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Which Body Flaw Fixer Would You Trust Before Walking Out In Public?

Everyone has their particular body qualm. But for every fashion insecurity, there are about twenty ways to address it - from a quick fix to more time-consuming procedures. Below are our top body flaw fixers - and none of them involve an extreme makeover. Super-long Sparkle tanks create the perfect optical illusion for elongating super-short torsos.  Pear-shaped ladies will love the For Joseph Naomi Dress - a light, airy frock to cover up in for the rest of summer. Nubra Ultralite is great for barely theres who need a little something you know where.  Quit obsessing over that arm flab and squeeze yourself into Slimpressions. You know you're not actually going to start lifting weights.

MAC’s Retro Glam Makeup Means You Won’t Need A New LBD (Since Everyone Will Be Focused On Your Face)

I recently attended a MAC Cosmetics seminar, and I'm happy to report the retro diva look is in full swing (think Mad Men après five). Leading makeup artists instructed eager students in recreating the glamorous Hollywood look that Jayne Mansfield and others popularized - just in time for holiday festivities. Begin by arching and filling in your brows, keeping them on the thinner side. A mechanical pencil ($14.50) gives the most precision for this detailed job. After priming your lids, apply an eye color that’s close to your skin tone, perhaps one shade lighter. Try Mineralize Eye Shadow in Word Of Mouth ($17.50), which you will also use to highlight under your brow bone. Shade in the crease using the copper that comes in the  trio and sweep that same copper under your bottom lashes in a neat line that you softly smoke out.  Boldly line your upper lashes in black – gel liners like Fluidline ($15) were made for this. Then top your lashes with a nice coat of black mascara, concentrating on the upper lashes but lightly touch the bottom lashes too. Although the lips are the last step in this process, the classic red lip color is the key to this look. A medium blue-red such as Red She Said ($14) will work for many skin tones.Get Yours: nordstrom.com

Week In Review: Target Gets It Right With Saunders, A Matrimonial Project Runway, And More…

Must-Reads:Jonathan Saunders' GO Collection arrived at Target, and our SheFinds staff has given it a fashionable stamp of approval.  Part One of Project Runway's season finale proved disappointing to Jerell and his copier paper bride. We found three simple, un-bedazzled, furless LBDs at Caché - our cheesy store of the week.  Sales and Deals:Up to 60% off layering tanks at C & C CaliforniaFlats for $10 at Old NavyUp to 50% off short sleeve dresses at ShopbopTaste Tests:Which satin dress is a wiser buy?Which red peacoat will leave you with more green?Thanks, AdvertisersWe'd like to send out some thank yous to this week's advertisers: Bare Necessities, Urban Minx, Relios Jewelry, Blanco Boutique, and Traderlou.com. To find out how to advertise on SheFinds, click here. 

Runway Recap: A Boring Bride Moves On To Bryant Park

Here's the latest from SheFinds reader Casey: Last night's Runway was a bittersweet one.  We lost one designer but we got a sneak peek at the final collections.  First, though, we had the obligatory Tim Gunn home visits, which feel kind of like "The Bachelor" home visits without the family dinner and gratuitous making out. Back in New York, Tim tells the designers that their face-off challenge will be to create a bridesmaid dress to go with the wedding gowns they've made for their collections.  We're interested to see how they interpret this, as most brides' interpretation is dreadful.  Will they go chic or will they go bridesmaid-y? Jerell's bride looks like she's wrapped in one of those old fashioned rolls of copier paper, all crinkly, with a bunch of orchids on her head.  Michael Kors calls it garish (kiss of death 1) and "overwrought times 20,000."     Kenley's bride is feathery awesomeness, though Michael Kors mentions that it's reminiscent of a McQueen.  Kenley, in Kenley fashion, has a snotty retort.  When will this girl ever learn?  She's only here by the skin of her teeth thanks to that attitude!   Heidi calls her work "crazy good."  I must admit I like Kenley's work, though I think she needs to be punched sometimes.   While we do question Leanne's panti-liner winged bodice, her bridesmaid dress is actually beautiful... and her wedding gown has pockets!  Perfect for... well perfect for something a bride might need to have handy.    Korto's interchangeable bride and bridesmaid are kind of ridiculous with a lot going on, not to mention that the wedding gown is wholly unflattering -- seriously would someone get married in this?     Leanne and Kenley move on to Bryant Park -- that Kenley is a lucky lucky girl, we hope she appreciates that fact.  The final decision comes down to which kiss of death is worse: garish or boring?  I vote for garish but others vote for boring.  Garish wins (or loses) and the debate is settled and Jerell is sent home.  Onto Bryant Park!!Catch up on our other Runway Recaps.

Week In Review: Zoe Buys A Bunch Of Old, Expensive Stuff, We Plan October For You, And More…

Must-Reads:Rachel Zoe raids her favorite New York vintage store --  much to the chagrin of her more fiscally responsible hubby. We map out all the goings-on for the month of October, from the launch of a new handbag site to the finale of Project Runway.   Been to American Eagle lately? Maybe you should make a trip to check out their surprisingly adorable outerwear.  Sales and Deals:Up to 44% off sophisticated Mary Janes at Piperlime Up to 60% off little black dresses at Net A PorterUp to 65% off trench coats at SaksTaste Tests:Which silver cuff costs more?Which striped sweater will deplete your savings?Thanks, AdvertisersWe'd like to send a big thank you to this week's advertisers: Bare Necessities, Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry, Hairflix, and Pretty City. To find out how to advertise on SheFinds, click here.  

Runway Recap: Pinstripes Will Get You Nowhere In Life

Here's the latest from SheFinds reader Kate: This week’s Project Runway was – in a word – blah. Any excitement? Not really. Did the outfits “wow”? Not really. Did even the participants provide some excitement? Nope.     The challenge was for the designers to create a “total makeover” – both outfit and hairstyle - for several recent college grads as they entered the work force. To provide a twist, they came with their mothers, who had lots of opinions for what their little dolls should be wearing.  Let’s start with our favorite little narcissist, Kenley. She was paired up with Anna – a future fashion buyer -- and her Mom Nancy. Kenley squealed with glee at her pairing with Anna, thinking she had scored a little “mini me”.  For Anna, she designed a floral dress with this odd vest/belt combination that certainly didn’t wow us. As Tim made his rounds, he suggested losing the tulle (and we quite frankly agreed). In the end, Anna ended up with a dress that looked (to us at least) like Minnie Mouse in a Disney Parade. The judges loved it. Us? Not so much.          We really LIKED Jerell’s design for Caitlin, an artists assistant - and so did the judges because he was this week's winner. Were we madly insanely in love like last week? Not so much. The skirt didn’t fit her right, but we did once again adore the mixed texture with the sweater and the satin.  One question though – what was that feathered hat on his head?  Third person speaking Suede was once again on the chopping block and barely made it. His coat was completely out of proportion with the dress. The print had no connection to the poorly constructed jacket. Did the ensemble belong on a future photographer? Not so much.   We really liked Korto’s iconic wrap dress for Megan, who will spend her career in a lab as an assistant. The dress was young and tailored and perfectly suited for a 20-something. Megan glowed as she strutted down the runway. Clap hands for Korto – who truly deserved the “runner up” position this week. When Leanne did her first fitting with Holly, there were lots of complaints – and it didn’t get better from there. Holly’s mother complained that the dress “flattened her out” (nice to have a Mom who is concerned about the positioning of your rack), and Holly felt it wasn’t flattering at all. Well, Holly – it wasn’t flattering or youthful and the outfit certainly wouldn’t be applicable for an elementary school teacher. Although the outfit was poorly designed, Leanne still gets to stay “in” for this week. And the big loser – Joe. We knew that Joe was done for when he thought a pocket square would be a great addition to his design. Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe. You created this mess for Laura, a graphic designer. And what was it about this design that was so bad? Was it the poor construction? The fact that it aged her by a decade and made her look like an unmade bed? That it completely missed the boat because no one wears suits anymore, let alone a graphic designer? That it was just, well, ugly? So now we're down to five. Catch next week -- it looks like Kenley may get what's coming to her....Click here for last week's Runway Recap.  

