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Reception Props So Fun You’ll Have To Kick Your Guests Out At The End Of The Night

Here's the problem - you have a bunch of guests at your reception and don't have time to entertain each and every person. The solution? Interactive props! These fabulous finds will urge guests to mingle and have loads of fun while you trot around taking care of your newlywed duties. Mustaches on a stick are a top trend at receptions right now. They provide hours of fun and laughter, and add tons of personality to wedding photos. Stay in trend this season and add a bit of hair to the mix with these great Mustache Props ($55, set of 6). A favorite of all ages, photo booths offer hours of fun - especially when they come with a box of costume props such as wigs, hats, feather boas and glasses. CI Photobooth (starting at $950 for 3 hours) offer memorable guestbooks with images as well. Masks always liven up the crowd and we found this great Mega Mask Assortment ($49.99 for 50 pieces) that won't put you over your wedding budget. Give guests the option of disguising themselves before showing off classic dance moves like the electric slide. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we couldn't agree more - especially when it's a Polaroid 300 Instant Camera ($89.99) taking the pics. Place a few of these on reception tables and let guests play paparazzi for the evening. Karaoke is out of the question (too many wannabe-Celine Dions), but with the help of a few inflatable instruments guests can play the air guitar and lip sync to reception tunes. Inflatable Rock Band Instruments ($7.99 for 4) are a great way to keep the kids entertained while adults are breaking it down. Let guests have freedom of speech with the awesome Chalkboard Speech Bubbles ($29 each, chalk included). They make great props and encourage everyone to take photos as they create quirky and memorable sayings, and wish the bride and groom happiness ahead. Looking for more great ways to impress your guests? Check out the guides for Best Centerpiece Decorations, Best Winter Wedding Favors and Best Hotel Welcome Bag Products. Follow the author of this post on Twitter @primpandproper

Good Question: Whimsy Chic for Cheap?

Good Question: Dear Editor, I've seen the designers Heatherette on both "Project Runway" and MTV's "Made." I like the funky clothes but am wondering if they are really expensive and only in boutiques and stores like Barney's? (I'm in Florida...) Answer: Dynamic duo Richie Rich and Traver Rains of Heatherette are just-short-of-over-the-top fabulous. If you like explosive colors, whimsical graphics, and energetic shapes then it's no wonder they caught your eye through the tube. Their Fall/Winter 2006 runway show included a lot of rock'n roll trash, a transvestite, and Naomi Campbell. While a chiffon dress can run around $600, you can grab a tank for $35 - $90.00. We're all about the online deal at SheFinds so I found some girly punk chic pieces at bargain bin prices. Very Christina Aguilera in her current boudoir phase (sale $125) "Killer Crush" t-shirt in Lipstick or Nude (sale $35) Sexier than your average garden partychiffon tie halter top (sale $82.95) Find It: Amazon.com and daszign.com for deals. The Fall/Winter collection should hit Bloomindales and then online stores soon.

Good Question: Fighting Thinning Hair

Question: Aside from a miracle, what works for women with thinning hair? Solution: Osmotics Follicle Nutrient System starts with a revitalizing shampoo ($18), followed by conditioner ($24) and a follicle nutrient serum ($65) that's like a "chicken soup for hair." Osmotics doesn't claim to restart hair growth. They do say that in clinical tests, hair began to grow in thicker and healthier, while hair loss stopped. In my highly unscientific shower tests over the past month, I enjoyed the tingly clean feeling and rosemary scent the three products left behind, and my hair did seem to like the treatments. Examining my hair brush, it looked like I was losing less hair. So, worth a try? I think so. Find Osmotics Cosmeceuticals for a package deal on Amazon.com, where I found all three products selling as a set for $75. No more bad hair days! Solve your hair crises with our guide to the dry, damaged, frizzy, and flat locks that can wreck your day. Looking for more advice to your don't-want-to-ask-out-loud questions? SheFinds has the answers.

