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7 No-Fail Conversation Topics To Gossip About This Weekend

Once again, the weekend is here. And in case you're anticipating an awkward encounter or two, feel free to read up on our new roundup of the week. A little something to get the conversation ball rolling. Take a look: Looks like we're not the only ones busting our butts to drop a few pounds:  Pepsi cans are getting a little liposuction lately with their slimmer physiques. Fashion entrepreneurs Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen have extended their couture line, The Row, to now include menswear. Maybe their brother got jealous. Move over J Brand and 7 For All Mankind, Ralph Lauren is taking a stab at high-end denim. Enter Ralph Lauren Collection Denim, coming to a closet near you. Michelle Obama lays down the law...when it comes to her two daughters. Malia and Sasha are not permitted to use Facebook or Twitter. Looks like no poking for the Obamas. Yikes - welcome to Splitsville, USA, Ashlee Simpson. And right before Valentine's Day too. We hope she still gets a little gift (or two). Tennessee lawmaker Julia Hurley gives credit to her old job for the woman she is today. Her old job? Hooters. Apparently, Hooters helps the government. Now that Net-A-Porter has their own print magazine, we were thrilled to find out Alexa Chung will be showing her face on the cover. Makes us want to read it. Get your fix with all of our fashion news. Shop our guides to the best clogs and the best celebrity denim. Subscribe to SHEFindsMail for exclusive updates.