Runway Recap: Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs

Here's the latest Runway review from SheFinds reader Kate:The designers were tapped to create an avant-garde ensemble based upon the zodiac signs and were forced to team with designers who were ‘auf viderseigned’ earlier this season. Usually team challenges prove spicy with the usual personality clashes, and this episode had its share of fireworks. What’s going to be exciting in coming episodes will be the future clash between Kenley and pretty much every other designer on the show. She’s a crying Jeffrey in Bettie Page drag. We’re taking bets now for a showdown between Kenley and LeAnn. Who will come out on top in that cat fight?  Stay tuned! As usual, in the midst of design and production – there’s a wrinkle! In the middle of the frenzy of creating the garment, Tim arrives and tells the designers that they will be swept away to the Museum of Natural History to meet up with Heidi and PR alumns who will judge the garments. And then the big bomb is dropped --  not only will there be no more “immunity’ granted, but TWO designers will be “aufed” this episode.     So enough with the back story – on with the show! And the winner is…Jerrell! He worked with Jennifer and his design of Sagittarius was fabulous. We loved the mixed mediums of tweed and the feathers, and thought the long pencil skirt was just divine. The losers? BLAYNE. We thought his outfit for Libra belonged on a float at Carnival. When Michael Kors talks about human excrement to describe your design (“your model is pooping fabric!”), you might as well just walk off the runway right then and there.   The other loser was Terri. Her original design for Leo had a fur wrap and she was smart enough to drop it before the runway, but, alas, it wasn’t enough to save this dress, which looked like something She-Ra would wear before going to slay Skeletor.    Kenley’s design for Aquarius looked like something out of Alice and Wonderland.  All of us think her days on the runway are numbered, as she got pretty cocky and argued with Nina during judging.  Honey, don’t mess with Nina.Korto’s design for Aquarius was – in this judges opinion – quite lovely. I wouldn’t wear it, but can definitely appreciate the construction and how it draped and flowed on the runway. It wasn’t a winner, but definitely not a loser. Leann’s depiction of Scorpio was not our cup of tea, as we’ll go on record as saying we strongly disagree with the judges and Tim who just “oohed” and “ahhed” over her hooded asymmetric dress. It looks like something a couture vampire would wear.   We absolutely loved Joe’s design for Aries. The mixture of colors and textures is fantastic.      Finally, there is Suede. Third person speaking Suede – the Bob Dole of Project Runway. His depiction of Libra was an epic disaster, and although he was on the chopping block, he didn’t get the final cut. Harem pants?  Enough said. So stay tuned for next week! We’re now down to six. Make it work! And catch up on our reviews of past episodes.

Week In Review: We Like The Gap Again, Ted Gibson Shares His Hair Secrets, And More…

Must-Reads:Patrick Robinson's fall designs for the Gap are stylish and easy to wear. We like...a lot.  We had our split ends treated personally by celeb stylist Ted Gibson. And he shared some insider tips on how to keep hair damage-free.  Itty bitty? Don't sweat it - we found the perfect bra for you. Steals and Deals:45% Off Evening Clutches at Endless 33% Off Lacy Bras at Old NavyUp to 50% Off Trousers at TobiJust for Fun:Which black patent boot gives you more bang for your buck? Which gold bangles will leave you with a little extra coin?Thank Yous:Sending a huge thank you to this week's advertisers: KaraB, Lindsay's Candles & Stuff, Bare Necessities, and Marie Claire’s HauteShopping.com. Click here to find out how to advertise with SheFinds.     

Which New Fashion Staple Has Staying Power?

Forget the LBD (okay, not really -- I'd be lost without it). New fashion staples are creeping into our wardrobes and we welcome them with open arms, and extra hangers. Below are our writers' new favorite staples. Which do you think has staying power? You can't walk down the street these days without seeing a scarf wrapped around a stylish neck - or ten. These cozy accessories are here to stay.    No longer is jersey reserved for loungewear and extra soft bedsheets. The latest wear-with-anything dresses are made in this unbelievably comfortable fabric. A cropped jacket is appropriate for pretty much any occasion. And has therefore earned its stripes as a staple for seasons to come.

Runway Recap: Who Thought Wearing A Saturn Could Be So Chic?

Here's the latest from SheFinds writer Casey: Aside from the blatant product placement for Saturn (nothing new: hello Bluefly accessory wall and Tresemme hair salon), this car parts challenge was a good one. Though very much like the grocery challenge, we were hoping the designers wouldn't all go for the easy materials. But alas, the seatbelts were all snatched up and appeared in nearly all of the creations. It was definitely less egregious than the tablecloths, though, as they have interesting sheen and texture while the tablecloths are just gingham travesties. We've noticed that the editing is getting pretty slick, like they are keeping secrets from us until runway time. Up until the runway we thought Korto's design was an absolute disaster, but on the catwalk it all made sense. It was a super chic, reflective, woven coat that we would all like to buy. We were a bit rubbed by the fact that it was 100% seatbelts though. LeAnne made a crazy structured leather minidress with frayed seatbelt fringe along the bustline and it was risky because if not constructed correctly, could make someone look like a big-hip monster. Instead it minimized the waist and looked spectacular. How in the world does something so chic come out of the brain of someone so frumpy?  There was no question that it would be Keith and Stella in the bottom two. Both had two of the three Project Runway kisses of death in their creations: boring and poorly constructed. But it was ultimately Keith who HAD to go -- and by that I do not mean that he DID go (though he did, sorry for the early spoiler)... I mean there was no way he could survive after being such a baby and mouthing off to the judges for the second week in a row. And let's not forget his parting words to his model en route to the runway: "watch the breathing!" AND blaming his model for the skirt's construction issue. Nice fella. Good thing, though, because Stella is an entertaining character and we are glad she gets to stick around a while longer.Catch up on our coverage of previous episodes here.  

Week In Review: High Heels Get A Bad Rap Overseas, S&M Infiltrates Fall Fashion, And More…

Must-Reads: The Brits aren't happy over companies who force female employees to wear stilettos to work. We don't blame them. Ouch. S & M-esqe cuffs are entering the scene for fall. Runway's Stella would be so proud. And speaking of our favorite catwalk competition, this week's episode featured one hot tranny mess that ended in elimination for poor, egotistical Daniel. Sales and Deals:50% off eco-friendly tops at ShopbopOver 50% off bikinis at SaksUp to 50% off jewelry at Banana RepublicJust for Fun:Which biker-inspired skirt is tough on your budget?Which simple sandal is more expensive?  

Runway Recap: Holla Atcha Queen

Here's the latest from SheFinds writer Casey:We already knew this week's episode was going to be FABULOUS from last week's promo... design for a drag queen. How much more creative and outlandish can you get? Needless to say we were counting the hours until the show began.  Who better to intro the challenge than our favorite drag designer (and cry baby) Chris March from last season! We loved his disco ball boobs but would never wear them ourselves. That, in a nutshell, is drag. Crazy, fun, silly, sexy, big, shiny and absolutely outrageous ensembles that we ladies would never likely go anywhere near. Best. Challenge. Ever. Let's bring out the models! 6 foot tall men with sparkles and feathers and hair and heels that put them over the 7 foot mark. We were worried that the model selection process meant that one of the lovely ladies would be eliminated.  There was an audible gasp of relief when we figured out that they'd all get to play.So who did we like this week? We liked the designers who are week after week really showing who they are, but we also liked the ones who went all out, balls to the wall (pun fully intended)... Kenley's queen was SO Kenley. She is very classic and 40s, and while she can change the angle, it's always the undercurrent.  Stella surprised with a non-biker/non-leather creation, but there is a little bit of Elvira in it which is also pretty Stella. Our favorites were Terri's crazed Kabuki, and token straight guy Joe's sailor Ann Margret. We debated for some time which one we thought was better, ultimately agreeing (along with the judges) that the pink sparkly sailor suit was more drag while the kabuki was more creative... but the challenge was drag so Ann Margret wins. That and, as Rupaul (who btw should eat a sandwich) said the belt was a genius way of "hiding the candy". We were absolutely SHOCKED that Suede was not in the bottom 3 with that godzilla-y getup and the fact that he didn't mesh well with his client.  But the quote of the night (possibly the year, maybe even the decade) was when Tim Gunn said Blayne's dress looked like a "pterodactyl from a gay jurassic park" -- what was with those pointy wings? You could poke an eye out with one of those. Alas, when it came down to it, mild mannered Daniel was auf-ed. We do think he made a lovely dress, but there was nothing drag about it outside of the bright neon colors.  Perhaps his self-declared "impeccable taste" finally bit him in the ass. Click here to catch up on previous reviews of this season's PR.  