Eco-Chic Find: Shea Butter Soap

Some people need their coffee in the morning; I need my shower. And my 10-minute-wake-up-call-with-soap is all business, prepping for the glamour girl routine that follows. But I just made the most amazing discovery: Lemongrass and Peppermint Shea Butter Soap. My shower has been transformed. It’s made with coconut, palm, castor and safflower oils, and shea butter. The peppermint and lemongrass scent stimulates all my senses better than a cup of joe and the frothy lather just feels great. Best yet, it’s all natural — no perfumes, sulfates, alcohol or detergents. Price: $6 Find it: Danielle and Company at Amazon.com Wake up to more great eco-chic beauty products! This week's newsletter is chock full of bunny friendly products. (Subscribers got it first. So I hope you're all signed up.)

SheFinds Solution: Mint Moisturizing Shave Cream

Problem: Razor burn is not cool. Why go through all that work to de-fuzz, only to be slowed down by itchy red bumps? Solution: Kiss My Face Moisture Shave, Cool Mint. My skin is sensitive, but it loved the refreshing lather that this cream turned into on my legs. I even tested it under my arms and on my bikini area—perfect, red-bump-free results on all. Even better, this shave cream contains no animal ingredients or artificial colors. Its all-natural ingredients heal, cool, refresh, stimulate and act as antiseptics. All the good things healthy skin needs. Get it: A steal on drugstore.com for $5.99!

Beauty Find: Natural Glow Past July

It’s a shame you can’t get a healthy, cancer-free glow from a computer screen. So to do to lessen the blinding reflection from white skin without getting fried on the weekends? Jergens’ Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer was SO HOT last year that eBay was the only place to track it down. We love it even more since they've added a specific face moisturizer— no more crazy reactions from putting the creamier body version on more sensitive areas. SheFindsSuzelle's Tip: Don’t forget to exfoliate even if applying a mild form of a body lotion/self tanner. I like L'Oreal Sublime Sunless Body Scrub for my bod and Clinique 7 Day Scrub for my face. Find other SheFinds favorites are in our sunny Skincare Product Guide, because it doesn't have to be July to glow.

Trend Alert: Ranahan Jeans

What better way to (subtly) lasso the when-will-it-die Brokeback trend into your closet than with a pair of Ranahan jeans? The denim line is the new “it” jean of Hollywood’s stars. Designed by two sisters inspired by the wild West, the jeans hit the denim radar when celebs like Paris Hilton and Teri Hatcher slipped them on. They’ve appeared in guilty-pleasure rags like Life & Style and on the pages of People. Ranahan jeans are known their vintage look and fantastic fit. The clean look with a medium-to-dark wash and distinctive, yet simple back pocket insignia are typical of your garden variety designer denim collection. They ride the spectrum from slim skinny jeans to narrow boot cuts with flap pockets. There’s definitely something for every body type in these collections and it there's something special as everybody's wearing them. So go ahead, tap your inner urban cowgirl. And did we mention the lipstick pocket in the leg? Not so garden variety. Price: $173 to $186 Find them: at revolveclothing.com

Trend Alert: Just as Hot as Skinny

They were on the runways for Fall/Winter 2006 and women everywhere can sigh with relief knowing that skinny is not the only fashionable fall option. Late autumn nights in and comfort food are traditional this time of year. Nothing sounds better than a pair of wide trousers to conceal the inevitable results. Worth whipping out the gold card for: Gloriously clean lines and a flaw hiding silhouette make the Zac Posen High-Waist Faille Pants worthy of the price tag. Priced for almost every body: A pretty paisley green and sizes up to 18, Vintage Tweed pants from anntaylorloft.com will keep you physically and financially in proportion. Comfort you'd pay a wide-leg for (but don't have to): Norma Kamali drawstring pants can be found in five neutrally versatile colors, dressed up or down on sale for $39.99.

