The 2-Minute Trick For Nailing Your Next Job Interview

May 18, 2015 by Justine Schwartz
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If you feel nervous before job interviews (I mean–who doesn’t??) but really want to nail ’em, you need to know this trick.

In her TED talk (watch the full video below), social psychologist Amy Cuddy proves that body language is more than just an indicator of a person’s confidence level–it can actually make them more confident. In an experiment she conducted after years of research on the topic, Cuddy was able to prove that when a person takes on a “High-Power Pose” for just 2 minutes (ie., standing with arms at the waist like Wonder Woman), their body actually changes on a hormonal level: testosterone levels rise and cortisol levels decrease (testosterone is what makes you feel powerful, confident and assertive while cortisol makes you stress reactive–hence why you want lower levels). This is the brain chemistry equivalent of “fake it ’til you make it”–Cuddy’s subjects felt more powerful after changing their body language for just a few minutes. Okay, so here’s how to do it:

1) Before your next job interview or big meeting, go somewhere private like an empty conference room or bathroom stall.

2) Stand or sit in one of the high-power poses. You can find 5 examples in the video (at the 10:30 mark), but generally, high-power poses are when the arms and legs are open and spread wide apart. You want to take up as much space in the room as possible.

3) After 2 minutes, your testosterone levels will have increased and your cortisol levels will have decreased. You may not even notice it, but you will be feeling more confident and able to handle the stress of the situation. Go ahead–give it a try!

Watch the video:



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