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Real Wedding Find: Send The Trend CEO Divya Gugnani’s Garden Party Seed Favors

Name: Divya Gugnani, CEO, Behind the Burner & Send the Trend. Author of Sexy Women Eat. Garden party and ceremony: Glen Cove Mansion Glen Cove, NY Best find: Cilantro Herb seed packs ($4.39) as wedding favors for the garden party. A word from the bride: "I loved the significance of giving seeds to grow and provide a new start to a plant and also a relationship/marriage. Since I am a chef, I gave out cilantro seeds and also my favorite recipe using cilantro!" (more…)

Real Weddings: A New York Bride Shares Her Genius eBay Find

Name: Michelle Madhok Wedding location: Hudson Hotel, New York City Best find: Veil on eBay A word from the bride: "I wanted a full length veil, but since it was only for the ceremony I didn't want to blow my budget on that accessory. I saw veils at bridal shops for hundreds of dollars and they didn't look like that big a deal. I looked into making one, but I'm not that handy so I turned to eBay where there's a huge selection and I found exactly what I wanted for a lot less." Want to have your wedding featured on BRIDEfinds? Submit your real wedding finds to [email protected] Please include: A photo from your wedding day, in which the "best find" item is shown. Your best find price and/or a link to buy it online. Your name, wedding location (venue, city), and a brief quote about why this was such a great find for you. Optional: a link to additional wedding photos. For more great wedding ideas, check our guides to the best wedding veils, inexpensive wedding dresses, and cheap wedding invitations.

SheFinds Designs to Fight Ovarian Cancer: Funky Oysters

What: Madeleine Pearl Bracelet Why: This Madeleine Pearl Bracelet is made with fresh water pearls, turquoise stones and little charms on rolo links. It has a toggle clasp in the shape of an "O," and while simple, this 7" bracelets is quite stylish. Made to be worn for any occasion and to enhance any outfit, whether formal or casual, it's a great addition to any jewelry collection. The inspiration behind this Madeleine bracelet and all Funky Oyster fresh water pearl jewelry is to help women develop and show off their own personal style by bringing back a classic look and giving it a modern, funky twist.Proceeds to Be Donated: 10% Get Yours: $25 @ FunkyOysters.comHope Is Not Enough: The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund needs your help. With each SheFinds charity purchase, you're supporting their cause: formulating early diagnostic treatment programs in order to conquer ovarian cancer. With each new research grant awarded, new steps are being taken toward finding a cure while making a difference in thousands of women’s lives and the lives of their families.

Designs to Fight Ovarian Cancer: SeaGlassWear

What: Teal Seaglass Drop Pendant on Silver Chain Why: Seaglass is formed when discarded glass bottles are thrown into the ocean. Over time sand, saltwater and rocks smooth away the rough edges and create these jewels of the sea. Today seaglass is more difficult to find because of the popularity of plastic bottles and recycling programs. Interest in the jewelry sparked when Gates wore one of her first creations to a party. Since then, SeaGlassWear and SeaStoneWear have been featured by an array of national museums and fine galleries including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Smithsonian, and The Natural History of Art. About the Designer: "My work is purposefully simple. I create my jewelry with only naturally-found or recycled materials, such as smooth beach stones and sea glass. I like the statement it makes on many levels about recycling and the simple beauty in nature. I love helping nature recycle these ocean gems; what once was rejected is now revered and we get a second chance to see its beauty," says Gates. "My aunt loved walking the beaches of Woods Hole year-round, and over 40 years amassed a huge collection of sea glass," Valerie explains. "This jewelry line is also my way of honoring my aunt and her connection to the sea." The necklaces, bracelets,earrings and cuff links -- featuring either green, blue-green, brown, white or multi-colored seaglass -- are all one-of-a-kind and handmade by Gates in her studio, and featured on her site. Proceeds to Be Donated: 25% Get Yours: $68 @ Seaglasswear.comHope Is Not Enough: The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund needs your help. With each SheFinds charity purchase, you're supporting their cause: formulating early diagnostic treatment programs in order to conquer ovarian cancer. With each new research grant awarded, new steps are being taken toward finding a cure while making a difference in thousands of women’s lives and the lives of their families.

Trend Alert: Tailored Jumpsuits — Hot or Not?

