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The 5 Best Stress-Relieving Items That You NEED In Your Life–From Fidget Spinners To Stress Balls.

We all deal with stress (some of us better than others). In fact, according to the American Institute of Stress, 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms (fatigue, headache, muscle tension) caused by stress and 73% of people regularly experience psychological symptoms (irritability, anger, nervousness) caused by stress. Whether it be from work, school, a lifestyle change, or financial struggle, stress is something we all wish we could avoid. Although stress is practically inevitable, there are ways to manage it. Yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy are just a few ways you can tackle stress. But, for people who may be too busy to incorporate these practices into their hectic schedules, these items may be a temporary fix. They're small enough to carry in your pocket or in your purse, and can help offset symptoms of stress at work or on the go. Stress Relief Fidget Spinner MAGTIMES Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner ($12.99) Fidget spinners have become a popular gadget amongst young kids. While there are no studies that show they help reduce stress, fidget spinners may be a great gadget if you're feeling fidgety as a result of stress, nervousness or anxiety. "If something is not able to hold our attention, fidgeting increases attentiveness by distracting the part of the brain that is ‘bored’ in order to allow the other parts to focus," The Varsity reports. "Fidgeting is also a natural response that helps manage high levels of stress." Just try a couple of spins, and you'll notice that your fidgeting will stop and you'll feel more at ease! Stress Relief Squeeze Ball FlagHouse Squeeze Ball ($7.61) Squeeze balls are a classic stress relief tool that many people actually swear by. “The benefit of squeezing is that it releases some kind of energy — it also induces you to relax,” says stress expert Dr. David Posen. Plus, you can use one almost anywhere! Stress Relief Fidget Cube Minilopa Fidget Dodecagon –12 Side Fidget Toy Cube ($8.88) Not exactly a cube, but a dodecagon. This 12-sided toy features gears, buttons, joysticks, switches, and more for fidgeting. This toy is perfect to use at your desk for a stress-free workday. Stress Relief Balm Wild Thera Stress Soothe Balm ($14.99) Aromatherapy is a common practice that can help de-stress with essential oils and natural fragrances. Soothing chamomile and lavender in this balm help de-stress and relieve anxiety. According to wellness physician Dr. Josh Axe, lavender oil is "considered a nervous system restorative and helps with inner peace, sleep, restlessness, irritability, panic attacks, nervous stomach and general nervous tension. Stress Relief Putty Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty ($11.99) Remember how fun it was to play with Play-Doh as a kid? Well, now there's something similar for stressed-out adults. There's something comforting and relaxing about squeezing soft, squishy material. If your job is stressful but requires you to be on your toes intellectually, Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty will get your creative juices flowing. Goodbye, writer's block! Not only do these items help minimize or eliminate stress, they also boost memory, attention, and productivity The Atlantic reports. So, take our advice, if you're feeling anxious, or nervous, or antsy, try one of these stress-relieving items!   Be sure to check out these stress-relieving and mind-calming candles and more at SheFinds.com!   [Photo: Shutterstock]

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Pre-Wedding Eye Masks: Look Like You Got Your Beauty Sleep, Even If You Didn’t

For conscientious brides who want everything in order, Earth Therapeutics' Slumber Party Kit ($24.99) contains all the makings of a good night's sleep: a lavender and valerian-scented pillow mist, a calming cream for dry skin, an eye compress with cooling gel, and a cute sleep mask. If you plan on being too knackered to think of much but getting your three hours of shuteye before the morning walk down the aisle, Anatomicals' "Partied Too Much" Pack ($14.77) is probably more fitting. The cooling Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Mask sounds particularly appealing, as does the included oil balm which goes to work on those ailing from 'throbhead.' For more wedding must-haves, check out our guides on wedding bands, white wedding shoes, and the best wedding invitations.

On The Edge Of A Meltdown? Just Picture The Honeymoon & Try These De-Stressing Tips

When your mind is racked with worries of final headcounts, floral deliveries, and that ugly tiara your soon to be sister-in-law decided she just had to wear to your wedding, it can be difficult to re-center and focus on the exciting, happy parts. Just picture the honeymoon, and get to your "happy place," with these de-stressing products: (more…)

10 Stress Relievers To Keep Bridezilla Behavior And Pre-Wedding Meltdowns At Bay

It's just weeks away from your wedding and things keep going wrong. Your dress isn't ready, your name is misspelled on the place cards, and you still haven't finalized reception details. The next thing you know, you're turning into the bridezilla you always said you'd never be. No worries, we've got you covered - keep calm and carry on with these awesome de-stressing products, from Tata Harper, skyn ICELAND, and more: Need more beauty product ideas for the big day? Check out our guides to Wedding Survival Beauty Kits, Waterproof Wedding Day Makeup, and Flawless Wedding Day Skin.

