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All Your Guests Have Smart Phones, So Skip The Wedding Website & Make An App Instead

Wedding websites? Très passé. If you want to share info about your big event with your tech-savvy nearest and dearest, wedding apps like Appy Couple are the way to go! Appy Couple is so popular, the waiting list has surpassed 7K - even though the app is still in beta mode! So what's so great about Appy Couple, you ask? Appy Couple's CEO Sharmeen Mitha-Sehgal weighs in: "Appy Couple is mobile, and gives you the wedding information you need right when you need it—directions while you're on the way, registry shopping when you're out and about, travel info, dress code and more." Also, have we mentioned it's currently FREE? (more…)

A Virtual Ring Finder & Online Dressing Room: Take Your Cyber-Obsessing To The Next Level

Let's face it, you spend most of your workday cyber-obsessing over inspiration boards and gowns you can't afford. We're not knocking it -- there are tons of online wedding tools to help you save money, and plan your dream wedding. We've told you about different eTools and apps in the past, and today we bring you 2 new f-amazing ones: (more…)

Foolproof: Lindsay Price’s Ridiculously Chic Cocktail Party Look

It's that time of year when all of our winter clothes start to feel boring, and we're on the lookout for cute party dresses that don't require a ton of effort. Cheers to Lindsay Price looked amazing in her party dress at the opening of Laguna champagne bar in Las Vegas, and for that, she gets our Foolproof stamp of approval. And now, of course, we want to copy it--but not quite on a champagne budget.  Here goes: We've got to admit, the lace trend can be hard to pull off, but this Free People t-shirt dress is made to feel comfortable, with lace just at the top, so you get the look--without worrying about a see-through dress.  Because even if the paparazzi isn't snapping, you know there's always someone with a camera ready to upload to Facebook, and it's kind of like the same thing. Dare we say it? We actually like this Robert Rodriguez ribbon necklace a whole lot more than the one Lindsay's wearing, as it's unexpected, and kind of looks like a scarf and necklace all in one. If you don't have a studded cuff already, get in on the trend. You'll be surprised how many times you'll want to wear this ABS by Allen Schwartz one a week--and we can't blame you--from blazers to flirty dresses, this piece is like that girl at the office who gets along with all of the work clothes, er, colleagues, famously. This is a good candidate for a Taste Test--looks just like Lindsay Price's cocktail ring, but it's only $50, with a ton of  detail that inexpensive rings usually lack. Get all the celebrity fashions you can handle--plus super pretty party dresses that will get you in the mood to go out and celebrate.