The Lazy Girl's Trick For Hanging A Mirror

July 30, 2015 by Francesca Giordano
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Hanging a mirror is a lot harder than it looks. So, we made a foolproof step-by-step guide for you to hang yours like a pro!

Step 1: Find the perfect spot

Find a practical place for your mirror, like right next to the front door so you can get a quick glance at yourself on the way out or in your bedroom for when you’re getting ready.

Step 2: Find studs in the wall

Studs are wooden frame pieces which act as the structural support for a wall. Finding a stud keeps you from sticking a nail into a pipe or electrical wire. Stud finders are available to help you and usually range from $10- $40 dollars. If you don’t want to purchase a stud finder you can knock on the wall and listen to what you hear. If you hear a hollow, deeper, longer echo, there is no stud. If you hit one, you will hear a short, high-pitch sound. A third option is to look for indicators like nails in molding, or an outlet. These items are usually also nailed into a stud.

Step 3:  Test the studs and put in the nails

Once you think you found a stud, test it with a nail or screw. If it easily enters the wall, you missed the stud. It should take more effort for the screw or nail to go into the wall. Measure about 24 inches away or less to find the next stud. Place another screw or nail there.

Step 4: Hang the mirror!

If it’s a heavy one, get a friend to help you! That way you’ll have two pairs of eyes to level the mirror.

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