The 6 (And Only) Acceptable Times To Wear A Wedding Tiara

August 2, 2012 by Pauline Millard
shefinds | Weddings

Tiaras get a bad rap. It seems that in almost every episode of the show Bridezillas, the petulant, unruly bride is wearing a tiara as she chases about in her dress. She’s the princess! As far as accessories go, tiaras fall into the same category as opera gloves and monocles. Even on the fanciest, most glamorous day of your life, they are seen as being just a little bit too much.

Let’s not be so harsh. Tiaras date back to the Egyptians as a sign of nobility. People have written entire books about them. Heck, even Lady Liberty wears a tiara. They are symbolic: In 1986, when Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew, she wore a wreath of flowers on her head as she walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. She changed into a tiara for the recessional. The message she sent was clear: she went to the altar as a young lady and left a married woman.

There are times when it is appropriate to wear a tiara, even if you’re not winning a beauty pageant. Read on.

1. You’re Having A Black Tie, Evening Wedding: If you’re the bride who wants the elaborate platinum wedding on New Year’s Eve, go ahead and don that tiara. When you’ve already shelled out for a poofy gown, glittery shoes and enough filet mignon to feed an army, you certainly can’t put a wreath of daisies on your head. Go big or go home. Arrange your hair in the highest up do you can manage and crown yourself.

2. You’re A Young Bride: There is something very sweet about the child-ish bride coming down the aisle wearing a little tiara. Young love lets you get away with acting like a princess in broad daylight. When we mean young, we mean early 20s. It’s the kind of sweetness that comes with marrying your college or high school sweetheart, concerns from parents be damned. You don’t get to wear a tiara at your afternoon wedding at the local Radisson just because you’re 45 years old and finally landed a man. (Or maybe you do.)

3. It’s Holding Your Veil To Your Head: A little bling is a great way to attach your veil. Just because it’s not an all-out crown doesn’t mean you can’t be a sparkly. No one will think you’re a diva with some fancy combs or barrettes.

4. You Actually Are Royalty: Kate Middleton brought the tiara back to the forefront when she sported this Cartier ‘Halo’ tiara to her royal wedding last April. It was a gift from the Queen of England, so she was somewhat obligated to wear it. Nevertheless, when you’re marrying a prince, you have every right to wear a tiara because, well, there is a history behind it.  A princess must wear a tiara, if only for the sake of history. Academics study and keep track of what royals wore what elaborate headpiece. You can’t let them down.

5. You’re A Celebrity: If you’ve starred in movies, sold millions of records or have for whatever reason appeared in a tabloid, you can wear a tirara at your wedding. Khloe Kardashian, Elizabeth Hurley, Catherine Zeta Jones, Carrie Underwood, Madonna and Drew Barrymore all frosted themselves on their big day. When celebrities are the closest thing to royalty that Americans have, it seems only right that they would wear a crown.

6. You’re A Real Housewife: Kim Zolciak and Lauri Peterson wore tiaras at their weddings. Because they think they’re royalty.




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