfection This hat is just the latest look we love. 50% Off Engagement Party Dresses For guests and brides. Catch up on your non-baby, non-bridal news: DVF launches vintage collection, find out who Juicy just sued, and 5 London Fashion Week collaborations.

Get Carrie Bradshaw’s Famous Galliano Newspaper Dress In Underwear Form

For the true Sex and the City fans out there, this Dior by John Galliano newspaper dress is more than a classic. Lets face it, nobody but Carrie can pull off this slinky number twice. But thanks to sample sale site Modnique and e-commerce sites Yoox, we can show our SATC love with John Galliano's newsprint underwear.  So check out our top lingerie picks because we all know it's not what you wear, it's who you wear. This John Galliano Underwear Tank Top ($89) is definitely too cute to wear to bed - try it under a black blazer with skinny jeans for an edgy, yet glamorous look. Feel sexy underneath everything with these John Galliano Underwear Hotpants ($59) and if you ever get bored, just look down for an exciting news story. To those who fear the panty-line, we recommend the John Galliano Underwear G-String ($59). Don't be fooled by the name, there's more rear coverage than you'd think. Check out more Sex and the City 2 trends before the DVD comes out. Shop our celebrity style guides to the best celebrity dresses, the best celebrity swimwear, and the best celebrity hairstyles. Sign up for SheFindsMail and receive exclusive fashion news in your inbox.

A Body Cream That Will Keep You From Being Eaten Alive

What: HollyBeth's Natural Luxury Citrus Body Cream, $22 Why: Yes, summer's almost over, but that doesn't mean those insanely annoying mosquitoes have retired for the year. I'm not one for wearing bug repellent, so when I was told the orange, lemon, and litsea essential oils in this delectable body cream would ward off insects, I packed it in my bag for a recent trip to Idaho and kept my fingers crossed. This cream imparts a moisture-packed sheen that works to enhance my summer tan and make my skin feel supple. I rather liked the scent — and, as promised, the bugs did not. Get Yours:

Lipstick That Will Have You Cheating On Your Gloss

What: Maybelline ColorSensational Lipcolor, $7.50 Why: Even though I adore makeup, I find that I very rarely wear lipstick. I'm just more of a gloss kind of gal. But when I was introduced to Maybelline's ColorSensational Lipcolor, lipsticks made it into my beauty rotation—perhaps because the honey nectar-infused formula never has a dry moment on my lips. The line features 48 colors in all, with four major color families: Pink, Natural, Plum, and Red. You're guaranteed to find a lipstick color perfect for you within each family, and you may find yourself stepping outside of your comfort zone, as I did. Get Yours: Find more beauty picks in our guides to lip balms, fragrances, and concealers.

Runway Recap: Who Thought Wearing A Saturn Could Be So Chic?

Here's the latest from SheFinds writer Casey: Aside from the blatant product placement for Saturn (nothing new: hello Bluefly accessory wall and Tresemme hair salon), this car parts challenge was a good one. Though very much like the grocery challenge, we were hoping the designers wouldn't all go for the easy materials. But alas, the seatbelts were all snatched up and appeared in nearly all of the creations. It was definitely less egregious than the tablecloths, though, as they have interesting sheen and texture while the tablecloths are just gingham travesties. We've noticed that the editing is getting pretty slick, like they are keeping secrets from us until runway time. Up until the runway we thought Korto's design was an absolute disaster, but on the catwalk it all made sense. It was a super chic, reflective, woven coat that we would all like to buy. We were a bit rubbed by the fact that it was 100% seatbelts though. LeAnne made a crazy structured leather minidress with frayed seatbelt fringe along the bustline and it was risky because if not constructed correctly, could make someone look like a big-hip monster. Instead it minimized the waist and looked spectacular. How in the world does something so chic come out of the brain of someone so frumpy?  There was no question that it would be Keith and Stella in the bottom two. Both had two of the three Project Runway kisses of death in their creations: boring and poorly constructed. But it was ultimately Keith who HAD to go -- and by that I do not mean that he DID go (though he did, sorry for the early spoiler)... I mean there was no way he could survive after being such a baby and mouthing off to the judges for the second week in a row. And let's not forget his parting words to his model en route to the runway: "watch the breathing!" AND blaming his model for the skirt's construction issue. Nice fella. Good thing, though, because Stella is an entertaining character and we are glad she gets to stick around a while longer.Catch up on our coverage of previous episodes here.  

