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Tarina Tarantino’s Smooth, Long-Lasting Gloss Was My Saving Grace For Photos – Get It Now

I love lip gloss -- but I hate its often drying effects; there's no worse look cake-y lips. That's why I love Tarina Tarantino's Gem Gloss ($19), which is smooth, ultra-lightweight and long-lasting. Not only did I rock this on my wedding day, but I've worked it into my regular makeup regime since.  The color goes on evenly and comes in a pretty pink shade perfect for every blushing bride. More great beauty finds are in our guides; shop the 7 best bronzers, bridal hair accessories, and stunning faux lashes now!

Get Everything You Need From Shadow Palettes To Faux Lashes At Sephora’s Blowout Sale

If our expert Christian Zamora's tips inspired you to do your own wedding makeup, or you're just a crazy person about using your own products, Sephora has an awesome collection of value sets on sale now: (more…)

Do You Support Abstinence Only Sweatpants?

Our friends at Shine recently brought our attention to a new product at Kmart: sweatpants ($16.99) emblazoned with the words “True Love Waits” on the thigh and the butt. You know what, Piper & Blue, your Geo Print top is kind of cute, and it’s only $16.99, but as a compulsive planner and a careful decision-maker, I cannot in good conscience support a label that discourages test-driving before you buy. It seems imprudent. And I have a handful of happily committed friends who might be a bit offended at your implication that they are not truly in love. Mysteriously, Kmart’s website lists the product as “Piper & Blue Junior’s Crop Pant with Graphics,” and the “graphics” aren’t quite readable until you click for a larger image. So if you’re in the market for a pair of (loose-fitting, drawstring) chastity sweatpants, note that you may have to do some website sleuthing to find them. What do you think about these sweats? Am I being too cynical about a healthy message?

SheFinds And Count Me In Help Support Women Entrepreneurs And Business Owners

Sure, we live in 2008 and everything seems pretty gender equal, right? Not quite. According to statistics, 80% of women in the workforce earn less than $25,000 a year even though a whopping 55% of women provide half of their household's income. So when a woman decides to start her own business, she's already facing an uphill battle. So that's why organizations like Count Me In are crucial to helping women business owners succeed in the professional world. Count Me In promotes the growth of women owned businesses and is the leading national not for profit provider of online business loans, resources, and community for women entrepreneurs.And SheFinds is incredibly excited to announce that this fall, we will run a promotion to raise money for Count Me In and help small designers get the word out about their designs. During September, we will feature original accessories created by independent designers that incorporate either the motto “Believe In You”, the Count Me In or Make Mine a Million $ Business® logos, and/or the colors into the design. The designer will pledge to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each piece to Count Me In. You can click here for the complete rules and application deadlines.  Together, Count Me In and SheFinds hope to not only help women succeed, but bring you fabulous designs in the process!  Some amazing accessories are already featured on our site--  click here to check them out.  

There’s Money Sitting In Your Closet–Find Out How Much Thanks To Ztail

What: Why: Remember the Sex and the City episode where Carrie realizes that her shoe collection is worth $40,000--the exact amount she needs to put a down payment on her apartment? While Ms. Bradshaw's shopping addiction may be more severe--and pricier--than yours, I'm sure all of you SheFinds readers have at one point speculated about the same thing. How much, exactly, have you spent on clothing and accessories over the past few years? What's your closet worth? Perhaps, in these tough economic times, the pack rats among us have glanced at their stuffed wardrobes and wondered: what could I buy if I sold all this?Well, SheFinds has good news for you. has compiled a huge database of pricing information for new and used clothing, accessories, shoes, and anything else you might have sitting around at home. Ztail hopes to become the source for assessing the worth of everything in your closet. The site also links through to eBay, so you can sell your Manolos when you need to make rent. Or if you discover that your old jeans are priceless (literally), you can also donate those Luckys to some lucky kid.