SheFinds Has A Drink At Mad46: And Boy, Do We Look Good Doing It

Last night, we were lucky enough to have the Roosevelt Hotel host a happy hour for the SheFinds crew at the very posh mad46 lounge. We wanted to get everyone together who has supported SheFinds, as well as enjoy the cool summer night with our even cooler New York based writers. Mad46, located on the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel, was the perfect location to chill, enjoy some signature Mad Mojitos, and of course, people watch.  We asked the fashion forward ladies in our party to showcase the favorite part of their summer outfits. Below are some snapshots of their picks: With the late summer sun still lingering in the Manhattan sky, two of our guests rocked their chic designer shades. Sam from Dark PR looked smashing in her Gucci Horsebit sunglasses -  which are also a celeb favorite, according to our Celebrity Sunglasses Guide. And SheFindsChristine opted for a retro touch with classic Ray-Ban aviators.    Bold necklaces were a-plenty, hanging from several stylish necks in our crew. We especially loved this pearl layered necklace (which unfortunately is one of a kind, so we found a similar one made of chunky white beads). Our CEO Michelle's gold strand necklace from Adina Reyter made the perfect statement against her black dress.  It's never a true party without great shoes, and we had our fill of them. SheFindsRebekah donned the Dolce Vitas she can't stop wearing this summer (for good reason - they're adorable), while SheFindsKristin went a little higher up in the air with a Nine West black patent T-strap sandal. SheFindBecky jazzed up her bootleg jeans with a pair of silver evening sandals. Overall, the evening was a huge success - thanks to mad46, Dark PR, and of course, our wonderful SheFinds staff.... who always look impeccable, especially with cocktail in hand.  

Week In Review: Cameron Looks Good In Calabasas, GMA Discriminates Against The Curl, And More..

Required Reading: Cameron Diaz was recently spotted about town in Paige Premium Denim's Calabasas Jean. And for good reason - these jeans are amazing. We fight back against the raging curlism that went on this week on Good Morning America.It was party time on Wednesday for the SheFinds crew at the swanky mad46 rooftop lounge - see what everyone wore to cocktails. Steals and Deals:Up to 60% Off Strapless Dresses at eDressme50% Off Skirts at Net-a-PorterUp to 30% Off Day Bags at PiperlimeJust for Fun:  Which business-oriented dress will keep you under budget?Which python clutch will make you boo and hiss?Thanks to our Advertisers:We'd like to send a big thank you to this week's advertisers: Editors' Closet, Velvet Maven, and Fashionville. Click here to learn how to advertise on SheFinds.     

Week In Review: Jewelry That Makes You Skinny, Our Underwear Gets A Day, And More…

Must-Reads:What if you could speed up your metabolism, relieve PMS, calm stress-related conditions, detoxify your system of pollutants, and bolster health, happiness, and enthusiasm all by buying jewelry? Conscious Jewelry thinks it's possible.  Yes, it's a little odd to dedicate an entire day to your underpinnings, but why not jump on the bandwagon and treat yourself to some brand new undies from our Underwear Guide in celebration of National Underwear Day?On Better.tv, SheFinds shows you some of the newest ways to de-fuzz – plus the products that prepare your skin and sooth you afterwards, so you can enjoy your newfound smoothness by actually showing it off.Sales and Deals:Up to 80% Off One-Piece Suits at SwimsuitsForAll Up to 60% Off Feminine Blouses at YOOXUp to 50% Off Orla Kiely at eDressmeJust for Fun:Which ladybug necklace won't creep out budget-minded buyers?Which orange satchel will leave you with some green?Thanks to our AdvertisersWe'd like to send a big thank you to this week's advertisers: RueLaLa, Bag Borrow or Steal, FlotoImports, Cuddledown, OohLaLuxe, Funk Luscious, and Dress Sure. Click here to find out how to advertise with SheFinds.  

Week In Review: Bras Take A Stroll Outside, Bigger Boobs Cost More (Even Natural Ones), And More…

Must-Reads:Thanks to the new Marilyn Sweatshirt, we can all wear our bras on the outside. Any takers? Should companies be allowed to charge more for larger sized bras?  Sounds like bust discrimination to us. Since our cell phones may kill us after all, the chic new Jawbone could be the answer to a longer, happier, hands-free wireless life.Deals of the WeekUp to 50% Off Jackets at TobiUp to 50% Off Neutral Shoes at PiperlimeUp to 65% Off Evening LBDs at MaxStudioJust for Fun Which zippered sandal has a tough price tag to match?Which royal purple dress is fit for a queenly budget?  

Blog Round-Up: Heard On The Web This Week

Super Sale Roundup! Girlawhirl scopes out the best bargains! SeenON! editors are happy to present the SeenON! Boutique and want you to shop now for your star worthy look! SheFinds sighs with disappointment as we realize Christian Siriano's collection is ... what we expected. The StyleBakery.com editors share their no-fail go-to signature looks of the season and want you to share yours for a chance to win a chic shopping spree! The Beauty Brains uncover the Top Ten Strangest Ingredients used in cosmetics. Top Button is wild over Marc Jacob’s heavenly new scents, Fig and Gardenia. At Real Simple's Simply Stated, we help you multiply your wardrobe with a Winkee.

Week In Review: Fish Replace Foot Files, Scarlett O’Hara Starts A Trend, And More…

Must-Reads: Fish pedicures have finally crossed the ocean. Would you let those little guys dine on your toes?  The Carasol Parasol guarantees relief from the sun. But we're not sure we have the guts to walk around with one. This week's Project Runway had the models step in as clients. And boy do they like their dresses short.  Sales and Deals70% Off Empire Waist Dresses at Shopbop30% Off Sweaters at Banana RepublicUp to 38% Off Fall Trousers at NordstromTest Your Fashion IQWhich Tie-Neck Blouse Will Keep You Bound Up In Bills?Which Botkier Costs More Bucks?Thanks To Our Advertisers   We raise our happy hour glasses to this week's advertisers: Bare Necessities, Bubbles Bodywear, East13 Lingerie, Silver Garden Jewelry, and eLuxury. Click here to find out how to advertise with SheFinds.      

Runway Recap: A Cocktail Party Gone Bad

Here's the latest from SheFinds writer Casey: Let me say up front that I think this challenge had too many facets to it and one of them stacked the deck unfairly. 1. The models are your clients and the challenge is to create a cocktail dress.2. The materials must be green (not the color, but the concept). 3. The models will be traipsing daintily (as I imagine models transport themselves) to Mood to select the fabrics. I know, it's one of the classic PR twists, but it really leaves the designers whose models make bad choices at a distinct disadvantage. Mean!    Many models made the unfortunate choice of satin and most of the designers opted for very short dresses (I think this might be because the models didn't purchase enough quantity). As Nina Garcia said, "Short, tight, and shiny is the easiest way to look cheap."  And boy oh boy do I think many of these gals ended up looking cheap. It was as if this was a figure-skating hooker challenge. Cases in point: Stella's one-armed biker babe satin dress with tie-ups on the side.  One quick bend and it's a paparazzi bonanza! Jennifer's was a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. That said, at least they weren't in the brown satin club.  Poor Wesley, Leanne and Joe were all saddled with some heinous fabric.  I think Joe made it into something wearable though with the sparkly straps and peek-a-boo keyhole. Wesley and Leanne were dragged into the bottom two with a brown satin hook. Wesley ended up going home. However, not everything was bad this week. Like guest judge Natalie Portman, I fell in love with two of the dresses. Kenley (who is so stylish herself, like a dressed down Dita Von Teese) made a perfect cocktail dress with a modern Victorian ruff that looked spectacular on her model (though I fear would not look remotely close to spectacular on a normally shaped gal like myself).And Suede... whose name is silly and pretentious... created a true masterpiece. Using bias-cut strips of his two fabrics in orange and cream, he created a low V-neck bodice and a floaty tulle skirt that resulted in a fabulous cocktail dress that I would love to wear myself. Wait! I can!  This week's prize is that the dress will be manufactured and sold on Bluefly! Yay! And, you can pre-order yours now by clicking here. This all makes me not only excuse his strange Bob Dole-ish habit of talking about himself in the third person -- but I will even embrace it.  Casey watched Project Runway last night.  Casey liked Suede's dress the best!  Casey will buy Suede's dress on Bluefly. And be sure to catch up on last week's coverage of Project Runway when the gang took over Gristede's à la Season 1.