Taste Test: Which Sequined Bolero’s Price Can You Shrug Off More Easily?

Test your fashion IQ with more Taste Tests from our archives.  And suit up with light outer layers for fall with a new blazer or denim jacket.

Forget The Macy’s Thanksgiving Balloons – Giant Bras Are Our New Favorite Oversized Item

Just for fun, we wanted to bring you a photo of new work from two Japanese artists/designers, Yoshikazu Yamagata and Kentaro Tamai.  The sculptures are titled "A Long Story" and consist, more or less, of an enormous bra/undies set hanging from a random tree: The designers' experimental merger of fashion and art, called writtenafterwards, is a medium through which they approach fashion as "a communication tool."  In the case of the giant underwear, what do you think they're trying to communicate?  Leave any thoughts in the comments. (And if you're simply looking for underwear that communicates wearability, check out our guides to the best bras, underwear, and shapewear.)

News: Curls Making A Comeback, Kiera Knightley’s Bust Also On The Rise, And More

1. If Beyoncé and Kate Moss are doing it, it must be a trend: curls are on the rise.  If the curly look isn't your thing, try an easy updo instead.  [BlackBook] 2. Kiera Knightley's bust appears to have been altered in an interesting fashion in her most recent Coco Mademoiselle Chanel ad.  In case you're Kiera Knightley sized, pre-digital enhancement, check out our guide to smaller busts so you'll always be perfectly fit. [Daily Mail] 3. A few sneaked pictures are available of the Rodarte for Target collaboration, which comes out December 20.  We'd recommend getting in on something distinctly pretty before then with a celebrity-inspred dress.  [Racked] 4. Urban Outfitters is trying to save that fashion world favorite, the Polaroid camera by teaming up with the buyer of Polaroid's dead stock in order to sell the camera and film together.  We hope the vintage look of the pictures can be preserved, but if not, we'll make do with wearing vintage styles instead of decorating with them. [Elle UK]

Monday’s Sample Sale Scoop: Kenneth Jay Lane, Just Cavalli, Vera Wang, And More

Editor's Pick: Kenneth Jay Lane at Gilt Groupe Dittos clothing and William B clothing at Billion Dollar Babes Vera Wang Lavender Label and Tissot watches at Gilt Groupe Pink Vanilla clothing and Eliza J clothing at The Top Secret Tart clothing, Gara Danielle jewelry, and 388 California Cashmere at Hautelook Gucci scarves and Brooks exercise clothing at Beyond the Rack Just Cavalli clothing at Rue La La Chooka rainboots and “Red” designer clothing and accessories blowout sales at ideeli Don't forget to check out our complete list of sample sales all week long, as well as some of our fashionable guides in order to look as fashion-forward as you might want to.

Trend Alert: The Monokini

  What: The Buzz About Monokinis Why: One-pieces and bikinis are pretty standard in the world of swimsuits, but this summer's hottest swimsuit trend is the monokini, or what's sometimes called a "cut-out." It's not quite a one-piece, but it's not nearly a bikini, therefore carrying on the idea that less is more and that you don't have to bare it all to get major sex appeal. Celebrities love the style, as do lean model types who you've probably seen prancing around in them on runways and the pages of Vogue. Surprisingly, though, this trend has even caught on in the mainstream -- at least on the likes of yachting Hamptonites I saw donning shimmering metallic monokinis over the weekend. A-listers and mega-stars aside, I think this is a stunning look to wear if you have the body for it. From modest styles, such as this suit to the left, to more elaborate peek-a-boo styles, this trend is red hot and totally worth a try-out in the dressing room. But what do you think? Would you wear it? Leave a comment or vote! And be sure to check out our guide to this season's Most Flattering Swimsuits.

Sleepwear Find: Cool Pajamas for Hot Nights

What: Moisture wicking sleepwear from Haralee. Why: Say goodbye to flannel and hello to hot weather with the Haralee line of moisture-wicking pajamas. Originally developed for women undergoing night sweats thanks to menopause and women suffering from internal thermostat issues due to chemotherapy, the Haralee line is great for hot women of all ages. All of the items, which include nightgowns, pillowcases, robes and pajamas, like the Barbara Fern Green featured here, are made of moisture wicking fabric that dries quickly – perfect for hot nights here or abroad. Additionally, part of every sale goes to the breast cancer research fund. Now isn’t that cool? Price: $55 Get Yours: Haralee.com

