The Pros And Cons To The 3 Most Popular Sleeping Positions

July 29, 2015 by Rachel Gulmi
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Sleeping should be easy, right? I mean, we aren’t doing much considering we are, uh, asleep. Sleeping, however, can cause a lot of health problems. Much of our daily activities depend on a good night’s sleep and the position you sleep in may be affecting you more than you think. Here are the pros and cons to the three most popular sleeping positions.

Back Sleepers

Pros: This position is great for your neck and back as your body isn’t all twisted. Sleeping on your back helps to prevent wrinkles and breakouts because your face isn’t touching the pillow. Doctors suggest this is the best position to sleep in.

Cons: Back sleepers tend to snore more because the base of the tongue is covering the airway. Sleep apnea is also closely associated with people who sleep on their back.

Side Sleepers

Pros: Snoring and acid reflux will be reduced. The spine is elongated so back pain may feel relieved.

Cons: Side sleepers are more prone to wrinkles and breakouts since their face is touching the pillow. Arms will have restricted blood flow and neck and shoulders will feel constricted since the shoulders are holding a lot of body weight.

Stomach Sleepers

Pros: More open airways will lead to no snoring or sleep apnea.

Cons: The natural curve of your back is flattened and keeping your head turned to one side isn’t ideal. Stomach sleepers also put unnecessary pressure on their joints and muscles. Most doctors regard this position as the worst way to sleep.

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