This Guy Used The Viral Power Of Memes To Propose To His Longtime GF #Genius

March 2, 2012 by emilyanderson
shefinds | Weddings

Buzzfeed contributor Len Kendall thought up a totally unique way to propose to his lady: he enlisted the internet to do it for him. Len posted a simple, meme-able image of himself posing down on one knee, and left it to Buzzfeed readers to do the rest.

Within hours, the internet was lousy with Len’s engagement-themed memes! It didn’t take Len’s GF Katie long to respond, especially with #sayyeskatie randomly trending in the twitterverse. Congrats, Len & Katie, and congrats, INTERNET, on a job well done. Wanna see a few of our favorite memes created on Len’s behalf?

Of course, LOLcats had to get involved. Cats basically invented memes. Were you not aware?

Here’s a very topical (and slightly frightening) Oscars version.

Even everyone’s favorite Honey Boo Boo Child makes an appearance! She can be particularly persuasive.

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