Eco-Chic Bath Find: The Thymes Foaming Bath Envelopes

What: Filgree Perfumed Foaming Bath by the Thymes Why: Made with all-natural ingredients, this bath powder blends the scents of amber, juniper berry, cedarwood and neroli. And while many bath products claim to perform the miracles of easing tension, making your world melt away and moisturizing your skin… this one truly does all three. Thymes products are created in a high-tech lab with roots in nature and each is intended to help you make the most of those stolen relaxation moments. They’ve definitely earned their place in my bath time routine. Price: $6 per envelope (enough for one bath) Get Yours: Amazon.com Love the scent? Try the Filigree Bundle that includes a Foaming Bath Envelope, Large Bar Soap, Body Creme and a poured candle all in a lovely gift box for just $80.Looking for more eco-chic finds? Head to the Eco-Chic Beauty Guide and see the rest of our Eco-Chic Blog Finds.

Beauty Find: Lip Quenching Color from iQ Derma

What: iQ Derma Lip Quench Moisture Infusion Lip TreatmentWhy: Lately my lips have been pale, chapped versions of themselves. My normal lip balm wasn’t fixing the problem and glosses were just making everything worse. Then I tried IQ Derma Lip Quench. The balm moisturizes while plumping, decreasing chapping and smoothing wrinkles. As if that didn’t make it hard working enough, it comes in a sheer pink shade that adds just a hint of color. The combination of olive and sweet oils that protect against free radicals make this a win win balm for every situation. Now, it hasn’t converted my pucker into Angelina’s pillowy pout, but my boyfriend isn’t complaining, either!Price: $31 Find it: SkinStore.com

SheFinds a Solution to Sweaty Soles

What: Summer Soles Suede Softness Insoles Why: Every gal knows the dangers of a three-block walk in strappy sandals on a summer day…sidewalk cracks, fire grates and sweaty feet that slip in your shoe. But fear the dreaded shoe that squish no more with Summer Soles Suede Softness insoles. I wasn’t sure the soft inserts would end the discomfort and blisters caused by the leather soles of my favorite work shoes, but they made an instant difference! No more moist, sticky feet—and did you know we have over 250,000 sweat glands on our feet? These are some hard working inserts! And I didn’t have to sacrifice fashion either because the insoles come in a leopard and zebra prints in addition to neutral colors. Feel like you’ve seen them before? You have in People, Lucky and in our very own guide to Style Solutions. Price: $7.95 for one pair or $21 for three Get Yours: Summersoles.com

Beauty Find: Altoids for Your Eyes — Feel the Cooling *Burn*

What: Rohto V ICE Eye Drops for Redness Relief Why: My peepers take a beating. After commuting through city smog and spending eight hours in an air-conditioned office staring at a computer, they’re often red, irritated and dry. But then a co-worker recommended these eye drops by saying they were like “Altoids for the eyes.” With that kind of an endorsement… who wouldn’t give them a shot? And she was right. The preservative-free drops not only soothed my itchy eyes but made the redness go away. One thing to note: Do not use these drops while wearing contacts. Price: On sale for $5.49 (from $6.99) Get Yours: Drugstore.com

SheFinds Was There: VS PINK Pajama Party in Chicago

How much better can it get? The mood was beachy -- which Chicagoans are good at pulling off for two months of the year -- and the atmosphere was fun with thousands of girls... and a couple of guys. It was a true pajama party on the beach with bubble gum pink cabanas, wine coolers and a little mini Victorias Secret selling PINK clothing. It got even better as DJ AM spun the night away and Fergie performed. Oh, and we can't forget the freebies for all gals in PINK attire. Looking for your own Victorias Secret Beach or Pink attire? Check out these select picks to outfit your next pink party:

Beauty Find: Rescue Your Hands and Lips with Air Repair

What: Air Repair’s Dual Purpose Rescue Balm Why: Two-in-one products make us nervous. The product is always way better for one thing over the other. Take 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. We have never, ever, used Head in Shoulders and thought, "Wow, what a time saver!" Instead we think, "Wow, I can’t get a brush through this rat’s nest!" Therefore, when Air Repair’s Rescue Balm ended up in our hands and promoted itself as an excellent hand and lip balm, we were a little skeptical. We instantly had visions of putting lotion on our lips and trying, desperately, to rub it in. Still, we gave it a shot after realizing that it was a salve -– not a lotion at all. Made of shea butter and natural oils, the salve was impressive both with soothing our dry hands and our lips. We’re so thrilled we’re almost considering another attempt with Head and Shoulders. But not quite. Price: $18 Get Yours: VisageStudio.com

