The 5 Best Tips For Women Who Are Traveling Solo

April 30, 2019 by Alisha Stacy
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We can’t stress enough how necessary it is to make time to travel. Being able to see new parts of the world and experience other cultures is something everyone should do. Whether you want to go near or far, there are always new adventures awaiting.

And if you really want to immerse yourself into a life-changing trip, go to the destination alone. Now don’t get us wrong, we love a good family vacay or romantic getaway, but there is just an unexplainable special factor in taking on a new city or country by yourself. If you ask most women that have already done so, they’ll tell you how glad they were to actually do it. Already thinking of where you want to head to?

Before you do go, there are very important pieces of information you should know so you are fully prepared and safe. That’s why we asked two travel influencers, Dani Rodriguez and Kelsey Johnson to share their own personal safety tips so we could pass them on to you.

      1. Do Your Research.

“Before you arrive at your destination, research the safety services in the city you’ll be visiting:

  • Look up the local emergency phone numbers—most countries do not use 911 and have their own emergency numbers, some even vary by city.
  • Identify the closest hospital and emergency room to where you’re staying.
  • For most countries and cities, you can look up crime maps to see which areas are high risk, and consider avoiding them.
  • Learn how to yell “help” and “stop” in the local language in case you need to call out for assistance and want to make sure you can gain attention quickly.

Either print out that emergency information or keep it in an easy to access place on your phone.” -Dani Rodriguez

     2. Be Prepared.

Travel insurance is an absolute must, for covering lost luggage, cancelled flights, and any emergency room/hospital care, I never leave the country without it.  But you should also consider adding a medical transport and travel security membership like Medjet. Travel insurance (or credit card travel benefits if you’re counting on those) typically will not get you all the way home in the case of a serious illness or injury, only to the “nearest acceptable facility”, but with Medjet can get you all the way to a hospital at home to recover. “-Dani Rodriguez

   3. Keep Your Valuables Tucked Away.

“If you’re like us and travel with a lot of camera gear, keep everything in your backpack as much as possible (same with your phone!). If you need to carry cash on you for the trip, stash what you don’t need for the day in your suitcase, and keep only a minimal amount in your wallet so when you go to pay for things it doesn’t look like you have much on you. If you have a nice camera, you can use a piece of duct tape to cover up the logos so the model can’t be identified at a glance.”-Kelsey Johnson

   4. Stay Alert.

“If you go out at night, keep an eye on your drinking. Don’t feel like you can’t enjoy yourself, but know your limits so you don’t put yourself in a position where your inhibitions are lowered or your judgment is skewed.  And never leave food or drinks unattended. Even when a bartender is making your drink, don’t trust them automatically, watch them make it.” -Kelsey Johnson

  5. Don’t Share Your Location on Social Media.

“…at least not right away. Wait to tag your location on Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. until you have left that area, regardless of your follower count. You don’t know who in the area could be watching and could find you. It may sound paranoid, but Snapchat is why Kim Kardashian’s location was known to her robbers in Paris. Let’s not make Kim K’s mistake.”-Dani Rodriguez

By following these helpful tips, you’ll be sure to have a fun and unforgettable trip wherever you go!


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Alisha Stacy creates compelling branded content for SheFinds--on behalf of clients as our marketing manager, and e-commerce posts as a contributor to the editorial team. She covers the latest in fashion, beauty, and travel. You can reach her at [email protected]

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