Denim Week Find: High Contrast, All Class

I’m a no frills kind of girl when it comes to denim. Embroidery should be left to my grandma and Swarowski crystals are for heiresses; neither should ever be found on the rear pocket of my favorite jeans. That said, I am a sucker for some good old-fashioned contrast stitching. This simple flourish can draw a little positive attention to your derriere while maintaining a certain level of sophistication. And of course, the darker the denim, the more dramatic the look. Take the Serfontaine Debutante Straight Leg jeans. The color and cut are respectable and tailored but the grey pocket stitching lends the necessary edge to any outfit. These jeans are casual Friday ready with after-hours fun built in. Price: $218 Get Yours: at CoutureCandy.com

Beauty Solution: My Perfect Concealer

The last time I tried Dermablend, the colors were too pink. On a lark, I gave Dermablend another go and bought the Dermablend - Cover Duet Custom Corrector, a dual-ended tube of blendable yellow and pink shades. I bought the Medium and Deep duets and mixed the yellow shades only (there are Light and Tan Duets, too) to create the best concealer ever! My trials to find the the best concealer have been well documented here, needless to say, I'm finally satisfied. The GREATEST part (besides the color) is the coverage, for which Dermablend is deservedly praised. My seborrhea disappears, and it stays gone almost all day (although Dermablend boasts 16-hour wear)! The texture is suede-like, not as natural as I'd prefer, but that's minor. Does it get cakey or crease? OK, yeah, just a bit. But, I'm oily and my skin puts up a good fight against any concealer so this may not be the norm. For me, this is the Holy Grail concealer. Get yours at Amazon.com

SheFinds News: What?s Left of Her

The gossip is that Nick Lachey has SO moved on after his painful (and lucratively inspiring) break with ex-wife Jessica Simpson. He’s auctioning off mementos from the couple’s three-year marriage on eBay. My searches haven’t turned up any authentic auction yet (although I did find TEAM NICK tee), sources say the big sale will include keepsakes and photos from the TV specials the Newlyweds did together. He'll hold on to the really sentimental stuff (that uber expensive watch Jess gave him, her homemade Valentine?). The proceeds are going to charity, Nick's album is doing well so he's not pulling a Tori Spelling. And we're not concerned about Jess missing any material possessions. Girl made a haul in the VMA swag suites this year, including a spanking new car. (MSNBC) Let us know if you find the auction, we're dying to bid on the bowls that Jess made her chicken of the sea salad in.

Eco-Chic: Happy Scents, Happy Soul

What: The Happy Soul Aromatherapy Blends Why: Life is too short to go through it stressed, hungover, acne prone or PMSing. And until I tried The Happy Soul’s unique aromatherapy blends, I didn’t think a little herbal scent would make a difference in my personal chaos. But in the past month, they’ve calmed my mind, eased the effects of getting overserved on a Friday night and made a particularly ugly zit vanish almost overnight. Seriously. They take care of the mess, I get the fresh scents of peppermint, lavender and other herbs. The Happy Soul is all-natural, if only I could get my soul that pure. Price: $10 Get Yours: thehappysoul.com Sometimes we're as earth-conscious as Al Gore himself, especially when we can combo it into our closet and beauty rountine. Check out SheFinds Guide to Eco Chic Clothing & Accessories.

Sale Alert: Stock up at Gap Body

Stock up and save on bras, panties, and lounge wear at gapbody.com. The more you buy the more you save. My favorite basics are the Ultra low ultra smooth thong and the Ultra low sheer thong. Both styles are great for comfortably eliminating pantylines. Editor's Find: One of my favorite everyday bras is the Gap Convertible push-up bra simply because it works under tees, sweaters, and button-downs. Not to mention the va-voom factor is just right, not over the top, not uncomfortable. Find select sizes and colors on sale for $29.99. Check out SheFinds Guide to the Best Underwear!

A Find: New Louis for Your Collection

What: Louis Vuitton Suhali Lockit bag Why: Leather lust. I felt it when I saw this bag. And so will everybody else when you stroll by with the newest Louis dangling from your arm. This dark brown leather beauty with contrast stitching is stylin’ with its brass hardware and funky LV padlock. Rock this bag with this season’s not-so-boho layers and rich hues of fall clothing. Either way, you won’t leave home without it. Price: $3,000.00 Find it: in the Women's Fall Catalog now online at eLUXURY.com

Sale Alert: Celebrate Education

Whether you're sending the kids back or heading to school yourself- fall signifies New Stuff. Don't pay full price for that new DKNY sweater or on-trend, low heel boots like these Franco Sarto Leather Riding Boots. If fall symbolizes a switch to suits from lighter summer work wear, visit the Women's Apparel section for 2 Designer Suits for $199 from Loehmann's @ SmartBargains. Deal Alert: $10 Off Orders Over $125 Thru 9-6-06. CLICK HERE.