Bizarre Beach Gadget: Personal UV Monitor

What: A little 3” x 2” x 2” rectangle of electronic goodness that tells you the time, temperature, and UV intensity. It even recommends the amount of time you should be out in the sun, based on the UV index, your skin type, and what SPF you’re wearing. Why: Because you’re my neurotic mother. I am picturing having spent family vacations being shooed into the lobby until some cloud cover breezed by. Thank god she didn’t know this existed (until now, hi Mom).We already know UV rays are dangerous in large amounts. We already wear sunscreen daily. And we already feel a little bad every time we sit in the sun for an entire day. So we’d rather opt for slathering on that SPF generously and often, or avoiding the situation altogether with some self-tanner.Get Yours: If you’re still in the ignorance-is-not-bliss camp, get your Personal UV Monitor ($29.95) at

Freebie Friday: Win A $100 Shopping Spree At

What: $100 Shopping Spree at Why: Last time I checked, the beach wasn't full of supermodels running around with perfectly sculpted, toned, and tanned bodies covered only in shreds of fabric shamelessly labeled bikinis. Sounds more like a teenage boy's fantasy than the real world. Thankfully, there are not only a plethora of real women with real bodies out there, but also an assortment of gorgeous swimsuits to choose from thanks to This fabulous company offers the latest styles from size 8 up - ranging from two-pieces to tankinis to cover-ups. And now SheFinds is giving away a $100 shopping spree to get you started on your way to acquiring the perfect summer suit. To enter, read the rules, go to, pick out your favorite suit, then come back to SheFinds and tell us about it in our comments section. We featured this La Blanca plunge suit in our Guide to the Best Swimsuits for your Shape, and still think it's the best eye candy on the beach.  Can't wait to win? Shop now and receive 10% off all items (excluding Longitude, Delta Burke or Clearance items) with coupon code SHEFINDS10. Offer expires 12/31/08. 1. Post in the comments section your favorite suit from 2. You must supply us with a valid email address and sign up for the SheFinds newsletter.3. The contest starts now and entries must be date stamped by our server no later than Friday, June 13th, 2008 at 11:59 AM Eastern Time to be eligible.4. One winner will be selected during a random drawing and will be notified via e-mail to receive the prize.5. No prize substitutions.6. You must be 18 years old or older to enter and a resident of the USA.7. No purchase necessary.8. Void where prohibited. 9. Click here for the full rules.And don't forget to check out MomFinds for a chance to win a Homedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion.  

Organic Find: I Heart Nature Girl

What: Nature Girls’ I Love Organic Sugar Scrub, $44 Why: All of the ingredients for Nature Girl products are carefully cultivated on small, family-run organic farms, ensuring that everything is as good for the environment as it is for your skin. The Sugar Scrub is a cleansing blend of organic Brazilian brown sugar and jojoba, calendula, and sunflower oils. The lemony scent refreshes your senses while the rough sugar exfoliates and the oils moisturize your skin. Need another reason to fall in love with being green? Nature Girl donates a large portion of its after-tax profits to projects that benefit women and the environment.Get Yours:  

How To Pull Off Multiple Accessories

A good deal of the time, I don’t wear any jewelry. I’ve been increasingly obsessed with an outfit's lines and creating a silhouette. But when I put a few extra minutes into dressing myself and delve further into the jewelry tree/shoe collection/hair accessories, there are a few strategies I keep in mind to avoid looking cluttered, or confusing, or confused. Brown + Brown-ish + Brown PatternInstead of trying to match accessories exactly (different dye lots probably foiled that mission long before it stared), choose rhyming color schemes and pieces with a bit of texture or variation in the palette, like these sandals ($55) and wooden necklace ($120). That way it won't look like your similarly-hued accessories clash. This is especially easy to do with neutrals – I’d wear these Natural Round Burwine Bangles ($60) with pretty much everything I own. Whimsical + Clean + ClassicIf you’re going to invest in an interesting piece of statement jewelry like J. Crew’s Crystal Starfish Cuff Bracelet ($150), you’ll probably want to make sure it gets more attention than your bag and shoes. The clean lines on this Patent Croc Clutch ($125) and simple flats ($60) won’t take away from the bracelet’s centerstage role. Solid + Solid + SolidNormally I would not advocate piling on three accessories above the neck, but when they’re all in solid colors and textures, the combo avoids looking cluttered. Plain black sunglasses ($105) and a ribbon headband ($14.50) let you show off simple brushed metal earrings ($28) with eyes protected and (perhaps unwashed?) hair off your face.

Fashion Top Five: Beach-Ready Tunics

Tunics are at once laid-back and glamorous, the perfect adult alternative to shorts and a tee when heading to the beach. And to figure out what to wear underneath, check out our guide to different bathing suit styles. This embellished cover-up ($184) is a completely glamorous take on the tunic: Black and body-skimming with lots of smooth, shiny stones and a plunging neckline. The blue and white trim on this Woven Tunic Cover-Up ($98) reminds me of tiling in the kitchen of a luxe hotel suite in Mexico. J. Crew’s Solid Beach Tunic ($58) is clean and classic in white, with flirty bell sleeves. This sheer Milly tunic ($303) is made of silk; it will move in the wind and show off a hint of the swimsuit below. Velvet’s Alka Top ($84) is completely relaxed, with just a bit of feminine ruffle detail.

