The 6 Biggest Bombshells From The Pretty Little Liars Season Premiere

January 13, 2016 by Sara Alderman
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Last night, Pretty Little Liars made its return to the small screen after last summer’s batsh*t cray season finale. The show jumped five years forward (in case you didn’t see #FiveYearsForward blowing up social media yesterday), and the girls are definitely not teenagers anymore. Besides the fact that they can now legally booze it up (which the writers totally took advantage of), their lives have changed dramatically since we last saw them leaving for college. Here are six jaw-dropping moments from the season premiere:

1) Charlotte (A) is dead

Towards the end of the episode, Charlotte is released from the care of the doctors who were treating her over the past five years (she didn’t even go to jail…). After spending a night reconnecting at home with her sister, Alison, Charlotte goes missing. Fearing the worst, Alison calls Hanna to find out whether or not the rest of the girls have seen Charlotte. Negative, they have not. Turns out, Charlotte’s body was found on the church lawn and she was pronounced dead… but was it a suicide? At first, we think yes. But then, the girls are notified by Lorenzo that Charlotte’s death is, in fact, a murder (insert SVU DUN DUN). He tells them that Charlotte was dead before she was pushed from the church bell tower. And just like that, a new mystery and search for the next “Big Bad” begins.

2) Hanna is engaged… not to Caleb

Hanna appears to totally have her life together at 22 years old–her age isn’t even the shocking part of that statement. This girl, who was terrorized by a psychopath all four high school, is working for a top fashion designer based in Paris and engaged to a French dude. Oh, yeah, his name is not Caleb Rivers. TEARS. But really, props to Hanna for thriving despite her scary teenage years.

3) Spencer and Caleb might be dating

On that note, there’s something going on with Spencer and Caleb. We learned that the two met up in Washington D.C. where Spencer now works as a lobbyist (obviously). And now, Caleb is staying in Spencer’s barn… shady! Spencer also flinched when Toby mentioned that he and Caleb went fishing last summer, and Hanna had a weird reaction when Caleb told her that Spencer was the one who told him about Charlotte’s death. These two did get close towards the end of high school, and it looks like their relationship might have blossomed over the past five years… but, you guys, WHAT HAPPENED TO HALEB??

4) Ezra is the most messed up

What happened to Ezra over the past five years is actually really sad and has nothing to do with “A” (but we do love a brooding Ian Harding, JUST SAYIN’). Last we saw of Ezra, he was leaving for South America with Emily’s friend Nicole to do work with Habitat for Humanity. We learn that Nicole and a few other volunteers were kidnapped and no one is doing anything to find them. Ezra just seems completely lost. He returned to Rosewood and lives above The Brew, which he still owns. He is also late on his second book and looks like he hasn’t taken a shower since the show jumped forward.

5) Emily’s dad passed away

If you watched the November special, then you already know that Emily’s dad, who was a war hero, is dead. However, it was casually mentioned in the episode last night in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment. It also sounds like Emily’s mom is dating again, but not having the best luck.

6) Radley is now a HOTEL

Radley Sanitorium, aka the nut house, as Hanna fondly remembers it, is now a swanky hotel called “The Radley.” Oh, and Ashley Marin runs the place. Totally creepy but tbh, the cocktails look good.

What did you think of the Pretty Little Liars 6B season premiere? Let us know in the comments below!

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