Runway Recap: Welcome Designers To Yet Another Year Of Heidi And The Gang

Here's the latest Runway Recap from SheFinds Casey... Let me start out by welcoming everyone to the fifth season of our beloved Project Runway!  The last season on Bravo and the last season in NYC. I loved the full-circle of going back to Gristedes for a grocery challenge -- for sentimental reasons as well as the fact that I love the odd materials - grocery store, craft store, plant store -- these are the ones that challenge the designers to really think outside the box.  Or rather they are supposed to be.  I found it absolutely ridiculous that so many of the designers, with all of the cool and interesting materials in a grocery store, opted for tablecloths as their medium -- the whole point of the grocery store was NOT to use fabric!  And the fact that Austin Scarlett was there to guest judge (as the first winner of this very challenge with a spectacular corn-husk dress) was a hint that they should be looking for unusual materials.   Thank goodness our hero Tim Gunn was there to advise them that this tablecloth path was not a good one to pursue and most of them at least made alterations so there wasn't a parade of picnics down the runway (that is, after many picnic dresses were nearly complete).  Thankfully there were designers like Kelli, Terri, Daniel, Blayne, and Stella who opted instead for more creative materials. Which is not to say they did good things with them. I agreed that Kelli's vacuum cleaner bag/push pins/coffee filter dress was inspired -- not only in the selection of items, but in the thought that went into it. She won in my living room too. The blue plastic cup dress made by Daniel was incredible -- it fit the model like it was poured onto her -- like an S&M getup for the dixie cup set.   And I wholly agree with the three bottom dwellers: Blayne, Stella, and Jerry. Where I disagree was with the choice of who went home.  I guess at this point they have no choice but to make the selection based on potential and in that vein I can see why they chose to keep weirdo Stella with her garbage bag "dress" which looked more like, well, just a garbage bag, and freako Blayne with his bizarre -- I can't call it a dress -- diaper thing. Jerry's raincoat made from a white shower curtain with yellow dish-washing gloves did look, as Michael Kors and Heidi said, like something you'd wear to kill someone.  Stella would have been my choice to go, her trash bag dress was thrown together and showed zero creativity.  That said, given my druthers I would have opted to throw a massive wrench in the format and sent home two, possibly all three of them.  But then where would I be left?  With less Project Runway to enjoy this season -- and that, my friends, would be an unacceptable fate. Until next week, auf wiedersehen!Click here to catch up on last season's coverage of PRunway. 

Don’t Call Helen Mirren Grandma – She Could Kick Your Butt

Looks like someone's been eating her Wheaties. On a recent excursion with her husband, 62 year old Helen Mirren was photographed in an itsy bitsy bikini looking utterly fabulous. And rumor has it her bod is completely natural - the Oscar winner apparently has stayed surgery-free and relies on natural methods for keeping herself in tip-top shape. Well, whether or not you believe that, you have to hand it to her - she looks amazing. And I won't be disrobing next to Ms. Mirren anytime soon.Looking for some surgery-free alternatives to keep your body in beach-ready shape? Take a look at some products we've already tested out for you: Sure, cellulite creams are a dime a dozen, but Nivea's Goodbye Cellulite Regimen is actually supposed to produce real results (when combined with diet and exercise of course). See how Nivea fared when it was road-tested by SheFinds Suzelle.  We know you love to drink your caffeine, but how about wearing it? Skinkiss Limited Caffeine Slimming Tights promise to slim down your thighs after wearing them for a month. A miracle product or just another empty promise? SheFinds found out.   And check back in with SheFinds for our upcoming Guide to Plastic Surgery at Home where we'll fill you in on more ways to keep your bod looking impeccable without having to resort to the knife.  

Butts Come Back, Luggage Goes On A Crash Diet, And More…

Required Reading:That's right: perky patooties are in in a big way, and some flat-bottomed girls are going under the knife, getting derriere implants or undergoing a new procedure known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. Now that airlines are charging for checked luggage, it's best to carry on whatever you can. SheFinds shows you how to pack light without getting charged a steep fee.Going to a wedding this summer? We know exactly what you should wear to look chic and stay cool.  Need some new bling? Shop for a statement-making cocktail ring for under $50. Steals and Deals:20% Off Your Order at Lancôme, Plus Free Shipping on Orders Over $50Up to 60% Off Miu Miu Handbags During Saks' Designer SaleUp to 40% Off All-Day Summer Shoes at J. CrewJust for Fun:Which striped bow clutch will leave you with an empty wallet?Which chain link necklace is a better bargain?Thanks to Our Advertisers:We'd like to send a big shout-out to this week's advertisers: Bare Necessities, Ooh La Luxe, Pequitobun, East13 Lingerie, Red Lotus Clothing, and Kate Spade. Click here to find out how to advertise with SheFinds.    

Week In Review: Yoga For Your Face, Undies That Stick In Odd Places, And More…

  Required Reading:It looks like something out of Silence of the Lambs. Would you try out face yoga for a more youthful appearance?A new strapless G-string aims to eliminate pantylines. But you may not have the stomach to take it off. From Sienna to Jessica Alba, young celebs are all over these summer ethnic printed scarves.You have summer fashion down, but don’t forget your sunglasses! There’s a pair for everyone and here are some of our favorites.Steals and Deals:Up to 50% Off Summer Blouses from Development at TobiGreat Deals on Little Black Dresses at Macy'sUp to 40% Off Pucci at YOOXJust for Fun:Which maxi dress is a summer steal? Which plain white tee comes with a fancy price tag?Thanks to our Advertisers We'd like to send a big thank you to this week's advertisers: Clinique, Velvet Maven, Rhinestone Ruby, Midori Jewelry, and Georgie Designs. Click here to find out how to advertise with SheFinds.  

Which Celeb Tee Will Become Your New Summer Staple?

Oh those funny celebs. Always taking part in some kind of drunken shenanigan, or running on the wrong side of the law (we're talking to you Lohan. On both accounts). But regardless of their reckless behavior, the starlets usually look good doing it (we're NOT talking to you, Britney). Our recent celeb fashion fixation is the 'it' tee. Below are our top picks for celeb favorite tees. Which one will you be rocking this summer? Hipper than your plain white tee or basic black, Torn by Ronny Kobo tops are sure to become a hot commodity on both coasts (they're already selling like hotcakes online!). Celebs have been layering Lauren Moshi tees under sweatshirts and scarves, or wearing as micro-mini dresses (ah, Sienna, you seem to have misplaced your pants once again). Looking to add a little rock and roll into your summer wardrobe?  Enter Lyric Culture, a hot clothing line that takes its inspiration from classic song titles. If you’re one of those magazine-addicted gals who wants to show her allegiance on her chest, try sporting some classic artwork on your clothes with Trash and Luxury’s Makeup Not War tees.  

Week In Review: No Sex Pants No Fun For Anyone, Carrie And Crew Start A Fashion Maelstrom, And More

Required Reading:New sweatpants from Piper & Blue have the words “True Love Waits” emblazoned across the thigh and butt in an effort to propagate abstinence. What do you think of this message?After last week's premiere of Sex and the City: The Movie, we laid out the hottest trends from the film that are sure to be hitting the streets come summer.  Your friend's having a baby, which means another shower on the horizon for you. SheFinds shows you what to wear that will have you outshining even the mom-to-be (tastefully, of course).  Ladies looking for more support in the bust area will sing the praises of these sexy new bras from Evenden.Steals and Deals:  Up to 50% Off Capris at Macy'sUp to 30% Off Pink Pumps at Bloomingdale's Summer Shoe Sale30% Off Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry at Pink MascaraJust for Fun:These gathered-top handbags are both bright enough to bring in the summer in sunny style, but one is a seasonal splurge – it costs over $300 more than the other. Can you tell which is which?While strolling down the streets of Manhattan with her girlfriends, Charlotte shields her eyes with a pair of oversized glam shades reminiscent of Jackie O. Can you guess which pair below were the ones she wore in the movie and which ones are over $200 less expensive?Thanks to Our AdvertisersWe'd like to send a big thank you to our advertisers this week: Bare Necessities, Meringue Boutique, Manhattanite, A Little Something, The Daisy Shop, Barneys New York, East13 Lingerie, Editors' Closet, GoodOrient, and OohLaLuxe.com. We appreciate your support! Click here to find out how to advertise with SheFinds. 