News Updates: You’re Never Too Young For Laser Treatments, Mango Prefers Blondes, And More…

Laser treatments have become popular among teenagers looking for ways to permanently remove hair. [NYTimes]Spanish retailer, Mango, has come out with a t-shirt collection for Barbie. The six-piece line is set to launch in July. [FWD]Hermès has won a counterfeit lawsuit against eBay. The auction site was charged with failing to monitor the sale of fake goods. [WWD]In the latest GQ, Tom Ford rants about the double standard male nudity receives in today's society. [NYMag] 

What To Wear To: A Baby Shower

Your friend's having a baby, and you have to look forward to is a tedious shower full of oohing and ahhing over miniature sized clothing and diaper genies. (And the possibility they won't serve alcohol since mommy-to-be can't have any - that was my last shower experience, so much fun!) Since you have to grin and bear it anyway, why not dress yourself up in something that will make every other guest squirm in their maternity blouses? We're not saying you have to go all out, but a little flair never caused any premature labor. Start with a simple dress in a neutral color. Then layer with a crisp, cropped black tuxedo blazer. Slip on a pair of fierce yet ladylike platforms - since you'll be sitting most of the time, your feet won't feel any pain. To add some color, look to pretty yet charming hoop earrings and offset them with an understated clutch. Then grab your diaper genie/organic cotton onesie/stuffed Winnie the Pooh and head out the door. Can't figure out what to wear? SheFinds has you covered for every occasion.

Embarrassing Question – How Do I Stay Fresh…. Down There?

Question: I shower everyday and of course change my undies daily too, but sometimes I get nervous of odors creeping up from my 'feminine area', if you know what I mean. How can I keep clean and fresh down there on a regular basis?Answer: I think we all know what you mean. It's a never-ending surprise down there, and upkeep is no easy task. Vaginal odor occurs mainly from the presence of bacteria in the region, and bacteria shows up from excess moisture. So the key to smelling fresh is in staying clean and dry - but that's easier said than done. Yes, showering and clean undies are a must, but there are few extra things you can throw into your routine that will help you feel better about your below the waist region. Instead of regular soap, or different soaps for different body parts, opt for Summer's Eve Bath & Shower Gel ($4.39). This gel is made to be used over your entire body, including the area we're talking about, and offers gentle yet thorough cleansing. The scent is inviting and not too overpowering. And the fact that you only have to use one cleanser in the shower will save you a bunch of time. Before you put your underwear on, spray a bit of feminine deodorant spray onto the interior of the panty. But make sure to choose a spray that is hypo-allergenic, since you're dealing with such a sensitive area. Also make sure to only spray on your undies and not directly on the area, as this may cause some irritation. FDS deodorant spray ($3.79) is moisture-activated, so it will keep working to absorb moisture as your body produces it.  Lastly, it's always smart to pack some freshening cloths with you before heading out. Shobha freshening cloths ($19) are unscented, which is important because they won't compete with the scent of the deodorant spray, and they offer a convenient way to keep clean and fresh when you are on the go. And although we all love our lace thongs once in a while, cotton briefs are the best option for keeping the vaginal area dry and bacteria-free. Have another embarrassing question you'd like SheFinds to answer? Post about it in the comments section - we'll help you out!

Deal Of The Day: Up To 50% Off Capris At Macy’s

 Capris are the perfect summer alternative to stifling pants or barely-there shorts. Great for the weekday or a workout at the gym, the perfect pair seems even more perfect when it's 50% off. Snatch one up for every summer day now at Macy's.  Slip into a pair of convertible cargo capris in trendy white ($44.25, were $60). With a simple tee and some chunky colorful jewelry, you won't sacrifice on style. These terry capris ($24, were $40) are perfect for working out or hitting up the yoga studio. They offer more coverage than a short, but will keep you cool when you start to break a sweat.  Pay homage to the iconic Bermuda short, but not in a way your tourist dad would necessarily condone. These Tommy Hilfiger floral print Bermudas ($42, were $60) are country club cool and perfect for hitting the links and the nineteenth hole.More deals on the web:Dresses and skirts are 30% off at Ann Taylor Loft. Take 25% off any one regular-priced item at Arden B (that includes the new summer collection!) Spend $75 at Fossil and get free overnight shipping (last minute Father's Day gift, anyone?)20-50% off at Shebas Secrets as seen in our SheFinds Forum.  

