The Single Most Unhealthy Item On The Menu At Starbucks Is...

August 1, 2016 by Keren Leshem
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Ah, Starbucks. You literally can’t walk two blocks in NYC without seeing, like, twenty stores, right?! There’s things we love about Starbucks – the ease of ordering online, the reliability of getting a good cup of coffee, and their seasonal treats. But we all know that one dangerous part about ordering your cup o’ joe from Starbucks – and no, it’s not the possibility of getting stuck behind someone ordering a double-pump-java-mocha-latte-frap, two pumps sugar-free vanilla, light ice

It’s the calories. Ever since Starbucks started posting the nutritional value of their drinks back in 2013, everyone’s been shocked to find that their favorite drink somehow totals to 400 calories! But ever wonder what actually is the worst thing to order from Starbucks? We did some research and found that it’s not what everyone would expect: the Double Chocolatey Chip Frappuccino. Not to worry, this decadent chocolate drink is only 520 calories!

So who’s the real winner (or loser)?? We found that the Starbucks drink with the most amount of calories is… the White Hot Chocolate. Yup, in a Venti cup, with whipped cream, this drink is 640 calories! Whoa.

Next time you go for your fave drink, better double check to see how many calories it really is!

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