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Riding Boots Are Here To Stay So You Might As Well Buy A Pair

We have officially entered tall boot territory, folks. Fall is here, which means it's time to go deep in to the back of your closet and dust of your leather and faux leather knee high boots--you'll be wearing them for the next few months. If you don't love what you find in the back of that closet, it's time to buy a new pair--and may we suggest a pair of timeless riding boots? They're always in style, so shelling out a few hundred dollars on them is a wise investment (you'll literally wear them for years). When shopping for a pair, there's a few characteristics to keep an eye out for: the "throat" of the boot is slimming—and sometimes dressed in a black-and-brown colorblock pattern, the top is usually slanted, and there's almost always a subtle detail like an extra leather strap or piece of hardware. Slip these boots over skinny jeans, leggings, or opaque tights, and team them with your favorite chunky knit pullover sweater for the coziest (and cutest) outfit for fall. Check out our slideshow to get started on the best shopping decision you'll make this month. Check out more fall trends: graphic T-shirts, quilted shoes, and burgundy. [Photo: Extra Petite]

Put The Wellies Away: It’s Time To Get Yourself Some Good Riding Boots

When the weather drops below freezing and the snow starts coming down, your wellies shouldn't be the only boot option you're reaching for. On slippery sidewalks, you need a boot that has your back and will make sure you don't fall on your -- ahem -- back side. Riding boots may be best associated with the equestrian field, but in the fashion arena, they are a marker of status. Traditionally made of leather, with a flatter heal and an almost-knee high rise, the boot is great for keeping mud from a horses tracks off your pants, and even better for keeping you warm and slip-free when ice and snow start to crowd the sidewalks. Basically, riding boots are one of the few very cold weather boot alternatives that keep you from falling while still looking put together. So save those rain boot for the spring, honey. You have a new boot to invest in. [Photo: The Style Pill, The Blonde Salad]

You Don’t Need A Membership In The Equestrian Club To Rock Riding Boots

From New York to London to Milan and now Paris (!!), the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion weeks have brought a whole host of new trends to the fore of the fashion world. But even for fashion week's most devoted, all the trendspotting can get tiring. So today we're bringing you a dose of classic with a round up of this fall's best equestrian boots. A perennial favorite, these boots are your ultimate fall and winter go-to. We like them paired with printed, 3/4-sleeve dresses for a casual daytime look, and when the weather gets really cold, try them with a pair of over-the-knee socks and leggings - the possibilites are truly endless! Click through the slides to find your favorite pair. Your new boots will look great with one of these chambray shirts or a cozy knit sweater, and while you're shoe shopping, check out the 5 shoe styles that need to be in your closet come fall, aka now! [Photos: Harper's Bazaar, FRUiTS, Telegraph UK]

Can You Tell Which Tall Brown Boots Are Frye And Cost $280 More?

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