What To Wear To: A Memorial Day Barbecue

Yes, folks, get excited. Memorial Day weekend is a mere week and a half away. And you know what that means - you have to start thinking now about what you're going to wear to all of those barbecues. You're way past dumpy jeans and t-shirts (even though the male contigent is guaranteed to be sporting this garb), so why not knock 'em dead in a casually chic spring ensemble that says I'm here to party, and I look fabulous doing it?Start with a fun and flirty print dress in a cool color palette. Pair with metallic thongs (gold will really pop) - just make sure they're not heels, since you'll probably be standing around the grill chatting up that cute neighbor. Then add on some bold accessories to brighten up the outfit, like a red or amber beaded necklace and some gold bangles. Finally, bring along a contrasting print tote   - but one that complements in a similar cool hue. (Not sure how to pair prints? Check out our step-by-step tutorial.) And click here for what to wear to meet his parents.  

Taste Test: Which Yellow Bag Will Be Carrying An Empty Wallet?

These gathered-top handbags are both bright enough to bring in the summer in sunny style, but one is a seasonal splurge – it costs over $300 more than the other. Can you tell which is which? Click on the images to find out what they really cost. Test your Fashion IQ with other Taste Tests.

The Perfect Gym Buddy: Clean Logic Shower Cloth

   What: Clean Logic Stretch Bath & Shower Cloth, $6.99Why: This tiny towel stretches up to three times the size of a regular wash cloth and it has an antibmicrobial additive that protects against bacteria, making it the favorite thing in my gym bag. It also has textured fibers that lightly exfoliate, leaving my skin smooth and refreshed. All it asks is that I rinse and air dry after use… not too much to ask, right? And it's so much better than those icky not-so-white towels the gym supplies. Now if only I could always remember my flip flops...Get Yours:   

Change Your Fragrance To Match The Weather

Spring in Chicago is a fleeting two-day phenomena, meaning Windy City denizens go straight from bitter winter into summery heat. That quick switch also means it’s time for a complete-- and quick!-- overhaul of my beauty routine.First up: perfume. In the winter I tend to prefer musky, warm scents, but once summer hits, I seek light, airy notes of citrus and floral like these:White rose, granny smith apple, citrus and jasmine dance above cedarwood and musk, making D&G Light Blue ($44) my go-to summer scent. It lasts all day too, carrying me from the office into happy hour.   Juicy papaya, rich coconut and fresh pineapple flirt with a clean musk in Sharon Bolton Soul ($42), reminding me of long afternoons on the beach.   Fruity peach and freesia are balanced by peppery white hibiscus, white wood and orris, making Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming ($60) a very wearable, light scent even in the summer swelter.  And peruse our Fragrance Guide for more fresh summer scents. 

Want To Dress Up For The Movie?: Imitate SJP’s SATC Style

I want to be Sarah Jessica Parker. Wait, take that back. I want Carrie Bradshaw's closet (I'll pass on being SJP after the oh-so-embarrassing 'Unsexiest Woman Alive' title she earned from Maxim Magazine this year).Patricia Field must have one helluva time styling the fabulous four. They all have such different styles and unique body types (and character preferences).The first thing I think when I see this image is, What is Carrie doing on a pay phone? Yuck! It's like Carrie's birthday episode when everyone ran late - so late that Carrie waited all by herself and then had to pay for her own cake before leaving, alone. Did no one have cell phones? Samantha was a publicist for goodness sake. And Miranda - a lawyer! Second thing I think is, How down-town chic is she. Check out this uniquely hip outfit we caught Ms. Bradshaw in while filming for the upcoming SATC movie.  Think you can pull off Carrie's iconic eclectic style? Here's your chance - we've put together something we think compares with what you see on Ms. Bradshaw here. We found this Tracy Reese orange and brown mini skirt ($158) with a bohemian feel just like Carrie's yellow paisley skirt above. And the grandpa cardigan truly makes the outfit. Snag this C & C California 100% cashmere cardigan in coffee on sale for $184 (from $245). Pair your printed skirt and grandpa sweater with a pair of orange knee-high stockings and a graphic tee ($27) for extra flair. Get a pair of these cotton-lycra stockings for just $10 at Keep this site in your bookmarks becasue they've got an array of colors, and this trend may just stick around 'til fall.  We found a steal when looking for a comparable pair of brown lace-up booties. Get these BCBG Girls oxfords for just $110. Last, but not least, top off the outfit with an oversized clutch. We love this orange Hobo clutch ($127).Can't get enough SATC style? Get Samantha's Pearl Thong, SATC inspired lingerie, and SJP's own perfume in a special edition for the movie.