Get Real Mint Claims To Be ‘Soap With Bite’ – A Little Intimidating, But It Works

What: BlueQ's Get Real Natural Soap in Mint, $5 Why: So many reasons! The chief one being cleansing and exfoliation in one step. Get Real Natural Mint has jojoba beads embedded throughout (down to the last sliver) to slough off dead skin as you lather up. No washcloth or poofy thing needed. And there's "No Fake Crap". It's made with essential oil, no artificial color, fresh mint, and avocado butter to moisturize. It's great for sensitive skin and excellent for traveling. One bar will last you a good long time. And once you've finished with the Mint you can try Lemon (with real bits of lemon replacing the jojoba beads) or the smooth-gliding and heavenly-smelling lavender. Get Yours:

The Best Lip Balm Ever: BlueQ’s Get Real

I'm a life-long sufferer of chapped lips, so I have been through a ton of balms, softeners, chapsticks, and the like. One thing I've discovered is that natural ingredients work better than petroleum-based stuff and a great balm needs two ingredients to combat even the most chapped lips: shea butter and beeswax. Not alone, but in combination. This is the only constant in the best products. Other ingredients to look out for are Vitamin E and natural oils (soybean, coconut, etc.). My current favorite balm includes all of these: BlueQ's Get Real line. As it says on the package: No Fake Crap. It soothes even painfully cracked lips and keeps my lips supple for hours. I like that the flavoring is subtle so I don't keep licking my lips. You can wear it alone or under lipstick and it still works. I never go anywhere without a stick of Get Real in my bag. Find it at for only $3.99.

How To Weather The Heat – Beauty Products To Keep You Looking Fresh

By the time I get to work these days, I need another shower. It's getting hot outside (not to mention underground for you public transportation takers) and the temperature is just going to keep on rising. I'm well aware of global warming – but this is borderline ridiculous. It's not even July. Not only do I need to change my top (I'm a sweaty girl), I need a fresh coat of makeup and something to defrizz my hair. But, with my tendency to run as late as I do, I need to do all this very quickly in order to have enough time to grab my coffee in the café and be seated promptly at my desk by 9 AM. I went to my Sephora on my lunch break today – enough is enough. I need products I can put on before work to fight the commute's harsh conditions and to keep at my desk to freshen myself when I get to the cubical. I'm adding a primer to my morning foundation routine. SmashBox's Photo Finish Foundation Primer, which won Best of Sephora 2007, helps keep my foundation firmly in place and smoothes any wrinkles already caused by the sun ($36 - $42. I picked up this Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skin Care Instant Mineral SPF 30 ($30). It got rid of the shine caused by sweat and coated me with some additional sun protection. I don't exactly smell as fresh and floral as when I left my apartment 30 minutes earlier after sweating it out in a crowded semi-air conditioned subway car. Stella McCartney makes this great miniature roll on perfume called STELLA that smells of rose, peony flower, amber, mandarin, and rose absolute ($16). It's so yummy I picked up the full size version too. If a body spritzer is more your style, you'll love this Pink Sugar Body Spritzer from Aquolina ($20).   My hair really takes the brunt of the heat. If it's humid and rainy hot, I frizz. If it's dry hot, it gets a bit oily. Ted Gibson makes these hair sheets ($25 for 10). They perform like a dryer sheet does to static on your chiffon skirt. They defrizz, prevent overdrying, eliminate odors, and give your hair protection from the sun. Not only are these great for commute repair, but they're also great to throw in your gym bag if there's no time for a shower after a workout. For those days when my melon looks like it was dipped in baby oil I have my Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo To-Go ($11). It absorbs excess oil at the roots of my hair and even gives it a boost of volume.   

Fiona Sports Bra For Big Busts

One of the most annoying things about getting in shape (beyond finding a gym, sweating, getting motivated, and dieting) is finding good workout wear. I'm a big person, yet most workout accoutrements are made for thin people. Irony - it's not just for Alanis Morrisette anymore. The biggest culprit is the sports bra, as some of you may know. A lot of them you have to pull over your head, but they're tight around the torso for support. Getting in one of them requires advanced contortionism. Getting out of it while sweaty? Hand me the scissors. This is why I was so glad to find the Fiona bra from Moving Comfort ($44). It's made for bigger women - sizes go up to 40DD. It snaps on like a traditional bra, has ultra-adjustable shoulder straps, and has a wide band around the back and sides to support without digging in. This bra is so comfortable I can wear it all day (and have) and not feel uncomfortable. It'll support you while you engage in high-impact sports like jogging. Don't let sports bra torture keep you from supporting yourself properly when you exercise. You'll keep the Fiona around even after you get to your goal weight. Find the Fiona at Paragon Sports. Looking for other sports bras for any shape and size? Check out our picks for Best Sports Bras.