What To Wear To: Casual Friday

 For a generous handful of the working population, the arrival of Memorial Day signifies not only the start of summer, but also the beginning of casual Fridays, or for the truly lucky ones, half-day Fridays. But this could potentially become an easy style trap. Arrive in your flip-flops and teensy weensy bikini top peeking out from under your tee, and you just might erase all of the professional rapport you worked so hard to build up during the week. So what exactly is a girl to wear? Show your lighter side with a pair of white cigarette jeans -oh so trendy, might we add - and a flirty, bohemian patterned top. To ground the look and keep it office-appropriate, throw on a structured school-boy blazer in dark midnight navy. Save the sandals for the beach and opt for comfy flats in a bold hue instead. As for accessories, keep it natural and low key with a wood cuff bracelet and delicate gold chain. Finally, a cream colored bag will extend the airy palette, and the combination of cream and white makes for an unexpected twist.

What To Wear To: Cover Up At The Beach

As the weather warms up and we look forward to heading to the beach each weekend (or at least fantasize about it), some anxiety might set in when you think about bearing your bod. I, for one, don't have a perfect ten body and don't feel comfortable running carefree through the sand wearing nothing but my bikini and a smile. However, this doesn't mean I have to sport a moo moo or an extra-large t-shirt in order to cover up on the beach. Thanks to the return of ethnic trends this season, tunics, caftans, and the like offer a fresh alternative to the go-to floor-length sarong or other tired options. When heading out for some beach time, start with a classic yet sexy two-piece with some unexpected beaded detail. Then cover up your anxiety with a bold, embellished tunic - just make sure it's not too long. A shorter, flirty length will still hide problem areas but will let you show off tanned legs. Lounging by the water doesn't mean you can't accessorize. Add a statement bracelet to your ensemble, but make sure to take it off when sitting in the sun so you don't get any unflattering tan lines. Finally, slip on some gemstone sandals and grab a roomy straw tote. You'll look chic and casual, and feel perfectly comfortable relaxing the hours away. And for other flattering swimsuit options, check out our Guide to Swimsuits for your Shape.   

What To Wear To: A Memorial Day Barbecue

Yes, folks, get excited. Memorial Day weekend is a mere week and a half away. And you know what that means - you have to start thinking now about what you're going to wear to all of those barbecues. You're way past dumpy jeans and t-shirts (even though the male contigent is guaranteed to be sporting this garb), so why not knock 'em dead in a casually chic spring ensemble that says I'm here to party, and I look fabulous doing it?Start with a fun and flirty print dress in a cool color palette. Pair with metallic thongs (gold will really pop) - just make sure they're not heels, since you'll probably be standing around the grill chatting up that cute neighbor. Then add on some bold accessories to brighten up the outfit, like a red or amber beaded necklace and some gold bangles. Finally, bring along a contrasting print tote   - but one that complements in a similar cool hue. (Not sure how to pair prints? Check out our step-by-step tutorial.) And click here for what to wear to meet his parents.  

Week In Review: Carrie Starts A Bag Trend, Skinny Jeans Get Frustrating, And More…

Required Reading:Get carried away this season with Carrie-style carry-alls. Bye-bye hobo. Structured bags are in and here to stay. Skinny jeans only look good on a small segment of the denim-wearing population. But for ladies with even a hint of hippyness, skinny jeans can be disastrous. Take a look at some other less restrictive options.Want to cover up at the beach without resorting to a moo moo? SheFinds knows exactly what to wear when you don't want to flaunt too much skin. Regretting that tattoo? Find out how to temporarily hide it. Or get rid of it for good. Steals and Deals:Up to 40% Off Fendi Clutches at Net-a-PorterUp to 40% Off Designer Maxi Dresses at BlueflyUp to 66% Off Designer Shades at Smart BargainsJust For Fun:  Which yellow strapless dress will leave you with enough dough to accessorize?  One of these embellished sandals is double the price of the other. Can you figure out which is which?

Week In Review: Fake A Clean Head Of Hair, Weigh In On Cellulite Cream, And More…

Required Reading:Dry shampoos promise to be quick and easy alternatives to washing and drying your hair. So we decided to give 3 of them a try. We're embarking on a road test of Nivea's Good-bye Cellulite Regimen. In 30 days, our reports will reveal the truth. For a generous handful of the working population, the arrival of Memorial Day signifies the beginning of casual Fridays. So what exactly is a girl to wear?Blue jeans are boring - celebs are now flaunting denim in all the colors of the rainbow.  Steals and Deals:Up to 50% Off Hanky Panky Lingerie at ShopBop70% Off Seaworthy Stripes at Pink MascaraCotton Jersey Basics are $5, $10, and $15 at Old NavyJust for Fun:  Both of these bikinis exude vintage glam, but one is double the price of the other. Can you figure out which is which?One of these hobo bags costs ten times more than the other. Can you guess which one will leave you with cash to stash? 

Blog Round-Up: Heard On The Web This Week

Sunglasses don't just look good: they help protect Girlawhirl's eyes and eyesight. SeenON! is shopping the red carpet from the Hills 3.5 Live Finale !  SheFinds helps you get past your fear of pairing prints with a step-by-step guide on how to pull off multiple prints. Smarter Fashion shows us a great deal on a lovely sunflower yellow silk dress.  Pinching your pennies? Look like a million while saving money and gas with over 200 cheap chic online finds at StyleBakery.com.  The Beauty Brains share a saucy secret about female enhancement creams. At Real Simple's Simply Stated, we show you the best mascara for your lashes.

Week In Review: Shoe Bargains Prove Hard To Find, Bikinis Lose Ground, And More…

Required Reading  Notoriously cheap shoe retailers like Payless and Nine West will be upping their prices as much as 15% within the next year. However, as always, SheFinds believes there is always a deal out there to be had. We just have to seek it out.At last, the day has come when shopping for swimwear doesn't mean browsing through endless racks of barely-there bikinis and miniscule pieces of fabric held together by dental floss. Women are saying goodbye to glitzy, flashy, teeny bathing suits and embracing more demure one-pieces, boy shorts, and flattering halter tops. Memorial Day weekend is a mere week and a half away. And you know what that means - you have to start thinking now about what you're going to wear to all of those barbecues. Why not knock 'em dead in a casually chic spring ensemble that says I'm here to party, and I look fabulous doing it?Steals and Deals:Up to 90% Off Stella McCartney at YOOXUp to 65% Off Dressy Blouses at TobiUp to 35% Off Pretty Peep Toes at PiperlimeJust for Fun:Now that you know what to wear with white pants, put your knowledge to good use with a flattering pair of shorts that hits right near the knee. They’ll work with heels and flats and earthy embellished sandals – all you really have to worry about is avoiding a spill. One of the pairs below costs more than twice the other…can you guess which is which?A light straw hat offers perfect cover against the unforgiving summer rays, and can jazz up even the simplest of ensembles. One of these straw fedoras is a pricey Eugenia Kim original, while the other costs a mere $20. Can you guess which is which?We Heart Our Advertisers:We want to send a big thank you to this week's advertisers: Bare Necessities, Donna Ricco, Velvet Maven, Thermaclear, Kenneth Mark Skin Care, Everlast, and Nightclub Dance Series. Click here to find out how to advertise with SheFinds. 

Week In Review: Met Ball Brings Out Fashion’s Superheroes, Crest Grosses Us Out, And More…

Required Reading:Everyone fab and famous absolutely could not stay away from the Met's Costume Institute Ball. We spotted three big trends on celebs shuffling into the party: glam one-shouldered gowns, bold hued party shoes, and fierce red lips. Crest's Pro-Health Rinse apparently turns your teeth brown. Yep, brown. As in dirty than they were before you brushed and rinsed. Unbelievable, right? We show you how, with the right accessories and the perfect oversized tote, you can pull off a cocktail dress for daytime. We powerful business women want to be remembered for our accomplishments – not our backless Donna Karan spandex gown. So what do we wear this summer that makes us feel good (and fashionable) while not causing our clients to stare 15 inches below where they should when we're discussing a deal? Steals and Deals:Take an Additional 40% Off Sale Clutches at Bloomingdale'sUp to 30% Off INC Jackets at Macy'sAn Extra 25% Off Dresses Already 70% Off at ShopbopJust for Fun:Big bold accessories are the name of the game this season, becoming the focus of the outfit rather than the complement. These link bracelets are great for spicing up a work ensemble or pairing with a simple sundress. But one costs a whopping $1380 more than the other. Are your style skills sharp enough to figure out which is which?   As the weather warms up, it will behoove you to fill your closet with simple summer dresses you can just throw on with no fuss. And the less they cost, the more you can buy. One of these dresses costs a mere $35, while the other is over a $100 more. Can you guess which is the bargain?