Summer Skin Care: Bye Bye Puffy Eyes

What: Chinese Tea Eye Gel Why: The first brutal heat wave hit right after Memorial Day. Now, heat waves can be an excuse to break out excellent things like sandals, sleeveless tanks, skirts and ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. However, it also makes us melt faster than a snowman, causing us to shower at least twice a day and avow that the A/C is our new best friend. Additionally, our eyes puff up so much our boss always asks if we’ve been crying. Thankfully, the new Chinese Tea Eye Gel from Air Repair makes us willing to appear in public again. This herbal gel is best stored in the refrigerator, providing an extra cool kick while the lasting herbs work to calm and sooth your eyes. Now, if only we could find something to tone down the humid-happy hair… Price: $30 Get Yours: VisageStudio.com

Neutrogena to the Rescue: A Powerful Sunblock That’s Gentle on Skin

What: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer, Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 70 Why: My boyfriend insists that I can put any type of sunscreen on my face. While he slathers on the Banana Boat, I recoil in horror, digging through my collection to find the one that won’t make me look like my face has been bitten with fire ants. However, nine times out of 10, I end up looking like Rudolph, while he emerges unscathed. Despite the fact this irks me to no end, I still refuse to pick up the No-Ad. Instead I tried a different tactic -– using sunscreen from a company that specializes in skin care instead of the Coppertone that promises to be ‘good for faces’. The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer line with their new Helioplex ingredient is right on target. It absorbs fast and doesn’t leave the sticky residue that I'm used to -– more importantly, it actually stops the rays with a heavy-duty SPF 70 rating. It’s waterproof, sweatproof and after a weekend in the sun, my skin is still in the clear. I cannot, however, say the same thing for my boyfriend. Price: On sale for $9, Org. $11.29 Get Yours: Drugstore.com

Fashion Find: Rosie Ro Bags for the Birds

What: Rosie Ro Redbird Why: We’re not that into birds. They have a tendency to do bad things whenever they fly over our heads (it’s almost as if every pigeon knows we call them rat-birds) and the dive bombing thing is not cool. However, we might be willing to give birds another chance thanks to Rosie Ro’s adorable designs. Each bag is made by only one person, with fun and playful patterns, such as this Redbird Baby or the owl-inspired Peek-a-Hoot, both of which are perfect fun-in-the-summer bags. Plus, maybe the pigeons will see it as a cease-fire. Price: $65 Get Yours: RosieRo.net

Taste Test: Animal Print Ballerina Flats

Animal prints are a favorite season after season, and this one is no exception. Here you have a few pairs of ballerina flats in a flashy zebra print -- a perfect accessory to spice up a basic summer ensemble. One of these pairs costs over $200, while the others are relative steals in comparison ringing in at $165 and a fabulously low $45. Can you tell which shoes are the better bargain? Just click on the image you think is the lowest priced item to discover your fashion IQ. Option A Option B Option C

Summer Skincare: Daily Moisturizer That Protects

What: Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 45 Why: We know that you can get burned almost as easily in the winter as you can in the summer. Still, in the summer, we’re more likely to spend precious time outside, whether it’s walking to work or eating lunch outdoors. Therefore it’s time to up the ante on our daily moisturizer. Normally, moisturizer + sunscreen = grease and breakouts. However, we heard rave reviews about Neutrogena’s new skincare line with Helioplex and picked up a few products. The Healthy Defense SPF 45 was amazing, and just as advertised, it’s not greasy and really did provide coverage all day. It's fragrance-free, safe for sensitive skin, and it didn't lead to breakouts even with the added UVA and UVB protection. Now we feel a little more comfortable about those extra long lunches in the sun. Price: $12.49 Get Yours: Drugstore.com

Web Site Review: A Better Buzz

What: Get a new buzz at BuzzFeed. Why: Although we search high and low for the latest and greatest (and not-so-great) in fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends, we realize we're not the only trendy superstar on the block. BuzzFeed, a Web site dedicated to finding out the hottest news in TV, tech, science and more, has a snarky new style section as well. Think Gawker-style, but in a paragraph or less. Visitors who are interested in reading more on the topic can follow any number of links below the headline…all in pursuit to "find your new favorite thing." Why Not: Updates to particular topic like Style can be sporadic, but we’re sure that as the site grows, they’ll give us more of what we want. Keep it or Return it: Keep it! Anytime we can one-up our super suave best friend or impress our fashionista co-worker, we feel pretty pleased. Find It: BuzzFeed.com