What: Tailored Jumpsuits Why: I'm really struggling with why anyone would actually want to wear one of these hideous creations. To me they're along the same lines as overall shorts from the summer, and we know how long that trend lasted. The cut is unflattering, especially the tapered leg styles which never fail to create a saggy crotched look, the material calls out every little bulge and curve on your body so unless you are completely svelte you look like a walking sack of potatoes, and shall I also add that they're a pain in the butt when you have to use the bathroom. OK, so fashion doesn't have to be practical, but it should at least do something for your figure and these definitely don't. On the other hand, Ms. Olsen looks darling (I'm not forgetting she's a size 0, though). I think fit and trim girls could probably get away with the look for evening if they chose something of a similar style -- wide leg and roomy from the waist down made of a beautiful silk material featuring an impeccably crafted top. She looks classy and elegant, and the uniform color makes her look even more streamlined. Check out the trend on the runway and see the selection of jumpers and jumpsuits below. What do you think? Are jumpsuits cool and classy or do they remind you of an auto mechanic? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Beauty Find: SPF for your Lips

What: theBalm BalmShelter SPF 17 Tinted Gloss, Daddy's Girl For lush lips by land or by sea, try BalmShelter Lip Gloss. In an array of fresh shades, the Jojoba-enriched lip gloss will soothe and moisturize while protecting from harmful UV rays. It’s also made with beeswax so unlike other glosses or balms, it lasts without getting sticky in the heat. An added bonus: the banana strawberry scent goes perfectly with Pina Coladas and other beach accessories! Price: $18 Find It: Drugstore.com Looking for other ways to enjoy your summer without feeling the burn? Check out SheFinds Summer Skincare guide!

Chicago Beauty Find: Fabulous Facials

Where: Stephanie Welles Skin Care, Lake Bluff, Illinois Why: Off the beaten path along Lake Michigan’s north shore is a gem of a spa: Stephanie Welles’ Skin Care. A trained aesthetician who has worked along side physicians, Stephanie doesn’t just slather on oils and pray that your skin responds. She carefully selects treatments to match not only her clients skin care needs, but also the results they are seeking. My dry, flaky skin which was a shimmery oil slick by the end of the day has never looked better… and it’s been a week since I relaxed in her office. An added bonus: She’s an eyebrow goddess who reshaped and redefined my squirrelly brows in minutes… and made me promise not to touch them without help ever again! Ready for an appointment? Contact Stephanie at: 847.283.9101 for prices and treatments. Seeking other beauty treatments in the Chicago area? Check out ChicagoBeauty.com or PrettyCity.com Recreate the Treatment at Home: For spa quality results at home, we recommend Bioelements. This company's line of specially formulated skin care products and cosmetceuticals are made to help balance each type of skin (what they call "Biotypes"). This Kerafole Mask is the perfect at-home indulgence to exfoliate, unclog pores, add moisture and tone the skin without encouraging overactive sebum production. Follow up with the Oil Control Sleepwear night cream, a highly nourishing restorative overnight treatment that won't leave you with an oil-slick the following morning.

Coming Soon: The Paris Hilton Denim Line

As it was reported by TMZ, Paris Hilton flew to San Francisco on the DL on July 7th to meet with Macy’s executives. It seems the world’s most famous celebutante and former inmate # 9818783 will be releasing a line of denim via Macy’s everywhere. A source has been quoted as saying: "The reaction from Macy's was amazing. They'll be on sale as soon as possible." Evidently, we’ve already seen a brief sample of the line, as Paris wore a skinny dark rise jean from her collection upon release from prison. Ladies, we’ve got to know: is the world really breathless with anticipation over the Paris Hilton denim line? After fragrances, jewelry, a book, a CD and existing tween and pet lines, is this assault on the American consumer really necessary? SheFinds wants to know: are you dying to get your hands on some Hilton denim or are you literally ready to tell Paris to get off your ass? Let us know in the comments section. Speaking of Macy's (since we know it will be a while until we can get into Paris's pants) we’re loving these Paper Denim & Cloth Low-Rise Peg-Leg Jeans in 1-Year Wash, on sale for a mere $43.99. These are skinny but wearable and the dark wash is very slimming -- key when wearing fitted shapes such as this. They look quite a bit like the style worn by Paris and will make a great substitute in the meanwhile. Sashay in these for the rest of the summer and use them to transition into fall with a great pair of tall boots.

