The First Thing To Do When You Wake Up In The Morning Is...

January 8, 2016 by Isabel Jones
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We’ve all been there… lying in bed moments before your alarm sounds, willing it not to, writing that mental to-do list, re-writing that mental to-do list—STOP! Mornings are supposed to be relaxing! Follow these important rituals and you’ll get the most out of your morning and have a more productive day.

Clear your bed and the rest will follow

Zen girl, ZEN. Give your mind a second to enjoy the peace and quiet of early morning. You’ve heard it before, think positive. Seriously, do it. Imagine a relaxed, uncluttered day ahead. Clear out your mind and breathe through oncoming anxiety  — you shouldn’t be stressed out before the day even starts! Experts say a great method for achieving early morning calm is making the bed. It takes about 20 seconds and  — admit it — it feels ridiculously satisfying! It’s such a simple way to regain control when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Drink up!

We mean water, of course (you can save the hard stuff for the end of the day…) Eight glasses of water is a lot — or at least it sounds like a lot. Instead of admitting defeat at 11pm and four glasses down, get ahead of the game when you first wake up! As tempting as it is to O.D. on caffeine before 9am, your body prefers water (sorry), and some early-morning hydration will make the afternoon slog 10-times more bearable!


The first few minutes after you wake up is the perfect time to rev up your creativity. Your mind is fresh, and you’re less self-critical than you would be when fully awake. Take a second to jot down your first waking impressions. Better yet, make note of your dreams before you forget them!

Get yo’ jam on

Do you have a special pump-up playlist? You know, the sort of pre-interview/pre-date lip-sync-into-hairbrush type beats…? The kind of playlist that definitely wouldn’t have tracks like “I Gotta Feeling” and Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” Yeah, definitely not…

Well, regardless of your music taste, it’s beneficial to listen to your fave tunes first thing in the AM. Positive vibes can take you far, like an entire day!

Crack open your dictionary (app)

Morning is the perfect time to absorb and retain new information, so start small but get that brain movin’! We suggest learning a new word per day — it’s a great way to start your day and better your vocabulary. Win-win!

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