SheFinds News: The Morning Roundup

NEWS * Rumor is that more designer footwear from Payless is coming in Spring 2008, this time by Stacy Bendet and alice + olivia. [PR Newswire] * Shopping online in New York may have just become a little bit safer. [WWD] * CFDA Fashion Awards are announced and...it's a tie! [FWD] EVENTS What: Diane Von Furstenberg Sample Sale: 75% off dresses, knits, swim and more! When: Tues. 6/5 9am to 6pm, Wed. and Thur. 10am to 7pm, and Fri. 9am to 3pm. Where: 260 Fifth Ave. Btwn. 28th and 29th. New York, NY. What: Benefit Bag-a-Day Giveaway: Register at Piperlime for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate at Benefit Cosmetics or Piperlime. When: One gift bag giveaway every day from June 5th-25th. Where: Piperlime.com

Good Question: Redness-Reducing Moisturizer

Question: Like many short-sighted teens, I didn't heed my mother's advice when I was in high school and picked at acne on my face. Now, I'm in my twenties and have various red marks left as battle scars. Does anyone know a face moisturizer that may treat this? Answer: I myself have battled sensitive skin and redness since I was a young girl, and know how frustrating blotchy, red, uneven skin can be. To start with, I suggest adopting a sensitive skin care regime that allows the skin to heal. Our guide to Sensitive Skin Products has lots of great suggestions for face wash and moisturizers. In addition, you should use a redness-reducing serum. Two products I use are La Roche-Posay's Rosaliac Anti-Redness Moisturizer ($30 @ Skinstore.com) and LIERAC's Apaisance-Specific Care for Redness & Visable Signs of Couperose ($40 @ Drugstore.com). You might also benefit from Crabtree & Evelyn's Fade Serum ($28 @ CrabtreeandEvelyn.com). Each one is safe for sensitive skin, I haven't had a breakout yet, and my redness has diminished substantially since I began using them. Hopefully they'll work for you, too!

Deal of the Day: Special 35% Off at LuxuryShoes.com

What: LuxuryShoes.com Designer Sale Why: With the coupon code DESIGNERSALE, you can take and extra 35% off already discounted items like these sleek, gold Calvin Klein sandals, perfect for strolling the city or the sand. Another cool find are these funky sneakers by CAMPER that add a little spunk to your step this summer. For great shoes to show off your feet this season or to save for fall, you'll have no better bet than to check out this designer sale, chock full of luxury brands from Givenchy to Via Spiga. You're bound to find a pair to suit your fancy. Hurry, this sale ends 6/11/07. Find It: LuxuryShoes.com That's not all...Check out these deals going on now. * Get free shipping with any online order of $150 or more at Bloomingdales.com June 4-8. Enter promo code FS64 at checkout. * Get up to %75 off at the Bluefly Semi-Annual Bluesale. * Take $15 off orders more than $75 at Gaiam with coupon code AFC6. * Buy one, get one 50% off at Aliza Darik.

Celebrity Swimsuits: Whose Would You Wear?

New to SheFinds? We invite you to sign up to our free weekly newsletter to get deals, helpful beauty advice and cool fashion tips mailed straight to your inbox. And if you use a blog reader, add our RSS feed to your reading list by clicking on the buttons below. Getting your daily dose of finds has never been easier! Celebrities are known for their fashion sense -- whether they are or fashion disasters is just a minor detail. Here we have a selection of some of Hollywood's most laid-back starlets showing off their bods in -- lucky for us -- fashion that's actually wearable by people in the real world. The question is: will you follow suit and steal their swim style, or would you rather leave these numbers to the celebs and chart your own fashion path? Vote for your favorite below! And be sure to check out our bathing suit style guide for more great styles for summer '07. Evangeline Lilly's Surfer Stunner "Ugly Betty's" Beautiful Basic Kate Bosworth's Find from the Gap Cameron Diaz's “Lollipop” Bikini Drew Barrymore's Classic Black Bikini Want more? Check out our celebrity style finds, Celebrity "It" Bags, our Steal Her Style Guide, bathing suit styles, and even the latest celebrity fashion slip ups, like stars without bras.

Fashion Find: It’s Not Your Ordinary Dress Pump

What: Naughty Monkey "Perky" Heel Why: You don't have to settle for another boring pair of pumps when you choose shoes from Naughty Monkey. These "Perky" heels are definitely a lively pair of leather shoes to perk up your day, yet they still maintain a professional look. We love the detailed braid trim and rich chocolate leather. With a flirty faux wrap buckle across the round toe and somewhat edgy brass studs, this shoe is all class, but still a ton of fun. Price: $74 Get Yours: Redvelvetcouture.com Deal Alert: Get 30% off finds from Jalda, Jana Feifer, Klub Nico, Mio, Naughty Monkey, Not Rated, Penny Loves Kenny, and Pink Studio. Enter coupon code shefinds30 at checkout.

