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Tik Tok: Halloween Is Almost Here - Why Not Be Kesha?

October 6, 2010 by Justine Schwartz
shefinds | Celebrity

UPDATE: Check out the 2011 Kesha Halloween Costume we’ve curated here

I’m going to be Kesha this year for Halloween (spoiler alert!), and instead of being a holiday Grinch, I’ve decided to share my awesome costume idea with the world. If you’re in the mood to be a hot mess for Halloween – who better than the face-painted, head-dress wearing Kesha?

The Basics:

You must have Kesha’s signature Death to the Pixie t-shirt ($20) to nail her outfit right off. Cut and rip the neckline to get her off-the-shoulder look.

You will need a large feather headress like this Western Authentic Indian Headress ($36.99). Oddly enough, it’s her signature look – you will be recognized at parties for this key accessory.

The Outfit:

A Kesha Halloween costume will need the following outfit basics: a studded or patched leather jacket, a leotard or onesie, fishnet tights and combat boots.

To prove you’re really “rock and roll” (wait, isn’t she a pop star?!) you’ll need a Studded Leatherette Jacket ($47.80). Pop stars aren’t wearing much more than a leotard these days (ahem, Lady Gaga) so if you’re bold enough – go for this American Apparel Halter Leotard ($25) underneath.

Pair the plunge neck onesie with these HUE fishnet tights ($12.50) – just like Kesha’s (it might be a little drafty in late October – but suck it up). Top off the look with a pair of combat boots like these Steve Madden Troopa boots ($99.95).

The Makeup:

Kesha’s makeup formula is pretty simple: lots of blue, glitter and a giant star around the eye. Simple enough:

To create the blue lips and starry eye, use this Blue Hydrator Make-Up ($11.01). Top off the Kesha eye with these cool blue Extra Long Eyelashes ($4.99).

The Accessories:

The key to Kesha’s accessories is Native American-inspired necklaces, an armful of bangles and a fake nose ring.

Kesha’s jewelry is also Native American-inspired, to you’ll need this Native American Indian Costume pendant ($6.79) and this White Leather Indian pouch with fringe ($17.99).

Load up your wrist with a combination of rock and roll studded bangles like this Tarnish Studded Bangle ($28) and colorful, beaded Indian ones like this Navajo Beaded Cuff ($9.50).

If you’re going all the way with this costume, like I am, you will need Kesha’s fake nose ring ($2.99) to complete the look. Ta-da! You’re officially the Queen of Hot Mess USA.

Not in the Ke$ha kind of mood? How about a Snooki halloween costume? We have awesome tips for dressing as Katy Perry, Rachel Zoe, and Mad Men’s Betty Draper and Joan Holloway, and Lady Gaga. Not in the Halloween state of mind? Shop our guides to the best jeggings, military jackets and over the knee boots.

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