Sale Alert: Fall into a New Wardrobe

Editor's Find: Old Navy Women's Special-Edition Embroidered-Pocket Jeans on sale for only $25; most sizes still available so shop now! These jeans are slim but NOT skinny, the brown rinse is hip and unexpected. But true blue girls will find them in traditional denim too. Shop SheFinds latest: Denim for All Body Types for the best fitting jeans online.

Beauty Find: Milk Does a Beauty Good

What: Sothys Soothing Milk Why: When I picked up Sothys Softening Beauty Milk, I thought it sounded like something used by women who have never used public transportation, worked overtime or pulled an all-nighter. Besides, I wondered, how does one even use beauty milk? I discovered that the light, creamy cleanser gently removes city grime while leaving my skin just-from-the-spa soft. (Personal facialist not included). Price: $22 Find it: SkinStore at Amazon.com

Beauty Find: Make-Up You Can Go To Bed With

What: Bare Escentuals i.d. bareMinerals Foundation - SPF 15 Sunscreen Why: The SPF 15 foundation contains only minerals from the earth, zinc being one of its ingredients. Zinc is the main reason I put diaper-rash cream on my breakouts at night, a trick make-up artists and models use. Having zinc smeared on during the day would look silly, but i.d. bareMinerals have been the ultimate compromise. The foundation is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, and is so good for your skin you could wear it to bed. It looks like powder, but is in a category of its own. When you buff it on your skin it instantly spreads evenly and becomes flawless, radiant bare-looking skin. Price: $25 Get yours: Choose from 12 shades at Sephora.com

Red Hot Find: Sizzling Sweater at SmartBargains

SheFinds hearts you and your health. We're going Red this summer to spread the word for heart disease prevention. Go Red For Women encourages us to love our hearts and Go Red…in our own fashion. Lend your voice to the movement; visit GoRedForWomen.org today! What: DKNY Short Sleeve Turtle Neck Sweater Why: Lightweight and bright, this top is professional but just body conscious enough to avoid any frumpy feelings. But wait! Don't be deterred by "body conscious." Look at the wide, ribbed waist band that falls just below the natural waist. Remember that tunic length is the style of the moment and that wide band can be placed a little higher to allow a little blousing of the sweater. Voila! any unsightly rolls have vanished into the luxe red merino wool. Price: was $145; now $49.99 Get Yours: SmartBargains.com This crystal drop necklace will showcase your awareness. "Love Your Heart" and find it at shopgored.com for $28.

SheFinds News: When Attire Attacks

Or "Killer Fashion..." For many of us, a little pain goes a long when to looking good. The sting of a wax, the poke of underwire are irritating but bearable. But we read about the Top 3 Fashion Killers from MSN.com just to make sure we're not causing any permanent damage. Offender No. 1: High heels Crime: Causing corns, bunions, blisters, hammer toes and permanent damage to knees, hips and back. Crime-prevention Tips: Buy shoes that fit, it's just a number. Prioritize when you wear the more painful pairs. Use sole savers to provide cushioning. Buy fashionable flats or 'comfort shoes' be done with it! Offender No. 2: Too-tight jeans, leotards and thongs Crime: Causing yeast and vaginal infections, and chafing. Crime-prevention Tips: Wear 100% cotton underwear (or microfiber). Avoid ill-fitting thongs or pants that “give you a wedgy” as that facilitates bacteria traveling from back to front “as if it’s on an 8-lane superhighway.” Gross. Offender No. 3: Bustiers and corsets Crime: Guilty of causing bruises, lacerations, shortness of breath, etc. Crime-prevention Tips: Take a deep breath and move around, if you can't...don't wear it. A good Shapewear Guide can help. We all have aided and abetted these offenders at some point, don't be ashamed. Check out our guide to your Embarrassing Questions for more solutions.