Eco-Chic Denim Find: A Forest of Flattery

What: Pine IV Kyoto-Jean Why: Dying to show Leonardo Di Caprio you're on his tree-hugging band-wagon? Don't have the cash -- or, let's face it, the credit limit -- to shell out for that Toyota Prius hybrid you've been lusting after? The new denim label Pine IV is a cute and Earth-friendly solution. Each pair is made from Kaihara, a Japanese cotton milled for extra comfort and a flattering fit. Plus, for every pair you purchase Pine IV makes a donation to a nonprofit environmental organization like American Forest. And don't worry, your visions of Birkenstocks and tie-dye will evaporate once you lay your eyes on the trouser-cut Koyoto-jean, which features a classic-rise waist, flared legs, golden topstitching and back button-flap pockets. The white trouser, with a waist that falls just four fingers below the belly button, is a booty- flattering choice for summer protests of the EPA. Definitely a pair of jeans worth the green. Price: $200 Get Yours: NeimanMarcus.com Love being green? Check out these popular eco guides from SheFinds: * Green Clothes and Accessories * Eco-Chic Blog Finds * Organic and Natural Beauty Picks

SheFinds News: The Morning Roundup

NEWS * Ready for scary boho fashion of leggings and lumberjack flannels? Let's hope the Olsens grow up a bit before launching their first contemporary sportswear line, "Elizabeth and James," this fall. [WWD] * French brand, dcod Denim Code, takes the term "plugged in" to a whole new level by adding embroidered barcodes to the denim that makes them interact with your cell phone. [WWD] * Buying a swimsuit may just be the most difficult process ever. One editor tells all about her quest that ends in a surprising discovery. [NY Times] * And the winner is...Products of the Day blog announces the top five best sugar scrubs. SALES & DEALS * Classic Closeouts: Take $10 off and get FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $50 or more. Valid May 26th-June 28th. Use coupon SPRMDS. * Conspiracy Eight dresses 80% off retail price. * Figleaves: Shop lingerie at 50% OFF during the summer blowout sale.

A Green Find for Maturing Skin

What: Juice Beauty's Green Apple Antioxidant Serum Why: This fresh-smelling, ultra-light organic serum is perfect for people with oily, acne-prone or even sensitive skin. I use it at night, just after cleansing and toning to give my skin a dose of beneficial antioxidants to help ward off wrinkles -- I might still be young, but I know they're on their way. Thanks to a potent dose of hydroxy acids and retinols, this serum multi-tasks to plump up lines you already have and to fight off those that are looming over the hill. The point is, it's as useful to a woman in her twenties as it is to one in her fifties. I particularly want to point out the fact that it doesn't clog my pores or leave any greasy residue, so it can be worn during the day as well as at night. So go organic and give your face a shot of the good stuff. Green looks good on everyone. Price: $45 Get Yours: Upurea.com SheFinds Reader Exclusive Deal: Get 15% discount off all non-sale items when you use code SHEFINDS at checkout.

Trend Alert: Ring It On

What: Rings in chunky, colorful plastic. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with fresh fashion trends, but turning your closet into a fashion lab can get expensive quick. Plus, if you’re like me, you’re a little wary of taking big-time fashion risks because of your insane ability to lose the cutest things before they’ve lived up to their trendsetting potential (this annoying quirk applies especially to sunglasses). So thank goodness for this season’s crop of big, bold, Bakelite-inspired rings. They come in juicy candy colors, and their oversized charm and lightness make them the perfect add-on to any outfit. They’re bound to become a conversation piece. Whether or not you mention the practical prices (most ring in under ten bucks) is up to you. Forever 21’s big yellow square ring ($3.80), Claire’s black rose ring ($7.50) and Wet Seal’s rhinestone square ring ($5) are quirky, youthful choices that definitely won’t break the bank. For more retro-style glass, Lucite and plastic rings to jazz up even the safest of summer wardrobes, head to ShopStyle.

