The One Mistake Every Girl Is Making With Her Blow Dryer

August 31, 2016 by Justine Schwartz
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The secret to making your blow dryer work faster, better and longer is embarrassingly simple. It’s literally right under our nose, but most of us don’t do it (or don’t do it enough). So don’t feel bad if you’re one of them!

What is it? It’s cleaning the filter or vents! Did you even know your blow dryer *had* a filter that needed to be cleaned?? Seriously, no shame in the game–I’m just about to drop some major truths on you right now.

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When the filter and/or vents become clogged, the air flow is greatly restricted (aka, it doesn’t blow out as hard). If it feels like your blow dryer takes longer and longer to dry your hair–it’s because you need to clean the filter to make it work more efficiently. Ultimately, it gets so dirty it burns out and that’s when you get a dead blow dryer on your hands.

Okay, so now that we’ve established that you need to clean the filter/vent of your blow dryer regularly (let’s shoot for once a month, ladies)–how exactly do you do it? Just unscrew/pop off/twist off the back of the dryer, also known as the “air intake.” Under the cap it will probably look like the lint trap of your clothes dryer–lots of lint and other dirty build-up.

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Carefully pull the lint out using your fingers, a Q-tip or tweezers. Depending on your exact dryer, there might be a paper or foam filter on top of the vents. Some sites suggest washing the air dryer filters in warm, soapy water to get them extra clean. I’ve never needed to take that extra step, but it can’t hurt I guess! No matter how you do it or exactly what type of dryer you have, the idea is to get the gunk out.

Here’s a Youtube video of one method:


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Here’s another Youtuber tackling the issue–the approach is the same:


So–let us know: will you be cleaning your blow dryer when you go home tonight? Did it totally work better and rock your world? Let us know if this was a life-changing story for you–or if you have more burning beauty questions we can answer!

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