Just In: DVF Dresses at YOOX

YOOX has just announced a new selection of dresses and skirts from Diane vonFurstenberg, the originator of the wrap dress that flatters every figure. Her signature wrap dresses are made with soft jersey, with a self-tie closure that lets you adjust the dress to your comfort level. It's a must-have for any work wardrobe. While some of the dresses take on new trends like this black long-sleeve dress with obi-style belt, others stay true to classic styling with figure-flattering prints. Get hard-to-find DVF dresses at YOOX.com.

SheFinds News: WAGs Nothing to Brag About

Remember how showing up on Sex and the City gave the Hermés Birkin bag and Manolo Blahniks major fashion cred from the Midwest to Down Under? Well, our fashionista friends across the pond have come up with a term to define the opposite: WAGGED. Referring to the infamous WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of England’s national soccer team, the term is applied to any designer look or label sported by the spoiled and often times tasteless clique of footballers’ lady friends. The fear of being WAGGED plagues high-end designers and potential “It” collections. According to the UK's Telegraph, one picture of Posh carrying a just-released bag could damage the cred of the carryall for good. Now, we have our fair share of worst dressed lists and “what were they thinking” editorials, but isn’t it about time we came up with a compact term for all those fashion missteps that beleaguer poor designers stateside? It all comes down to finding a suitable acronym for “anyone who’s ever dated a Greek shipping heir, a Federline, or Wilmer Valderrama.” Avoid your own fashion faux pas and sign up for our weekly newsletter. It's FREE and you'll find guides to who's wearing what in your favorite films, suggestions for great fitting denim, and stylish shoe picks from the experts.

Fashion Find: Take Me To Fall Trousers

Catherine Malandrino twill; $79.99 What: Two pairs of trousers each under $100 Why: We're all thinking fall. How can we not with the retail stores stocking sweaters in July? I'm not ready to give up on my bermudas and sandals but practicality lead me to two great pairs of pants. Basic black, a little on the traditional side, but two silhouettes that work for work and will take me straight to happy hour and beyond. Can't ask for more than versatility and a bargain from Bluefly. Get Yours:

Trend Alert: Purple Reign

Project Runway guru Tim Gunn wasn’t kidding when he said that “aubergine is the new black” this year. Shades of purple reigned on the Emmy red carpet. Jamie Pressly and winner Megan Mullally both donned regal Badgley Mischkas. However, Sandra Oh’s frilly lavender Vera Wang was over-accessorized with heavy gold chain jewelry (“I feel like the last of the Romanovs-meets-Run DMC!” said Oh as she fashion policed herself). Ellen Pompeo in John Galliano for Christian Dior looked overdressed for the 110' weather. Evangeline Lilly, in Versace, proved that simple styling and a sparkling smile are all a girl needs when wearing the color of royalty. Have grape expectations of your own? Pick up a couple key purple pieces to incorporate into your fall wardrobe. Work or Play: Feel ultra-feminine in this Central Park West top. Event worthy: The Anne Klein Currant Satin Dress or this ABS by Allen Schwartz Chiffon Slipdress ensures "all-eyes-on-you" style. Fab Feet:

A Find: Ruby Red Round Toes

What: Stuart Weitzman Purist scarlet suede platform pumps Why: As a little girl, I was absolutely obsessed with The Wizard of Oz. When I wasn’t busy memorizing Dorothy’s every line and nuance, I was on a mission to find a pair of ruby red slippers to call my own. My childhood search didn’t end well — even gluing red glitter to every pair of shoes I owned didn’t satiate my red-shoe search — but with Stuart Weitzman’s scarlet take on the round-toed platform pump, my mission is no longer filed under impossible. Of course, you don’t have to dote on Dorothy to appreciate the trendy shape of these classic pumps. The platform pump is hot for fall, but the clean lines and classy suede make these ruby slippers total keepers. Price: $250 Get yours at: shoes.com Deal Alert: Use code AUGUSTTEN to receive 10% off orders of $75 or more! Valid on non-sale items, from Aug. 15 to Sept. 8.

