13 Fashion Trends That Need To Go Away After 2013

December 24, 2013 by Jihan Forbes
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Crop Tops: Let's give our midsections a break next year, what do you say? [via Splash News]

Wedge Sneakers: What's the point in wearing sneakers if you can't run in them? [via Peace Love Shea]

Peplum Overload: Peplums are flattering and all, but does every piece of clothing need the frilled embellishment? Short answer: NO. [via Gal Meets Glam]

Top Knots: It's the side-ponytail of 2013. STOP. [via Splash News]

Baseball Caps: We were into this look at first, but now that everyone and their mama seems to be donning a fitted or snapback these days, we're officially disenchanted. [via Rihanna Instagram]

Rainbow Colored Hair: It was cute on Chloe Norgaard, but most grown women look like teenage girls when they attempt this trend. [via Free People]

Overalls: Unless you're farming, painting, or under the age of 11, we'd advise to leave this trend alone. [via Splash News]

Flatforms: This is a trend that should have disappeared when the Spice Girls broke up, but '90s nostalgia is a resilient animal, and (sadly) brought this one back to life. [via Nasty Gal]

Pajama Pants: Another trend best enjoyed in the comfort of one's home.

Overly Ripped Jeans: One or two rips is fine, but once you go past three, it's seem a little excessive. Plus, ripped jeans tend to be expensive, and we're not keen on paying top dollar for damaged goods. [via Chanel Iman Instagram]

Furkenstocks: We'll admit furkenstocks look extremely comfy. But let's be real: Birkenstock-style sandals are generally ugly, and dressing them up with fur and glitter ain't gonna change that. [via Splash News]

Slippers As Shoes: We're here for comfort, but now that everyone's rocking smoking slippers these days, we're starting to think this is trend best kept alive in the privacy of one's home. [via Julianne Hough Instagram]

Printed Leggings: We're growing weary of this ubiquitous trend. Real pants FTW! [via Nasty Gal]

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