Solution: Pack Light And Take Flight Without Getting Charged A Steep Fee

So let me get this straight: tickets cost a fortune because of out-of-control fuel surcharges, I have to cram everything into a sandwich-sized Ziploc, they're not serving peanuts, and now I have to pay 15 bucks just to check my bag? Airlines, you have got to be kidding! Major airlines are announcing fees for checked bags now (here's a list of the 10 busiest airlines' policies ), with American and United leading the pack with a $15 charge for the first checked bag. Second checked bags can run you $25 or more, and you'd better not go over the 50 pound limit—that's when the real wallet-draining happens.With all this in mind, it's best to carry on whatever you can. But with hair dryers, brushes, toiletries, and all those extra shoes you need (yes, need), it's going to take some serious packing savvy to get all your goods on board on the cheap. The website has some great packing tips, including an intricate diagram of the Bundle Method of packing. Basically, you fold all your clothes, with the least wrinkle-prone pieces at the center, around one core object. Choose your core wisely: we like eBags Pack-it-Flat toiletry kit ($35) stuffed with your hairbrushes, makeup brushes, and other dry toiletries, or a small Packing Cube ($25 for 3) filled with little stuff like socks, underwear, and swimwear. All your garments get folded around the core (it helps if you've worked at The Gap!) and the whole bundle ends up taking up less room than individually folded or rolled clothes. As for the tiny toiletries you'll need to tote if you want to get it all onboard, we love Cargo's ColorCards ($24) and DailyGloss ($12) - itsy bitsy palettes of color that'll last at least the length of your trip. Find more airline-approved beauty loot at Sephora's handy travel-friendly shop. Store your shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, moisturizer, and other liquids in spill-proof bottles from the 15-Piece Carry-On Kit ($10). All fifteen bottles, jars, and tubes come stacked in a reusable quart-sized bag, so you can be sure you'll be able to fit all your get-gorgeous goodies inside.

Summer Sandals You Should Probably Have By Now

Summer's pretty much in full swing, which means despite the occasional open-toe bootie sighting, sandals have taken over as the main shoe staple. Today on Better TV, SheFinds shows you the latest summer sandal trends, from retro throwbacks to old school classics to flip-flops that will kick your butt.  For Chic Structure:  Oh yeah, jellies are back. And we couldn't be more excited. These chain-link thong versions from Old Navy have a chic gladiator feel to them, and for only $10 a pop, you can snatch up all five colors.  ECCO's Clear Water thong ($120) eliminates the need to stash a generous amount of band-aids in your bag while breaking these in. Not only are they instantly comfortable, but their eclectic strappy design can go with almost anything.  The glitzy metallic of these Bernardo Milly sandals ($98) make them the perfect accessory to any simple summer dress.  Paired with either the silver or gold, your LBD won't require anything else. (But act fast, because these sandals are selling out quickly - only larger sizes remain as of now.)For Comfort:  An oldie but a goodie, Havaianas ($28) have been around forever, due to their unbelievable comfort level and laid-back sense of style. As a newer kid on the block, Gurkee's Rope sandals ($27) are giving competitors a run for their money by using softer rope materials that's comfy, stylish, and machine washable. For A Workout:  The FitFlop ($50) has been touted as this season's must-have sandal, partially because of Oprah's endorsement, but mostly because it kicks your butt - literally. These sandals give your rear-end a mini-workout just by slipping them on and walking to the corner store. We're not saying you'll lose 20 pounds in one afternoon, but every little bit helps. We're also big fans of the Earth Breena sandals ($98), which have a Negative Heel Technology that helps tone your legs. These sandals look a bit less sporty, but they still get the job done when it comes to working your bod. Check out Better TV to see more about our summer sandal picks above, and be sure to peruse our SheFinds Comfy Shoes Guide for more options!