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Celebrity Manicurist Jenna Hipp Shares Her Tips For Cover-Ready Wedding Nails

Jenna Hipp, Hollywood's hottest "green" celebrity manicurist, is responsible for the perfectly manicured hands of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Fergie, Pink, and many more, which is why we've turned to her for tips on how to achieve gorgeous cover-ready nails on your wedding. (more…)

SPF Hand Creams Are My Newest I’m-Almost-30 Obsession

With each passing day, I’m just a little closer to 30. And while I’m not dreading the big birthday, I’m noticing the small ways that I’m turning into my mother. The latest are my hands— they’re looking more like hers every day, with wrinkles and freckles and veins. In a vain attempt to slow time’s passing, all my hand lotion has to have SPF, like these: HissyFit’s Handy Work ($22) is a luxurious SPF 30 hand cream that has soothing aloe and vitamin e, and smells of orangey mint. Between fighting age spots and smelling amazingly good, this is one of my new favorites. Sephora’s BODY Nourishing Hand Cream ($15) has anti-UVA and UVB filters giving it an SPF 10 protection as well as moisturizing shea butter and sweet almond oil. In other words, the formula soothes, protects and moisturizes all at once. Rich Girl Hand Cream SPF 25 ($24) doesn’t come with a big price tag, but it does have a long list of UVA/UVB filters and moisturizing oils that work to firm skin and fight the signs of aging. The mild floral scent is fresh too.

Treat Your Feet To a Little Extra Sandal Season Pampering

What: Profoot Foot Care Products Why: Sandal season is upon us once again, and whether you opt for cheap-o plastic flip flops or designer gladiators, you're going to need to show your newly re-exposed feet a little extra loving at the end of the day. It takes awhile to get used to having an abrasive thong between your toes; soothe callused tootsies with Profoot Toe Bandages ($3), cushiony cut-to-size tubes that encircle toes like Band Aids can't. Make your super-high wedge sandals a walk in the park to wear by slipping invisible gel Toe Beds ($4.50) into them. The sleek design enhances the foot's natural gripping motion, taking the pressure off the balls of your feet and actually improving circulation. Beautify your sandal feet (and make that expensive pedi actually worth it) by spending 20 minutes in Heel Rescue Gel Therapy Booties ($16). There's no messy creams or lotions—the gel's built right into the spa-quality booties, which meld to your foot's shape to promote moisturizing, heal cracks and smooth rough patches. It's the least you can do to thank your feet for getting you through another day of sun and sand. Get Yours: Get the entire line of foot-friendly Procare products at Drugstore.com

Battle Summer’s Shiny Skin

  What: Shiseido Pureness Matifying Stick Oil-Free $25   My handbag has a new best friend— this miracle stick absorbs the excess oils on my face that the summer heat seems to magically cause to appear. I apply it before I put on my make up, and it seems to give me a long-lasting matte finish no matter how humid the subway gets. It also works for mid-day touch-ups or the quick dash before happy hour.