The One Thing You Should Never Do When Shopping For A New Bra

March 23, 2016 by Isabel Jones
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Bra shopping is really hard. First off, there are about a billion options. Step inside a Victoria’s Secret and you’re in bra Disneyland for about five minutes, but then, after the fun has worn off, only stress and aggravation remain. Cup, band, style, color… so many decisions! And then you have to figure out whether your BOC (bra of choice) actually fits, which is strangely difficult, so you wind up asking a sales associate (read: you’re half naked in front of a complete stranger), and then said stranger tells you that the cup size you’ve been wearing since the ninth grade is all wrong… It’s an emotionally draining experience, to say the least.

I probably can’t make bra shopping any less painful for you, but I can make it more effective! I just discovered a vital piece of bra shopping know-how, and I can’t believe that no one (neither in the sea of lingerie that is Victoria’s Secret, nor the pages of Cosmopolitan), NO ONE (!!!) has ever given me this advice:

When you try on a bra, it should fit most comfortably on the last hook-and-eye set of the band. Apparently, bras stretch out about three inches in their lifetime, so if a brand new bra fits snugly on the loosest notch, that means your bra will live forever — kidding, but it does mean that it will stay wearable for as long as possible!

For some reason, I always thought bras were supposed to be worn on the tightest notch, and the looser ones were just there in case my boobs grew? Wishful thinking, I guess…

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