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Katie Holmes Looks Like She’s Dressed As Suri For Halloween

Isn't Katie Holmes a little old to be going out in Suri's dress up clothes? While Katie has admitted, in an interview with ELLE that Suri often picks out her clothes, we think this is a bit much. We're not saying  doesn't look good, but we're wondering why - in the middle of March, 5 months after Halloween- she's dressed as a fairy princess. Katie, you've got to put your foot down somewhere. Guess we know who wears the heels in this family. Read up on more celebrity oh-no's with all of our Red Carpet Re-Do posts. Subscribe to our newsletter list for exclusive updates, too.

Straight From Paris Fashion Week 2011: Watch The Nina Ricci Livestream

It doesn't matter if you failed French, are afraid of Galliano or you just plain didn't get an invite to Paris Fashion Week (we didn't either). That's where live streams come in-- you can watch the runway shows as they happen, which means you don't have to wait around for an hour for them to start, either. Don't miss the fall 2011 Nina Ricci show livestream happening here--as a fashion editor favorite, it's guaranteed to be gorgeous.   (more…)