Top 9 Improbable Fashion Trends Of 2009

December 30, 2009 by Rebekah
shefinds | Style

Our countdown to 2010 would not be complete without a roundup of the odd fashion trends we never could have predicted. Here are our votes for the best 9 of 2009:

1. Vampires: Vampire-inspired makeup, jewelry and clothes were an odd if not entirely surprising spawn of the wildly successful Twilight series, among other Vampire-related media.

navy harem pants

2. Harem Pants: Mostly weird because we see no reason to drop the crotch of a pant, thus shortening the leg and making most shirts seem out of proportion. Less weird looking if, as usual, you are very tall and thin.

bow shorts

3. Cocktail shorts: We’re totally fine with the spring version of this trend – a modern, masculine-ized take on the sundress. Just please don’t buy jacquard hot pants and wear them with tights to a holiday fete.

rachel palley jumpsuit

4. Jumpsuits: These onesies can be flattering when done correctly, but have lots of potential to go wrong: Too loose and you’re reporting for combat, too tight and you’re a streetwalker from the seventies.

shoulder pads

5. Shoulder pads: The new versions are actually quite subtle and wearable, but we’re not sure what possessed brands to bring back the ghastly eighties mainstay in the first place. Maybe the challenge.

liquid leggings

6. Liquid leggings: These work if you’re super tall and super skinny. For everyone else: it’s ok if you’re not comfortable wearing reflective pleather stretched over your butt. Neither are we.

sequined leggings

7. Sequin leggings: We’ll go out on a limb and say these aren’t really classy, ever. And are even more reflective than liquid leggings.

freya monokini

8. Monokinis: The first generation of this bikini-one-piece hybrid was almost universally unflattering, but designers have slowly created more figure-friendly cutouts – we’ll be looking for them this spring–along with Spanx swimwear.

peep toe bootie

9. Peep-toe booties: I’ll repeat what I said the first time I saw these in 2008: If I’m wearing boots, that means it’s cold outside, and my toes should be covered up.

For from our countdown series, see the Top 9 Fashion Collaborations of 2009, and if you haven’t checked your Fashion IQ lately, check out our Taste Tests.

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