The Overachievers' Guide To Asking Your BFFs To Be Your Bridesmaids

February 21, 2012 by eileenconlan
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I’ve watched my share of Bridezillas: I know how it ends for those poor bridesmaids, who are forced to attend workout boot camps, endure their share of trash-talking, and generally take a lot of heat (in terms of verbal lashings and in the form of tanning beds). Though my bridesmaids know I’m not going to make them do thankless tasks, sew my wedding dress out of ribbons or force them to wear ugly floor length gowns they’ll never wear again, I still wanted them all to feel special. Most of all, I wanted them to want to be in the wedding. Which is why I made these “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” boxes for my 6 friends. Yes, a little overachieving, perhaps, but totally worth it. (And it was fun.)

I wanted to create a pretty little world of inspiration and information so that the girls I was asking to be my maids knew what the deal was. Everyone’s busy, though, and how annoying are those long chain emails with info on bachelorette parties and bridal showers? (I am always the last to reply, making me feel like a bad bridesmaid, so I hate those.) Anyway–I got my inspiration from Bethany over at Rinse, Repeat, and made it my own from there. I admit, this wasn’t a quick task, but it was fun and actually pretty relaxing to sit and paint boxes for an afternoon. Plus it forced me to think of the vision of what my bridesmaids will wear and what the bouquets will look like–something I’ve been totally procrastinating.

Here’s my step-by-step guide:

The boxes:

I bought unfinished cigar boxes from Jo-Ann Fabrics. (I bought them online because none seem to exist, to my knowledge, in NYC.)

I also bought a few bottles of acrylic paint, in Cream, Light gray and Peaches ‘n Cream, and a six-pack of Stila lip gloss, because every girl likes that.

Once the supplies arrived, I gave each box two coats of Cream on the outside and inside and then I painted one coat of Peaches ‘n Cream. On the borders, I decided to give it a candy-cane kind of feel by painting horizontal stripes. You can do whatever you like–maybe you have a stencil or you prefer polka dots. It’s anybody’s game. I stuck on “Will You Be My ‘Maid?” to each of them, finishing them off once they were dried.

The photos:

I put my Pinterest obsession to use, and printed out photos of my favorite bridesmaid looks and floral bouquets. I hadn’t decided if I would do slate gray or different shades of nude and blush, so I included all of them, with an explanation in the letter I wrote. I also printed out photos from the venue I’m getting married in so the girls could picture the day and be excited for it.

The letter:

Then I created a Word document with all of the details about the wedding–the categories included the following.

The Wedding: The deets

The Dresses: The question on everyone’s mind

The Girls: A dossier (with a short paragraph about how I know each girl and why we’re friends)

Then I threw in the Save the Date cards, which had just arrived, and mailed them off. Every single one of my friends was jumping for joy, they were so excited and they all said it was a fun, thoughtful way to be asked to be in the wedding.

I recommend you give it a try! But if it’s not your thing, or takes too long (it was definitely not a quick little project), then see our favorite Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards. They’re just as thoughtful.

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