As Seen On: Eva Longoria’s Feet

What: Girl Two Doors Down Flip-Flops Why: Stars like Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba must have similar taste because they love these girly flip-flops from Girl Two Doors Down. They come in pink, brown and metallics, both flat and platform style, but no matter what color you choose, the most important part is the bling. Laden in sparkly little rhinestones and clad with a big fat diamond between the toes, you know you're in Hollywood when you sport these shoes. They're the ultimate way to indulge your inner diva, plus these beach-goers are sassy, too. On the soles they read, "If you have to ask you cannot afford me." Now how's that for a swanky sandal? Price: $48-$54 Get Yours: ShopRumor.com

He Finds Guy Friday: A Jacket Batman Would Envy

I laugh at my boyfriend whenever we're trying to leave the house because he takes longer to get ready than I do. He's forever trying to figure out how to carry all his stuff -- wallet, keys, cell phone, Blackberry, PDA, camera, notebook, pen, chapstick... the list goes on. He has two, maybe three, useful pockets for all this stuff. And he refuses to use a small bag because "Men don't carry purses." It leads me to question my devotion to this man. Because I love him -- and because I'm tired of being late -- I got him a ScotteVest fleece jacket/vest. SeV makes clothing and outerwear with hidden pockets that allow you to carry everything without looking like you're carrying anything. The jackets are particularly impressive with about a dozen pockets lining the inside and only four visible zippers outside; perfect for carrying small electronics and anything else a guy needs. It's great for cold weather and will even work on warmer days due to the removable sleeves. I plan to sneak away with it next time I head to the airport. It'll make the security check a breeze. Grab a SeV Fleece 4.0 for your favorite guy (or for yourself) for $140 at scottevest.com.

Survival Kit for the Working Woman

What: The Working Girl's Survival Kit Why: Heading to your afternoon meeting, a button pops off your jacket. No biggie, right? As you're munching on the go, mustard drips straight down the front of your shirt. Just having a bad day, maybe? Top things off with a big fat blister from your pumps, a deadly case of onion breath and a big piece of broccoli stuck in your teeth. Nightmares happen, so you can never be too prepared. Rest assured with The Working Girl's Survival Kit. It's a savvy, compact, hard-case tote that houses all those little things that when at home, you take for granted: lint-brush, floss, a spare tampon, antacid, pre-threaded needles, stain wipes and more. Just be sure to refill the kit when you refuel at home-base so you'll always be protected when you're on the road or at your office. Then you can concentrate on the important things and stop worrying about the big yellow smear on your shirt. Price: $43 Get Yours: MsandMrs.com

Flat Chest? No Money? No Problem.

The Topic: The country's unhealthy breast obsession. The Debate: I'm not sure where to begin this rant; whether it's with the men who are obsessed with breasts or the way society has made women so self-conscious about their looks that they are willing to sell their souls for a pair of free boobs. Yes, you heard right -- free boob jobs. The whole thing started at a Las Vegas bachelor party (what a surprise) when a bunch of guys were "admiring" a woman's new implants. The well-endowed woman's girlfriend chimed in saying that she wanted them, too, but couldn't afford the surgery. That's where the bidding began and MyFreeImplants.com was born. The idea behind the social networking Web site is that flat girls looking for enhancement can finally feel better about themselves and the "benefactors" who supply them with the cash to get their operations get to "interact" with them via email, chat and photos. In some states they might call this prostitution, but hey, when it comes to the betterment of society, these minute technical details shouldn't get in the way. Right? The Verdict: Of course, guys everywhere think this is a great idea. I'm not one to say what a woman can or can't do with her body, but something about this just seems so very wrong -- and this is coming from someone who was teased profusely for being flat all throughout high school. Do I go and get surgery? No. I learn to love myself and my body, and only surround myself with those who give me the same respect. Is this concept horrendous or helpful? Are men sinking to a new low, have women lost all sense of pride and decency, or is MyFreeImplants.com doing "a service to the country?" Thanks to Trendhunter.com for enlightening us about the "trend." Whether you're well-endowed, rocking an a-cup, or simply need something that holds everything together during your workout, get bras that fit you perfectly.

Beach Find: A Classy Coverup by Float Designs

What: Float Design's Maritime Tunic Why: This new upscale women's resort wear clothing company created by designer Ramona Senese offers items that combine the perfect amount of luxury and carefree summer style. Our favorite piece from the launch of the collection is this Maritime Tunic. With a luxurious cotton silk blend, there's no question that you'll be the most fashionable looking woman on the beach. Plus, it features their fabulously bold, slightly retro Napali Print. If you find silk blends to be a little over the top for your family outings, may we also suggest the Sun Soaked Pull Over in 100% cotton or the Lounge Loop Terry Hoodie. Both are stylish, but a little less high maintenance, and are the perfect things to wear for covering up on your trip to the cabana for drinks or just for lounging around the house. Price: $120 Get Yours: FloatDesigns.net