Members Only Get The Inside Scoop On Designer Deals

There’s a new trend in online shopping: members-only websites that sell luxury designer items at deep discounts (sometimes more than 70%!).Even if you’re not out to drop thousands, these sites can help you score the latest luxury goods. Recent “sales” at include an Alexis Hudson Madeline Clutch for $185 rather than its regular $395 price, or an Abaco Eternity Weekender for $195, 73% off of the original $735.But buyer beware, most of the sites have strict return policies, so read the fine print. And after three days of emails advertising the latest! greatest! hottest! deal, without one being something I had to have, I've started ignoring the emails in favor of stalking my tried and true online sites, such as, where I can score amazing deals on this Stuart Weitzman patent leather shoulder bag ($263, was $525) and Cala clutch ($145, was $295). Ready to join the action? Here’s how to get your VIP invite inside the velvet Invitation only, but you can email [email protected] and ask to be Invitation only, but you can email [email protected]  and ask to be No invitation Invitation by current members only.

Taste Test: Which White Walking Short Will Lighten Your Wallet?

Now that you know what to wear with white pants, put your knowledge to good use with a flattering pair of shorts that hits right near the knee. They’ll work with heels and flats and earthy embellished sandals – all you really have to worry about is avoiding a spill. One of the pairs below costs more than twice the other…can you guess which is which? Click on the images to find out the prices. Test your Fashion IQ with other Taste Tests.

Solution: Make Your Expensive (And Painful) Brazilian Last Longer With Shobha

What: The My First Brazilian kit from Shobha, $38Why: So you finally took the plunge and got your first Brazilian. Since it's highly unlikely you'll want to feel that YOWZA! kind of pain again anytime soon, it behooves you to maintain your new landscaping job for as long as humanly possible. That's where Shobha comes in. Shobha Threading is one of New York City's premiere hair removal salons, specializing in threading, waxing, and sugaring, all with the exotic and ancient Indian philosophies of beauty in mind. If you didn't make it out to SoHo for your first intimate haircut, you can still benefit from Shobha's worldly wisdom. Keep a My First Brazilian kit on hand for all your maintenance needs.The first couple of days after your waxing, slather on 1% hydrocortisone cream to prevent yucky, irritating bumps and to tame the inevitable redness. Keep your newly-hairless area clean with Shobha's freshening cloths - gentle, cleansing cloths that calm redness and are safe for the tenderest of spots. Finally, after a few days, prevent ingrown hairs and keep your bikini line smooth by exfoliating with Shobha's all-natural cloth. It may feel rough to the touch, but after a soak in warm water and your favorite body wash, the natural-fiber cloth is ready to do all kinds of dirty work (e.g. sloughing off dead, dull skin cells) with a soft touch. Stick to this regimen and your Brazilian will last much longer—that means all gain and way less pain for you.Get Yours:

Style Swap: Trade In Bland Mammal For Racy Reptile

Some things never really go out of style. In some form or (sometimes questionable) fashion, metallics, for example, will always be in. Another evergreen trend? Animal prints, from big cats (leopards, cheetahs, and tigers) to safari-esque species (zebras and giraffes). Just for this season, let's put a moratorium on mimicking the hides of our furry jungle friends, and swap instead with something a little more edgy and dangerous. Designers—and, respectively, fashion magazines—are boarding the snakeskin train in full force, with everything from swimsuits to sundresses inspiring hisses of the laudatory sort. Feel like you've seen the above D&G Dolce & Gabbana leopard print triangle bikini ($335) a billion times before? Feel right at home hitting the sand in Melissa Odabash's sleek snake-print bikini ($161) instead. Here are some more reptilian pieces you should think about slithering into: BCBGirls Famous snakeskin sandals ($110) fuse strappy gladiator glam, versatile black, white and brown snakeskin, and blazing summer gold— all into one hot look. It doesn't hurt that these platform sandals bear a striking resemblance to the wait list-only Dior pumps rumored to make a Sex and the City movie cameo. You may not have any desire to wrap your mitts around an actual snake, but you'll find MICHAEL Michael Kors embossed snakeskin clutch ($298) nearly impossible to put down. Kicky tassels and oversized grommets—not to mention the totally rock 'n' roll print—give this little handbag some serious attitude. Want to go all-out, Britney-in-her-heyday, crocodile huntress? Then skip the snaky accessories and go straight for this Karina Grimaldi Karolina halter top in a mint green print ($152). Pair it with some dark jeans for an exotic, sexy look, but make sure to go light on jewelry, bag, and shoes. Taking the snake look overboard could earn you some venomous "what was she thinking?" comments.

