The One Thing You Should Never Wear On A Fat Day

September 12, 2016 by Justine Schwartz
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“Fat days” are unfortunate, but they’re universal–all women feel like they have them at one point or another. Whether you’re bloated/retaining water, have just come off a couple days of eating really badly (like, ahem, vacation or the entire month of August for me), or are constipated and feel like your stomach is hanging out–there is nothing worse than feeling like you can’t fit in to any of your clothes. Figuring out what to wear to work or to go out (god forbid!) on a fat day is especially brutal. Your wardrobe is instantly cut in half–all the clothes that fit snugly on a regular day are completely out of the question.

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The inclination is to wear something loose-fitting and forgiving–and that urge is right, it turns out, because the one thing you should NEVER wear on a fat day is especially tight clothes or shoes. It can actually make the situation worse by causing swelling in other areas! Yes, seriously–here’s how: bloating can sometimes be a buildup of fluids, a condition called edema. This swelling can actually be made worse by tight shoes or clothes, because they restrict blood circulation which causes a buildup of fluids in the surrounding areas (your ankles, legs, etc).

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For this reason, if you’re feeling bloated you should avoid restrictive clothing (things like tight skinny jeans with no stretch), shoes that are too small or too tight (never, ever break in new shoes or clothing on a fat day!). Sometimes I’ll experience this while wearing Converse sneakers, which are a half a size too small and I generally find to be a very stiff shoe. When my feet swell, at the end of the day or on a fat day, they are especially uncomfortable and only get worse as the time passes. If you suspect that you’re suffering from edema (it’s common in diabetes sufferers) please consult your doctor.

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If your “fat day” is due to true weight gain or constipation, and not bloating or swelling, this might not make as big of a difference for you. In that case, might we suggest trying to quit drinking soda, drinking one of these detox teas or lowering your sugar intake. You can opt for that loose-fitting black top and stretchy-top jeans in the meantime.

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