How To Wear White This Summer

Summer's on the way, which means lots of beautiful white fashion finds are sure to be surfacing more and more. We know you're nervous about it: white has a bad rep for flattery. Here's the guide on how to wear it without it wearing you. 1. Start with a shift dress like this Grecian Dress from Velvet. The soft pleating keeps it from clinging, while the lyocell ensures a beautiful drape. Best of all, it's machine washable, so you won't face a dry cleaning bill every time you wear it. 2. Wear nude underwear (NOT white) is a must. Barelythere's Comfortable Curves Bra in soft taupe makes sure you're in good form, while you can cover your assets with their Flawless Fit Hipster in lightweight microfiber. 3. Perk up your skin with the soft glow of bronzer without all the dangers of the sun: we love L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion, which is safe for face and body and gives you an extra kick of SPF, so "bronze" doesn't turn to "burnt." 4. Accessorize appropriately with delicate layered necklaces or a stack of sleek silver bangles. Steer clear of clunky shoes and never wear white sandals. Airy flats with a bold bright hue are best like these ribbon sandals, or for more demure sophistication, pair up with pale gray spiderweb flats. You can also add pop to your outfit with this Phoenix-print bag in organic cotton or Paris Tote Bag depending on the occasion. Got a tip? Share it by posting it in the comments section. More flattering white dresses from ShopStyle:

Trend Alert: Colored Jeans

What: Colored Jeans Are Making a Comeback Why: Brightly colored jeans -- especially in this season's popular skinny style -- can actually be very fashionable when worn the right way, and we're not talking about black, white or gray, although these colors seem to remain popular regardless of the season. "But won't I look like a crayon?" you ask. Just hold your horses. Colored jeans comes in every hue imaginable, from canary yellow, to jade, to purple, to electric blue. Even these cropped red skinny jeans are nice for making a statement. The trick to wearing them right all comes down to how you mix and match the rest of the ensemble. Heels usually work best on the feet, while on top, opt for feminine blouses or slouchy tunics in neutral hues. For more tips on how to wear the style, check out this article from CBS. Get the Look: These turquoise AG Adriano Goldschmied Stilt Lowrise Cigarette Jeans are not for the faint of heart, nor are these Citizens of Humanity 'Paley' Ankle Length Stretch Jeans. Not ready to go bold? Try the Montana Pierson Slim Jean in Brush Sage for a subtle step up to the trend. Special thanks to The Stylephile for turning us onto the trend.

Deal Alert: Put Your Tax Return to Good Use

What: Shopbop's Big Tax Break Sale Why: I love tax returns. It means I can either, a) give myself a little treat, or b) stock up on a much-needed staple. Shopbop's Tax Break couldn't have come at a better time. To indulge my practical side that tells me "no shopping allowed," I found these Citizens of Humanity Ingrid Long Flare Leg Jeans ($155) that offer a great fit and classic styling. They'll make my tax return pay year after year. Since I can't help but want to let loose a little, I'm treating myself to these undeniably lustworthy Beatrix Ong Immortelle Wedges ($505). They're expensive, but again, they are timeless. Find It: shopbop.com April 13th through 16th. Deal Alert: Take $100, $50 or $20 off any orders over $500, $250 or $100 by using code TAXBREAK2007.

As Seen On: Hillary Swank

What: An Oscar de La Renta Spring 2007 Look-Alike Why: Did you catch how stunning Hilary Swank looked on the cover of InStyle's Febraury issue? She's wearing a bubble hem red dress by Oscar de la Renta, which probably costs far more than any normal person could afford. Nonetheless, the color goes perfectly with olive skin and the deep plunging sweetheart neckline is so sweet and sexy. If you have any gala events or weddings to hit this summer, consider getting the look for less. This Red Silk Taffeta Cocktail Dress by eDressMe New York has the same big, billowy bubble hem, cinched waist and even the bow on the bust. While it might not be a perfect replica, it's a pretty great spin-off, especially when you consider the affordable price. Price: $275 Find It: eDressMe More from SheFinds: * The Original and the Spin-Off * As Seen On