Week In Review: The Return Of Dork Couture, Gladiators Still Going Strong, And More…

Required Reading: According to the Wall Street Journal, wearing glasses is cool again. But isn't wearing glasses when you don't need them a tad bit mocking? And if not mocking, perhaps just plain silly? Check out the latest styles and decide for yourself.Comfort meets sanity somewhere in between Balenciaga blood-suckers and the traditional flats and we get gladiator-inspired heels that stop comfortably at your ankle. Check out our top picks for the season.Does the ever-worsening state of the economy have you feeling a bit down? Fight your blues with red… or pink, or bronze or mauve. Instead of inviting a whopping case of buyer's remorse by plunking down for a break-the-bank pair of shoes, invest in a few new feel-good tubes of lipstick.Schleping from home to work to the gym to dinner is nothing if not traveling, so make sure to stock your gym bag with the essentials for a sweaty to chic transition.  Steals and Deals:30% Off Flat Sandals at Banana Republic  Up to 50% Off Milly Dresses at Tobi70% Off Cozy Transition Sweaters at Pink MascaraJust for Fun:  There’s a pretty significant cost gap between these two sandals – can you tell which one is the pricier pair? Scarves are hot this season. And with Ikat and tie-dye coming back in fashion, you can't go wrong with one of these trends wrapped loosely around your neck. Can you guess which scarf is double the price of the other?We Heart Our Advertisers:We want to send a big thank you to Donna Ricco - our featured advertiser in this week's Travel Essentials Guide. You rock! Click here to find out how to advertise with SheFinds.   

Week In Review: Boobs Take A Backseat, Eco-Tampons Up For Debate, And More..

Required Reading:Boobs are out. Yes. Out. That natural (or bought) curve that brings the boys to the yard is on high style's "icky and trashy" list. So, it's time to remove them, box them up with some mothballs, and save them for next season.   As if getting our periods wasn't punishment enough, now we have to live with the thought that the impact from our monthly visitor lasts a whole lot longer than a month. But how green would you go when it comes to your feminine hygiene choices?  Nude shoes are all the rave this spring - and they're flying off the shelves. Check out the chicest pairs before they leave the building for good. They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. You wouldn't want ratty drapes blocking anyone's view, right?  Luckily, there's lots of brow beating technology in the cosmetics world now, so worrying about misshapen, patchy arches becomes a thing of the past.Steals and Deals:Up to 88% off day dresses at OverstockUp to 50% off Acne Jeans at TobiUp to 40% off Green and Natural Beauty at Drugstore.comJust for Fun:It may be before Memorial Day, but white is everywhere - and looks especially chic on your feet. These two white wedges are fresh, edgy, and will give skyrocketing height. But one is double the price of the other - can you guess which is which?  Canvas carry-alls are a hot commodity these days, and now with demand heightened comes a supply of hip new colors, styles, and patterns to choose from. We are crazy over these two modern art-inspired canvas totes, but only ecstatic over the one that's a bargain find. Can you guess which one it is?

Week In Review: Fur That Loves The Environment, Trendsetting Luggage, And More..

Required Reading:Eco-fur has emerged as the new 'environmentally friendly' pelts that won't make you feel guilty for your controversial fashion choices. Only problem is, it's real fur - from possums.  Looking to get away in style? SheFinds rounded up our favorite luggage picks to bring you the chicest pieces that will have you jetsetting like the diva you are.  If your feet are killing you but you're too stubborn to sacrifice fashion for function, then it's your lucky day. Designers are now making comfortable work shoes in hot, trendy, mile-high styles. White jeans can be a tricky thing to pull off, but if you've got the guts to wear them, then we've got the tops that will make you look hot and fashion forward - not a leftover from the 80s.Steals and Deals:Up to 40% off figure flattering separates at the GapUp to 40% off at new B*Fly online boutique50% off Mawi jewelry at Net-A-PorterJust For Fun:Which leaf necklace will leave you strapped for cash? Which day sandal will leave you in a pinch?

Blog Round-Up: Heard On The Web This Week

SeenON! gets inspired by the jewelry of Lipstick Jungle by devouring Justin Giunta's Subversive Jewelry for Target collection. SheFinds ponders the bizarre phenomenon of leech therapy: the latest crazy beauty ritual taking Hollywood by storm. You may have heard of Alyssa Milano's MLB clothing line for women, but thought it was kind of pricey. Smarter Fashion features some of her cute sports gear on sale! The spring list is in! StyleBakery.com ranks the hottest Designers on the Rise and independent boutiques, including discounts at over 100 chic sites. The Beauty Brains reveal a rainbow of hair colors from natural plant dyes. Top Button knows that April brings showers, so snag a Twelve by Twelve Modernist Metallic Trench to stay dry and look cute doing it! At Real Simple's Simply Stated, SheFinds shows you the best little black dresses to take from day to night.

Week In Review: Pearls With Attitude, Nails That Won’t Smudge, And More..

Required Reading:Granny's uptown pearls are getting a shock to their system with new, edgy ways to add them to your downtown ensemble.  Smudging a freshly painted pedicure is frustrating enough to bring tears to any girl's eyes. Prevent both the waterworks and the polish mishaps with these quick-drying solutions for your nails. Angelina Jolie may have been blessed with cheekbones that don't quit, but the rest of us aren't quite so lucky. So how far would you go for that trendy chiseled look? Prison might have been a pit stop for Nicole, Paris, Lindsay, and Naomi, but we never thought it would translate into a fashion statement. Check out the latest big house-inspired looks.Steals and Deals:Up to 60% Off Marc Jacobs Sunglasses at Overstock40% Off Spring Dresses at eLuxuryUp to 40% Off Crisp White Blouses at the GapJust for Fun:You don't have to be an art connoisseur to see that artsy print dresses are hot for spring. But you might have to be somewhat of a fashion maven to figure out which of these frocks is the bargain find.  Bangle bracelets are the perfect subtle complement to any outfit, and when you can find them at a great deal, then it's worth it to buy a bunch. One of these bracelets is cheap enough for you to take home a wristful without breaking the bank. Can you guess which one?

Week In Review: Outerwear Lightens Up, Hair Trends Come Back From The Dead, And More..

Required Reading: As the weather lightens up, so do our choices in outerwear. We say goodbye to those heavy winter wools and hello, hello to lightweight, versatile trenches.  You thought you were safe, and so did we. Until our friends over in the UK started sporting the 80s perm full-force. Now this body-liscious hairstyle is making its way to the states - would you dare?Your feet might appear fierce in those trendy spring shoes, but we're betting they don't feel as great as they look. Get some help with the pain with these amazing shoe survival solutions. What's your wireless plan? SheFinds is on the quest for the best wireless bras and we need your input. Let us know which ones are your faves and why you decided to ditch the wire in the first place. Steals And Deals:50% Off Select Denim at ShopBopUp to 40% Off Designer Pumps at Bluefly25% Off Customized Cosmetics from PrescriptivesJust For Fun:The weather is just plain soggy this time of year, so a great pair of rainboots are essential for your wardrobe. But how much would you shell out for a good pair? One of these is nearly $500 - can you guess which one?How's your fashion vocab? Are you up on your style terms? Take a peek at our style school quiz and see if you can spot which flirty spring dress is made from luscious Dupioni satin. 