SheFinds News: The Morning Roundup

NEWS * You call it shoe haven, I call it shoe heaven. The new Saks Shoe Department in New York City is so massive it earns its own government-issued zip code (10022-SHOE). [Fashion Week Daily] * Looks like rehab worked for Tom Ford because apparently he and Martha Stewart are having a ball baking pecan pralines together on her show. Let's hope she doesn't rub off on him too much. [Fashion Week Daily] * Do you "hive it?" The buzz around Stylehive is that they're partnering with some of our fave etailors (like shopbop.com, Lisa Kline and Ron Herman) to add a social shopping element to their Web sites. [PR Newswire] * Want to know where your hard-earned cash it going? If you have a closet full of jeans, most likely to these 12 top denim brands. [WWD] * Also in denim news, apparently kids will get the golden treatment as luxury denim jeans roll out their goods in little people sizes. Stovepipe Diesel jeans in a size 6x and selling for $220? Whatever happened to kids just being kids? [WWD] SALES & DEALS * Bluefly is offering an extra $20 off your first order of $150 or more with this special coupon code: AFF20. Offer expires 05/31/07. * eLUXURY is having an illustrious 40% Off Designer Sale. * Memorial Day Sale: Get 25% off at LadyLanguage.com when you enter code MEMORIALDAYSALE at checkout. EVENTS What: Benefit's "Skincare 101" class When: 5/25–5/26. Call (212) 729-5900 to make your appointment. Where: Bloomingdale's in Soho, NYC. 504 Broadway, 3rd Fl. What: Lancôme Skin Diagnosis Event When: May 25 & 26, 10am-6pm. Where: At Nordstrom's Valley Fair, CA location. (408) 248-2180 See a full listing of beauty events and locations at Nordstrom.com.

Trend Alert: Floral Accessories

Pretty feminine floral prints are perfect for spring, however, you have to be careful to limit them to one main focal point in your outfit so you don't look like a poorly upholstered sofa from the '70s. We suggest wearing this trend in discrete places, like on shoes, handbags or accessories, where a bright pop of color adds pizazz to an otherwise basic ensemble. Here are a few statement pieces we love, plus suggestions on how to wear them. Allover Floral Scarf ($5 @ UrbanOutfitters.com): Wear a skinny scarf or tie as a belt for an impeccable combination of crisp white and bold color. We suggest these Gap Cotton linen pants and Puff-sleeve button-front shirt. Arielle Peep-Toe Platform Slingback ($45 @ BakersFootwear.com): These darling satin platforms would look perfect with a solid-colored sundress like this Old Navy Matte Jersey Surplice in syrah. *Deal Alert* Buy one pair of sandals at Bakers and get the second pair 50 percent off. Life's A Beach Floral Canvas Beach Bag ($32 @ eBags.com): This sunny yellow tote would be a great shopper when you take a stroll through the farmer's market on a lazy Sunday in this Mossimo Black: Crossover Linen Dress. If you love the look of florals on footwear, check out our ShopStyle stylebook that's full of Flirty Floral Footwear.

Fly Through Airport Security with the A-Way Ticket Tote

Traveling can be stressful, no doubt. I hate going through the whole security process and the hassle it entails. It wouldn't be so bad if it all actually made me feel safe, but that's a whole other rant. No matter how much time you have standing in line at security, many people still end up digging in huge bags or purses for those two all-important items: boarding pass and ID. You want to keep these items safe, obviously, but accessible. Instead of slipping them into a deep, dark pocket, carry all your at-hand items in the A-Way Ticket Tote. The coolest thing about this zippered pouch is the extendable/retractable hook attachment. Snap it to your purse, briefcase, or luggage and pull it close when you need it. The pouch reels right back into place. I use this instead of carrying a purse, leaving me with fewer bags to keep track of. A definite plus. Snag one before your next trip for only $25. Check out A-Way Travel Gear's Travel Treads as well. They'll keep your feet from the grody floor during those annoying shoe ex-rays.

A Travel Find: Say Good Bye to Lost Luggage

Has an airline ever lost your luggage? It seems that roughly six in every 1,000 bags is lost, delayed or damaged. Though complete loss is probably not as prevalent as temporary misplacement, not getting your bag when you get off the plane can ruin a vacation or derail a business trip. While many people respond by only taking carry-on luggage, this isn't always feasible. If you're gone for a week or more, you're going to need a bigger bag. If you've been burned by the airlines before and don't want to take any chances, why not try a luggage delivery service like Luggage Concierge? They'll pick your bag up from home, deliver it to your destination, then send it back when your travels are over. This solution isn't for everyone. These services cost a pretty penny. Sometimes as much or more than an extra ticket. But if you're planning a major family getaway, a dream-come-true honeymoon or a trip that cannot go wrong, you may want to take out an extra insurance policy. Exclusive for SheFinds Readers: Get a 10% discount at Luggage Concierge with code LC-SFC.