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The 10 Most Awesome & Awkward Viral Wedding Videos So Far This Year

June 28, 2012 by Emily Anderson
shefinds | Weddings

Just like weddings renew (but also sometimes totally crush) our faith in love, life, and the powers of human expression, so too does a fresh crop of viral videos reaffirm our zest for buzz-worthy, share-worthy internet vids year after year.

Some of these videos provide us with genuinely authentic, human moments that will make you a little misty (or trigger full-body sobs, depending on your propensity for weepiness). Others are just desperate grabs for Youtube infamy that will make you shake your head. Either way, you’ll definitely be hearing about a few of these at the water cooler this week, so get informed!

1. Isaac’s Live Lib-Dub Proposal


Ladies and gentleman, this Oregon actor really raised the bar when he put together this elaborate proposal for his girlfriend Amy – a 60 person choreographed performance to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” Mistability potential: extremely high.

2. Flashmob/Marching Band Bryant Park Proposal


Yes, another flash mob proposal – but this one is awesome because A. it’s a Michael Jackson song, B. it takes place in Bryant Park in NYC, and C. watching the bride’s stunned disbelief melt into quivering happy sobbing as this surprise morphs from flash mob to marching band to a parade of everyone she knows and loves, all before her man pops the questions, is absolutely priceless.

3. Anthony’s LEGO Proposal 


The LEGO proposal vid might not be an entirely new thing, but film student Anthony Pinder really nailed it when he made this adorable video. This stop-motion LEGO proposal really takes the cake – and definitely features the most bad-ass dragons.

4. Ben’s Precious Wedding Gift For Emma


Ben and Emma are young and in love, but not rolling in dough (you know the drill). Ben is a humble grad student in Philly, who wanted to gift his bride-to-be something special, but their wedding budget had already been eaten up. Thus, this heart-warming video.

5. Cue Tornado! 


It’s just another lovely, countrified Kansas wedding – complete with tornadoes. Not one, but two tornadoes crashed this couple’s wedding ceremony. All those in attendance were unperturbed by the situation, however, because both twisters were four miles away. Crazy Midwesterners.

6. “PachaNelly’s Canon” by Gentleman’s Rule 


This 10 man accappella group is just trying to drum up some business in the most awesome way possible – by showcasing their talents in a Nelly-Pachelbel’s Canon mash-up. Amazing.

7. “I’m In A Wedding” (“I’m On A Boat” Parody)


Well this is one way to shake things up at your brother’s wedding. This enthusiastic Best Man and his groomsmen crew made a hilarious, obscenity-ridden video parody of that SNL digital short classic “I’m On A Boat” – guess what word got substituted for “mermaid?”

8. This Wedding Guest Gets Down To “Proud Mary”


Nothing infuses a little life into a crowd, or totally alienates everyone faster than a one-man dance number. Luckily, this guy’s performance did the former.

9. A Bride Sings Herself Down The Aisle


This bride decided to turn her big moment into an even bigger moment by serenading herself down the aisle. The good news: this bride can sing! The bad news: sadly, that doesn’t redeem this terribly awkward wedding performance in the least. The groom is noticeably embarrassed, and the wedding guests don’t know where to look. Fortunately the bride doesn’t seem to care.

10. An Entire Wedding Party Takes A Dip 


We’ll end with a bit slapstick humor- though I’m sure the bride didn’t find this at all funny – her gown was totally soaked when the weight of her entire wedding party caused a flimsy pier to collapse.


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