Week In Review: Only The Best(Sellers) For Us, Scarves To Make You Look Alive, And More…

Required Reading: With the gabillions of beauty products out there today, it's nearly impossible to figure out which ones are worth your precious time. SheFinds believes there's something to be said for the ones that have stood the test of time, so we've compiled our favorite beauty bestsellers, from sassy nouveau nail polish to old school bargain lip liner.  Scarves are not going away with the winter weather, and for good reason. These season-hopping accessories can actually brighten your complexion or make an outfit pop if you choose the right color.Avoid the ultimate embarrassment of your bra making a cameo out of your shirt at truly inappropriate times by checking out HerRoom.com. With each bra featured, you can see how it will fit underneath a typical shirt - whew, that was close.Just because you know where to find designer shoes online for almost 80% off doesn't mean you're completely web-shopping savvy. More and more scammers are popping up everyday, so make sure to read our tips on how to protect yourself when shopping online.Steals And Deals:Take an Additional 20% off Last Call LBDs at Neiman Marcus Up to 50% off Hanky Panky Camis at Bare Necessities Up to 60% off Mike & Chris Coats at Tobi  Just For Fun:Want to stir things up for spring? Why not try out a funky printed peasant skirt? Paired with a structured blazer and simple cami, it could be a great option for the office. But only one of these skirts is a steal - can you guess which one? There's always room for basics in your closet, and a classic tank in fresh yellow is a perfect addition. But is it a smart choice for the price? One of these tanks is a bargain, while the other costs quite a bit more. Can you figure out which is which?

Week In Review: Invasion Of The Plastic Domes, DVF Wears The Pants, And More..

Required Reading:Blame it on the rain: a whacky new umbrella hits the streets, which requires no hands (big plus), but makes you look like Bubble Boy (HUGE minus).  Diane Von Furstenberg gets feminist and philanthropic as International Women's Day swiftly approaches. Check out some of our picks from her website that will help further her charitable cause.  Some things never go out of style, especially beauty products that make you look and feel amazing. Lancome's best selling skincare and makeup do just that, which is why they're here to stay.The new MacBook Air might be able to fit into the skinniest of purses, but for the rest of us with normal sized laptops, there are plenty of new chic options for bags that don't scream, "Hello world, I'm carrying a laptop!"Steals And Deals: Up to 60% off Jewel Toned Tops at Bloomie's Up to 65% off Black & White Dresses at Neiman Marcus Up to 40% off Classic White Shirts at SaksJust For Fun:The satchel is a perfect size for a woman's on-the-go essentials. Which is basically everything she can stuff into her purse and still manage to lug around all day long. But only one of these satchels will leave you some extra cash to actually put inside the bag. Can you guess which one?  Keep your feet pretty in in pastel with these shiny, happy patent wedges. They're a hot commodity this spring, but only one of these pairs is a bargain. Which one is it?

Week In Review: Sleepy Heads At The Oscars, A Louboutin Tragedy, And More..

Required Reading:Big trends at the Oscars included messy bedhead ponytails, pouffy bouffants, and one-shouldered gowns (a favorite of Anne Hathaway and Hilary Swank).A weird clothing trend has emerged among quirky New Yorkers, causing one woman to color in her pristine white Louboutins with a blue Sharpie. Does the workday have you looking like a disheveled trainwreck come 5pm? Get a hold of these 5 office drawer essentials, and you'll be cleaned up for happy hour in no time.Savvy expert Bridgette Raes saves the styles of women everywhere in her book, Style Rx: Dressing the Body You Have to Create the Body You Want. Check out her top 5 ways to hide fat and still look sexy. Steals And Deals:Up to 50% off coats at Nordstrom Up to 40% off cute hoodies at Macy's  Up to 80% off cropped jackets at BlueflyJust For Fun:A smoky quartz necklace is an accessory that will stay in your collection forever. But that doesn't mean you have to empty your savings to snag one for yourself. One of these necklaces is a bargain find - can you guess which one?Little lightweight jackets are hot for spring -and along with the trend comes a variety of styles, colors, and prices. So which of these cropped jackets will set you back?

Runway Recap: It’s All Greek To Rami

Here's the latest Runway Recap from SheFinds reader Casey:  It was supposed to be a double elimination this week, so we were bracing ourselves for the big auf Wiedersehen. It's getting very close to Bryant Park, so we expected our trusty designers to bring out the big guns in this round. We began with a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we learned that this challenge would be art inspired. This could go in so many directions, this is genius!  They were isolated to three museum areas: Greek & Roman sculpture, European painting, and an Egyptian tomb.  Oh Rami, no..... no no no.... do not fixate on the Greek statues! Do not make the same dress you've made every other challenge! Our screams were not enough to deter him and he decided on a statue of Aphrodite. It was, per Rami, a soulmate situation - no, Rami, it was familiar - there is a difference. Our collective groan and folks in togas rolling over in their graves caused a 6.7 earthquake in Greece.  Everyone else chose inspirations from the European painting section: Sweet P chose a painting of peacocks, Jillian chose a scene with women on horseback wearing armor, and both Christian and Chris chose noble folks painted in oil wearing billowy clothes. We were bummed that no one chose the Egyptian wing - there could have been some interesting things there.  Before work even began, we were thinking Sweet P and Rami would be let go… As expected, Rami made the same dress again.  It's impeccable and it's beautiful but it is THE SAME DRESS.  Tim mentioned this and Rami claimed that this is his thing and of course he chose Grecian. Snooze. Chris seemed to be making a replica of the couture collar he made when teamed with Christian (Christian even remarked on this) - an odd choice. The dress itself was pretty cool, but quite a risk making something so familiar to the judges. And let's talk about the NAP. Chris took A NAP - a highly questionable decision even if he considered his work done. We think he's a bit over-confident from his rags-to-riches win last week. Jillian's creation was brilliant: a gold lame mini dress with a very structured jacket. She is really proving herself to be a versatile and talented designer. We agree with Heidi: "She's so quiet, but her pieces are not quiet." We had such high hopes for Sweet P's peacock inspiration. It could have been so couture, so spectacular, so peacock-y. It was none of those things. It was not the worst dress we've ever seen - in fact if we saw it at Dillards or H&M, perhaps we would try it on. It was not high fashion and it was an extreme disappointment. The judges absolutely gushed over Christian's complicated Spanish nobleman. We wanted to show them our Tivo-ed Seinfeld poufy shirt episode to shake them into reality.  We wholly disagreed with the judges and Christian's win. Jillian and her Joan of Arc were robbed robbed robbed.We shed no tears when Sweet P was let go. There was no question about it... she was in the bottom two more than she wasn't and she skated as long as she could.  Down to the last two: Rami and Chris. Leave it to Heidi and friends to throw in a last minute twist and keep them both! They will both create lines for Bryant Park but will be judged on their three top creations and only one of them will actually show at Fashion Week. This is quite cruel - very Howard Jones, "You can see the summit but you can't reach it... It's the last piece of the puzzle but you just can't make it fit."  It will either be an army of Addicted-to-Love Greek goddesses or a parade of drag-queen-ready outlandishness. Our hopes are with Chris, partly because we adore the irony that the guy who was auf'ed early on could win it all, partly because his designs are interesting and fun to watch… but mostly because the big lug has grown on us and we like him.  So it will be Christian, Jillian, and a wildcard in the finals.   Want to brush up on your Runway before the Bryant Park finale? Check out some past Runway Recaps. 

Week In Review: Sexy Toys Go Incognito, Tina Rocks The Grammys, And More..

Required Reading:  Discreet is the name of the game, and these playful toys aren't letting anything on. Whether you are buying for a friend, or treating yourself to some excitement, these sexy (and secretive) vibrators promise to keep your secret safe.  Tina Turner showed up at this year's Grammy Awards looking much younger than her 68 years. This which got us wondering - what's the diva's secret??Beauty Expert Nada Manley, author of Secrets of the Beauty Insiders, shares her tips on how to pull of the latest Spring trends.Want to hydrate in style? The new Sigg Water Bottle comes in 3 chic designs that will have you looking fabulous while sweating it out at the gym.Feeling stressed? Don't worry about it! Take a peek at our Meditation Guide for tips and products that will help you simmer down. And don't forget to take advantage of the great deal on Gaiam's Detox Footpads - free shipping on orders over $40 til March 31st when you enter code SHEFINDS at checkout. Steals And Deals:Up to 55% off Designer Shoes at SaksUp to 40% off Gloves at NordstromUp to 50% off Skinny Belts at Pink MascaraJust For Fun:Spring is on its way, and with it will come weddings, showers, cocktail parties - you name it. So you'll need an amazing dress that captures the trends but doesn't cost your whole paycheck. Which one of these Spring ombre dresses will do the trick? The black clutch is a must for any formal event where you don't want to take out well-dressed strangers with your oversized, stuffed-to-the-rim, 2 ton hobo. But which clutch is a bargain, and which will cost you dearly?

