10 Designers Who #Fail at Kids Products

August 26, 2011 by Mom Jeanine
shefinds | Kids

There was a time when I stood in awe of big name fashion designers. They could do no wrong in my eyes. $1000 bags, $800 shoes–it all made me love them even more.

And then… I had a kid. And somehow that one simple life change ripped the wool from my eyes. Suddenly I realized that those same designers I once coveted were putting out some of the most absurd products I’d ever seen.

It’s all love here at MOMfinds, but I just have to share these epic designer #fails for kids. (Please don’t hate me.)

1. Gucci. There’s just no reason why the cheapest item in a kids’ clothing line should cost $80. And if said item is a t-shirt, it’s all the more insulting… and infuriating.

2. Tory Burch. I love you Tory, I really do. But $125 for a pair of little girls’ ballet flats? Even if the double T logo was 14kt gold these would still be a #fail.

3. True Religion. I will grant you that these toddler jeans are cute, but for $122 they need to be way more than cute. They should never rip, never get dirty  and my child should never outgrow them.

4. Dolce & Gabbana. Don’t be fooled: D&G’s junior line is offensively priced, but that’s not what landed them on this list. Rather, it’s that travesty of a diaper bag above. Our advice? Stick to leather goods.

5. Ray Ban. Adults have a hard enough time keeping track of their sunglasses, so the loss factor at least quadruples when you’re dealing with a kid. It’s basically inevitable that a child’s sunglasses will either get lost or broken within a few month’s time, so why on earth would one try to sucker a mom into paying $100 for a pair?

6. Juicy Couture. Juicy Couture girls’ clothes and shoes are actually cute, but that stroller… it’s just inexcusable. From the velour and crowns to the logos everywhere, it’s just bad. The one saving grace is that it is a Maclaren stroller, which means at least it rides well.

7. Burberry. If you’re going to charge $195 for a lunch box, the least it should be is insulated. A warm juice box doesn’t taste any better just because it came out of a Burberry lunch box.

8. Michael Kors. MK, I love you and Project Runway and your dresses, but here’s a heads up: just because girls like the Monster High characters doesn’t mean they want to dress like them. These heeled loafers would be great as part of a Halloween costume… and that’s about it.

9. Fendi. You decide what’s most #fail-worthy–the $341 baby gift set, the $1155 baby bag or the $572 rain coat.

10. Phillip Lim. Actually, I can’t decide if this trench is a #fail or if it’s just so absolutely ridiculous that it’s awesome. A few things to note: it’s $650, made for 3-year-olds and yes, that’s real rabbit fur.

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