Swag Bag: More Than a Basket of Goodies

Once upon a time stars received luxury party favors for making appearances at a high profile event; think Prince Charming's Ball with statues and moonmen. Fast track to today when Swag Season precedes the awards shows by weeks. No longer the goodie baskets of yore but entire guest suites filled with product pushed on anyone from reality "stars" to bona fide talent. For example, take the swag from the Extra! Emmy Suite at the Hyatt Regency Century City, an event that took place days before the Emmys... Armani fragrances Jessica Elliot jewelry with the signature key motif Shades by SEE Eyewear Cameron Nicole evening handbags Spoylt's sexy silk robes Ugh! Crocs: so trendy, so wrong. And with all the new Hollywood mommies there was the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera and the iCrib by Munchkin, use your iPod to play tunes for baby. These are the items we'd recommend purchasing for yourself - but if you are a swag star, it's not all champagne and freebies. Swag is taxable income for celebrities, as Luxist.com pointed out, that is no small thing considering this year's Emmy basket was worth around 30K!

Sale Alert: YOOX Weekend Sample Sale

What: Get up to 90% off and free shipping this weekend on How about this Marni top knocked down from $302 to $120? And what a deal you can get on the bronze Adidas by Stella McCartney now only $30. Sizes are limited and items sell out by the minute, so make haste! When: ONLY THIS WEEKEND (August 25th to 28th!)

Red Hot Find: Red Hot Promotion

SheFinds hearts you and your health. We're going Red this summer to spread the word for heart disease prevention. Go Red For Women encourages us to love our hearts and Go Red…in our own fashion. Lend your voice to the movement; visit GoRedForWomen.org today! philosophy Berry Crumb Pie Shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath is FREE with any non-prescription purchase! Even though we're not first time customers to Drugstore.com , that's not stopping us from shopping their philosophy Store for some delicious RED products. If you don't crave baked goods, try the rosy Rasberry Sorbet. And while it's not a red reminder about the fight against heart disease, Hope in a Jar certainly inspires faith (especially if you're looking for fabulous, flawless skin).

Trend Alert: 30 Day Mini Makeovers

Sale Alert: Last Day at Bluefly!

GET AN EXTRA 15% OFF WHEN YOU PURCHASE 2 (or more) ITEMS FROM THEIR BLUESALE! Bluefly's always having a sale but the semi-annual Bluesale is a doozy. Sorted by category, it is so easy to shop for key pieces like a classic camisole for under a suit or alone for a date. A new leather handbag is a great way to celebrate fall. Find Christian Dior sunglasses, trendy but still versatile pumps, and all the fashion you can fit into your wardrobe.

SheFinds Solution: Splitting Nails

Problem: I spend my days pounding a computer keyboard. My nails are weak and split easily. It’s a recipe for disaster. Solution: 2 Be! Nail Strengthening System. I tried out the strengthening base coat Repaired! (10.95), which uses the gotu kola herb. Apparently it’s known to stimulate nail growth and strengthen brittle nails. Well, whatever it is, it did wonders for my manicure. I used it in place of my usual base coat for just a week and noticed a difference. My nails stopped peeling and seemed less brittle. I'm pretty sure my polish lasted longer. Find it: BeProducts.com

A Find: Handbags from Jimmy Choo

What: The fall handbags from Jimmy Choo Why: Why not invest in this beauty from Jimmy Choo? The Mahala zip bag is one of three designs that make up the Fall 2006 Collection. It is set to become a must-have bag for this season, having already been spotted on Keira Knightley. Neiman Marcus fashion director Ken Downing told InStyle that "a patent-leather handbag with gold hardware is a must." Jimmy Choo can be your all-occasion carry-all. A good thing since it might be all you can afford with this steep price tag. Get Yours: $1,895 at NeimanMarcus.com; they're already on backorder so put your name on the It Bag List now. SheFinds searches the huge selection of women's handbags and purses and brings you the best bag options. Find the perfect laptop bag and organize your It Bags.