Runway Recap: Project Runway SMACKDOWN!!!

Here's the latest Runway Recap from SheFinds reader Casey: Oh WOW… lady wrestlers… this should be good. While it's reminiscent of the ice-skating challenge of a few seasons ago, it's 100 times campier and we love that. We predicted Chris would be in his element for this one, and that Rami would create yet another version of his standard outfit: the braided one-shoulder halter. We were right on one count anyway.Never in a million years did we expect to hear Tim Gunn utter the words "Spandex House", but even more shocking was the realization that there is an ENTIRE STORE devoted to spandex! We were kind of bummed that none of the designers (except our boy Chris) seemed to be excited about this challenge – this is a chance to make a superhero outfit, folks!  Who wouldn't dig that? The colors chosen by Rami and Ricky were certainly polarizing – and you knew the judges would not like them. Rami's client's persona was sexy-girl-next-door, and the hot pink he chose was more sexy-hooker-on-the-corner. In the end it looked like Pepto-Bismol threw up on her. The neon orange that Ricky used was just horrible. I think he mis-heard the directions and thought this was a bathing suit challenge.  Sweet P struggled this week. (Do we write that every week?) Her client wanted a "robe and reveal" outfit that said "Look, I'm demure and mysterious… NO I'm a sex kitten!" The problem with Sweet P's final creation (one of many) was that the surprise element was not there – the robe itself revealed what was beneath, defeating the purpose. Jillian, oh Jillian, you do such nice work but you don't entertain us as much as the others. Jillian's wrestler was the WWE's version of Sporty Spice – tomboy and athletic (but also sexy, of course). She looked like a sexed-up Wonder Woman in the end and the client was very happy. Christian decided this was his favorite outfit thus far in the competition (and worried what that said about him).  He wanted his lady wrestler to be "fierce" and he absolutely succeeded. She looked extremely intimidating (Heidi would not want to meet her in a dark alley) and Christian delivered exactly what she wanted – leather and lace. Our boy Chris was overjoyed with this competition, and if you saw his book earlier in the season, you know why. His client wanted something in animal prints, and it was love at first meeting. Chris created a flattering superhero leopard print costume and hoodie (reminiscent of Shania Twain in the desert). It didn't hurt that she rocked it down the runway either. In our minds it was a close call between Christian and Chris - based solely on this week's designs, we thought it should have been a three-way ouster. In the end, it was Ricky and his swimsuit that were sent packing. Maybe they'll head to the nearest beach?Take a look at previous PRunway reviews .. 

Week In Review: Long Hair Gets The Third Degree, Ikat Invades The Scene, And More

Required Reading: Long flowing locks on women of a certain age used to be considered a social faux pas - until recently. Thanks to celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore, women over 30 are loving their long hair.It might seem a little crazy for the faint of heart, but that hasn't stopped designers from sticking the Ikat print on everything from fancy cocktail dresses to racy bras and panties. Would you rock the Ikat? Ladies who can afford the It bags no longer want them, due to the saturation of designer handbags in today's market. They feel like these bags have lost their luxury appeal, and are opting for lesser-known labels instead.Lindsay Lohan's partying antics and rambunctious behavior may have gotten out of hand, but her effortless sense of style remains grounded. We track down the top looks that embody La Lohan, and show you how you can get them too. Steals And Deals: Up To 40% Off Silk Blouses At BloomingdalesUp To 50% Off Fashionista-Worty Boots At Net-A-PorterUp To 65% Off Pencil Skirts At Liz ClaiborneJust For Fun:They might look like two simple sheath dresses, but one of these fashion classics carries a much heftier price tag than the other. Can you figure out which one is more expensive? A sexy slingback can make any outfit stand out - especially when it comes in a sparkly pewter. But these two pairs are not created equal. Which slingback will set you back quite a bit? 

Week In Review: Signet Ring Resurgence, Rachel Copy Cats, And More..

Required Reading:Signet rings are not just for high school alumns anymore. They're back in vogue and popping up on the trendiest of fingers. Several anchorwomen have been sporting the old school Rachel (à la Friends) hairstyle, which leads many to question if it's back for good.The versatility of the shift dress makes it an undeniable asset to any wardrobe.Modern day classic pieces are stepping up to take their place among the fashion elite. Take a look at our picks for new classic shoes, nails, bags, and coats.Steals And Deals:Up to 50% off Fashion Basics at Free PeopleUp to 50% off Embellished Flats at eLuxuryUp to 40% off Glam Tanks at NordstromJust For Fun:Diamonds are a girl's best friend, so you should know these sparklers well enough to tell which one is the real deal. Not all tees are created equal - one of these basics is more than twice as much as the other. Can you guess which one?

Complete Your Look: Weekend Chic

Somehow, Rachel Bilson manages to look incredibly bad ass yet impeccably classy in this casual ensemble. Since we know the weekend is all about letting loose - like ordering a whole milk latte instead of skim - we've decided to help you dress the part by pulling inspiration from her fabulous look. This oufit is perfect for all your weekend goings-on, from brunch with the girls to dinner and a movie with your latest romance. So pay attention because the weekend is no time to slack off when it comes to fashion. You never know where, or with whom, you might end up. This See By Chloe Cropped Linen Jacket ($745) is pure perfection. Unfortunately, perfection has its price and if you're not willing to cough it up, the Ann Taylor Merino Military Jacket (was $128, now $89.99) is just as bold. Pair it with this Splendid French Terry Striped Tunic ($92) and you're halfway there. Or you can throw the jacket on over this Juicy Couture Striped Tank (was $68, now $51) before running out the door.     No weekend feels right without an amazing pair of jeans. Our top pick is the Citizens of Humanity Avedon Skinny Jean ($185). These jeans have a straight cut that flatters your shape, but won't cling to you like a spandex wetsuit. You can also try the Gap's Skinny Jean ($39.99) for a similar look.  Both jeans will look sleek tucked into a pair of John Fluevog Argolo Boots ($295.96). These boots exude the very essence of weekend laissez-faire, but with a modern edge. Another fierce option is the Alexandra Boot ($148).

Complete Your Look: Office Chic

Having issues with what to wear to work? Join the club. It's hard to express your fashion savvy while still abiding by the HR guidelines on how not to offend your CEO. The key is to play with proportions, update with fresh accents, and pay attention to the details. A great example is this ensemble on Nicole Richie. She looks classic, but with a youthful, modern edge. This is a perfect look for the office, and it can easily transition into happy hour with the girls. Below are some choices that are similarly timeless and will have you looking effortlessly chic all day long.      The Development Wool Swing Coat (was $676, now $473.20) is a great modern take on the classic houndstooth.  Its pleated collar and exaggerated sleeves make this coat truly unique.  Pull it on over the Theory Pocket Shift Dress (was $295, now $192), and you'll be ready to face the day. As an alternative, try the Kimchi & Blue Tweed Coat (was $250, now $99.99) paired with the Gap Wool Henley Dress (was $69.50, now $49.99), which gives the same stylish effect at a fraction of the price. These Eva Patent Platforms by Gucci ($508) compliment your look with their daring height, and patent oxford detail. Paired with black tights, these shoes will make the outfit truly stand out. Another great option is the Patent Mary Jane Platform Shoe ($68.43). A killer bag is a must for this ensemble, so our pick is the Botkier Bianca Patent Satchel ($595). It's a great size for daytime, but its color and design can easily transition into evening. The Sak Peace Satchel (was $199, now $159.20) is also perfect for toting around town.  Before you walk out the door, throw on a dash of color for that final touch. The Gucci Amelie Scarf ($260) or Vera Scarf ($77), can be worn around your neck or even tied onto your bag (à la Babe Pailey). This will accent your timeless look, and make you stand out among a sea of passé white-collars.

SheFinds Look of the Week Revealed

This week's Look of the Week honoree is Katherine Heigl wearing a funky little outfit. I mostly enjoy the extra long button down sweater that she sports over a simple black tee and a pair of boot-cut jeans. Then we have a nice pair of Jackie O. square shades and a burnt orange patent tote. Last but not least are her animal print Tory Burch flats. An interesting choice, though I'm not sure they really go with the outfit... I myself would have chosen these black Tory Burch pumps instead.

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