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The 14 Best Viral Videos Of 2014

December 29, 2014 by Andriena Baldwin
shefinds | Style

We’ve reached the end of another year, and while you may not have become the next big “it girl,” 2014 was full of viral sensations who gained a couple thousand followers on their Instagrams and YouTube channels.

Kids made it big with cuteness. Dancers (and those who tried to be dancers) leaped across our computer screens. Even the president was caught on camera doing some hilarious stuff. But in case you missed these moments, here are our favorite viral videos of 2014:

1. First Kiss


Sooo you put two people in front of a camera and tell them to kiss within 5 minutes of meeting eachother. Ewww I don’t know you man!

2. Brendan Jordan dances to Gaga

Brendan Jordan the dancing diva at Downtown Summerlin grand opening


Some of us might get caught on TV having the deer in headlights stare, but not Brendan. He heard Lady Gaga and broke out into full choreo.

3. President Obama kisses another man’s girl.


Wait! It’s not what you think. Dude was ballsy enough to tell the president not to touch his girlfriend, so what does the president do? Lean in for a peck on the cheek and pretty much tells him ¨What cha gonna do about that?¨

4. Apparently, he’s the cutest kid ever.


It was supposed to be an interview about a ride at the local fair. Instead this adorable red-head kid turned it into a viral sensation.

5. Solange goes OFF on Jay Z.


Sometimes thing go down when there’s a billion dollars in an elevator. At least that’s all Beyonce had to say about the incident.

 6. Taylor Hatala and her teacher have a dance off. 


This 11-year-old will leave your mouth open after you see her pop, lock and ride every beat of this song.

7. Mom’s pregnant again, and this kid’s annoyed.


Geez lady you’re having another kid? Why don’t you stop already?! Well, that’s not what he said exactly, but that’s what we heard.

8. 10 decades of beauty in 1 minute. 


This beauty and her glam squad took her hair and makeup through decades of style in 60 seconds. Look in the mirror, are you dated? No, it’s vintage!

9. Reporter quits, and it’s legen…wait for it…dary.


NSFW (There’s an epic F-Bomb). Did she know she was live? Yes, yes she did.

10. Go home Reese, you’re drunk.


Reese Witherspoon tried her darndest to say Cara Delevingne’s name. But everyone knows it’s pronounced De-le- heck, how is it pronounced?

11. Forget pacifiers, use Katy Perry.


Can’t get your kid to stop crying, play ¨Dark Horse¨ by Katy Perry. Instant baby soother.

12. Free Lion King? Yes please.


The cast of Broadway’s Lion King sang to passengers on the NYC subway. A-weem-bawe…A-weem-bawe…A-weem-bawe

13. Sick of ¨Let It Go¨? Skip this one.


There are a billion remixes to the Disney song, but no quite as awesome as this one. The production, the African undertones, the costumes. Even if you’re at your limit for the song, you have to hear this version.

14. Man reenacts ¨Chandelier¨ video…leotard and all.


Not too sure how many of our readers play Fantasy Football, but if you do, make sure your bets are as embarrassing as this one.

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[Photo: Courtesy WNEP]


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