Good Question: I Need Chic Shoes For Scootering Around

SheFinds Reader Question: I am going to Bermuda next week and renting a scooter to get around. I need to find some shoes (pronto, so Zappos would be ideal) that are sturdy enough for biking around, basically, but also cute enough to drop into places for lunch and not feel dumb, like I'm in sneakers or flip-flops (which would fall off anyway). I would prefer open-toe to show off my pedicure, but that's not 100% necessary. My color preference is black.Answer: First of all, we must say we are incredibly jealous that you are jetting off to Bermuda in the first place! Now with that out of our system, let's find you some footwear for scootering around on your vacay. You're in luck, since gladiators are très chic this season, and they will cater to all of your above requests. The two gladiators above will give you better support than any flimsy flip-flop, thanks to the ankle strap, but are still fashionable enough to flaunt about town (and show off your pedicure). Both the L.A.M.B. sandal ($250) and the Reef Gladi ($70) have padded insoles to provide much needed comfort if you choose to ditch the scooter and take a beachside stroll instead. Get Yours:  

With Shoe Prices On The Rise, Where Can You Score A Great Deal?

Gas prices stink. But up until now, us city folk have taken solace in the fact that we could walk to a majority of our destinations (or rely on mass transit) with a little help from some comfy shoes. But now, according to the Wall Street Journal, another kind of pump price is on the rise. Notoriously cheap shoe retailers like Payless and Nine West will be upping their prices as much as 15% within the next year. US customers can blame the rise in production costs in China, plus higher shipping costs, and, of course, the weak American dollar. Alas, no more trips to Payless for mucho cheap deals on knock-off designer duds.  However, as always, SheFinds believes there is always a deal out there to be had. We just have to seek it out. Discount shoe retailers, Zappos and Piperlime, may not have mass chains around the country or well-known household names, but they certainly offer ongoing sales on incredibly adorable shoes. Right now, you can score these Boutique 9 silver ballerinas ($24, were $60) or Chinese Laundry snakeskin flats ($28, were $70) at Piperlime for more than half off their original prices. At Zappos, we found these chocolate Sasha thongs ($175, were $230) and jeweled Vera thongs ($180, were $240) discounted up to 25%.  Piperlime has fantastic finds under $75 too. So shop the site for some great deals. Free Shipping BOTH ways on Shoes at! For more fab shoe options, check out our Guide to Spring Shoe Trends.

Gurkee’s Takes The Rubber Out Of The Flip-Flop

What: Gurkee's Tobago Rope Thongs, $26.95Why: Who'd have thought a thong would be made out of anything other than trusty rubber plastic? Certainly not me. And then Gurkee's came along. These self-proclaimed 'Jesus Sandals' are made of actual carpet fiber and are quickly becoming all the rage in flip-flop happy L.A. and Miami. And I can see why. They have a certain exotic, native look to them that makes these thongs a little more classy than your average beach throw-on. Paired with a sweet, flowy sundress, you just might get away with wearing these to an al fresco dinner. And Gurkee's makes them in 4 more styles that are all a step up from your casual thong.  A huge bonus: All Gurkee's footwear is machine-washable. So if you choose to wear them galavanting about town, you won't have to worry about those carpet fibers permanently absorbing city muck. Get Yours:

