This Is What To Wear When You Work Out In Summer (Hint: It's Not Stretchy!)

August 3, 2016 by Justine Schwartz
shefinds | Style

If you’re a gym rat or exercise fiend–props, girl. You put in that extra work and see results. And you know that the struggle to workout in the dead of summer is real–motivating to go for a run outside when it’s 90 degree is like hero status.

The sweat! Oh, the sweat! There’s so much of it, and you’re not sure exactly what to wear to deal with it. Should you be one of those people in sweat bands?? Should you wear a loose cotton tee or a tight spandex top? What’s the best material for shorts–spandex, nylon, mesh?? It might seem like sweating a ton is inevitable when you put in work in summer, but there *are* some materials and outfit options that can actually make you sweat less and have a less sticky workout session. Dontcha want to know what they are? Here’s the answer:

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So, remember when we told you that when you’re hot you sweat, and in order to cool off you need the sweat to evaporate (because it’s the evaporation that drains the heat from your body)? Air flow is how sweat evaporates, so the more air that can flow to your skin, the better. It seems pretty straight forward, and this rule is especially true for workout clothes in summer.

The more skin you can show–the better. This is why you see the hardcore chicks in sports bras and booty shorts at the gym. They are allowing the maximum air flow to their skin by literally exposing it to the air. There’s no clingy clothing barrier to prevent the evaporation of sweat. This is the optimal choice.

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So, that said, let’s just assume that some (most?) of you don’t feel comfortable working out in skimpy or nonexistent clothing? Also, let’s assume that the sun is out and you need some sort of protection from burning. So, what should you do then?

Well, the answer is definitely more clothing–sunscreen is unfortunately bad for sweating because it does not allow the skin to produce sweat. Which, again, plays a key part of cooling down your.

So–if the suns out (guns out) and you’re exercising, you want to go with loose-fitting clothing. Loose fitting clothing, ones where the arm holes and leg holes are extra wide, will allow for the air to circulate. The answer is not your tightest tops–they are too constricting and prevent air flow. The answer is never Spandex (unless you’re competing in the Olympics!).

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Now, what about color? We already know that black clothing absorbs the heat from the sun and transmits it to the skin, which makes you hotter, so you want to avoid black clothing during a summer workout at all costs. (I know, like half my workout clothes are black. Time to invest in another color!). The answer to your color question is to wear the lightest colors possible – whites, pales, neutrals. Dark clothing is not the way to go–again, it will only make you hotter.

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So, there you have it! The answer of your question, “what should I wear to work out in summer?” Was this article helpful? What will you wear on your next summer run? Let us know by commenting below or sending more of your summer style questions to [email protected]

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