Deal Of The Day: Up To 65% Off Dressy Blouses At Tobi

The old jeans-and-tees ensemble is a staple for sure, but what happens when you get asked to dinner at a restaurant more upscale than, say, Chili's, or you decide to swap your Friday night movie date for a swanky bar date instead? A girl's gotta have top options at her disposal. Pair these dressy tops with jeans for a hip (but not sloppy) feel, or upgrade with black pants for a more luxe look. Dorothy Lee's sleeveless ruffle blouse ($129, was $257) is a sweet alternative to a standard white button-down. In silky bone-colored fabric and topped off with a ladylike (but not-too-'80s-like) bow at the neck, it's a blouse you can feel girly in, even if you're pairing it with masculine wide-legged trousers. Make your top do double-duty. This ruby Family heirloom top from Twinkle by Wenlan ($166, was $236) can be worn as a blousy tunic with skinny jeans, or, if you're gutsy and have great legs, as a dress over leggings. There's so much you can do with this gunmetal Twinkle top from Graham & Spencer ($81, was $231). Match it up with almost any cropped jacket (we recommend denim), dress it up with sparkly accessories, or use it as a topper for a chic skirt. The beaded neckline can go either dressy or casual, but you'll never feel like you're wearing a plain old tee.More deals and steals:Take an incredible 90% off select items at YOOX's Semi Annual Sample Sale. Kasil's straight-leg Skylar denims are True Jeans' Jeans of the Week. That means 10% off! Maggy London and Juicy Couture dresses are up to 60% off at SmartBargains.Peruse the SheFinds forum for more amazing deals.  

News Updates: Amy Winehouse Takes On The Catwalk, Fur Fashion Week Loses Popularity, And More…

Rumors are flying that Amy Winehouse will model shoes down the London runway for designer Julien Macdonald. Former models include Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton. [Catwalk Queen]New York Fur Fashion Week is going on two days this week, with top-name designers such as Michael Kors and Zac Posen participating. Unfortunately, the event no longer garners as much media attention or A-list attendees as it used to. [NYMag]Several luxury brands like Cartier and Prada are creating short YouTube videos to attract the attention of customers. [Gawker]A new reality show showcasing a model search for women over 35 will debut on TVLand June 4th. The show is called She's Got The Look. [WWD] 

Fashion Top Five: Feminine Gold Hoops That Won’t Weigh You Down

It’s no secret that gold looks great with a tan (regardless of whether it’s real). And next to necks and shoulders left bare by summer’s spare tops, elegant hoops look more elegant than overtly glitzy accessories - especially in smaller sizes with understated design details.These Gold Hoop Earrings by Herve van der Straeten ($180) aren’t quite circular, making them the ideal addition to a slightly-undone beachy hairdo. Gold Hoop Earrings by O by Oscar de la Renta ($60) have a rich, antique look, thanks to the etched detail. These Juicy Couture earrings ($58) have tiny buckles at the front. These Hammered Metal Hoops ($7.50) from Old Navy are glamorous, simple, and ridiculously affordable. We’ve been loving Kipepeo’s Sakura Earrings ($129) for a while - the design inside is a clever way to make the classic gold hoop unique.

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Beauty Find: Miraculous Mascara - No Flakes, No SmudgesYou’ve probably seen the new ads with Drew Barrymore sporting this space-age looking mascara and thought, “Looks pretty on her, but what about me?” Rest assured, this fat brush works wonders on every mom. Mom Find: You'd Never Guess These Stylish Shoes Were CrocsI wear Crocs.  There, I said it.  And you know what?  I like them; they’re comfortable.  Before you roll your eyes or skip to the next post, you have to take a look at these new Crocs. Deal Of The Day: Up To Half Off Gap Maternity JeansYour jeans are no longer zipping up over your baby bump.  Time to get some new maternity jeans.  You can fork over $200 for a pair of designer denim or you can buy four pairs on sale at Gap for the same price.  

Earth Flip-Flops Make You Work While You Walk

What: Earth Breena Sandals, $99Why: Usually, flip-flops are banished to the back of my closet - only taken out for pedicures, trips to the beach, and the occasional run to the downstairs deli when I'm too lazy to tie on some sneakers. And they've never cost me more than $5. That is until I found a flip-flop that actually puts my legs to work. The Earth Company has developed a new technology in their footwear called Negative Heel Technology that makes your legs work extra hard when walking around, thus forcing your body to burn extra calories. I was certainly skeptical at first, but as soon as I slipped on a pair of their Breena sandals, I felt the balls of my feet being pushed backward as I walked, forcing me to make an extra push forward to keep going. It was actually kind of cool.The Breena is made of leather straps and a silky suede footbed which makes them ultra comfortable to slip on, and disguises the fact that your legs are getting a workout. And anything that disguises a workout gets a big, fat gold star in my book.Get Yours: