Beauty Trend: Eyebrow Threading

August 14, 2006 by SheFindsKim
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I’ve noticed that Middle Eastern and Indian women often have perfect eyebrows, beautifully shaped and so precise. Eyebrow threading, a method of hair removal that has long been used by Middle Eastern and Indian women, may be their secret. A thread is wrapped around the hairs and pulled to remove the unwanted ones. So far, I see only perks to this process. I found it to be much less painful than waxing or tweezing, and I can see why it’s growing in popularity in the US. A week after my first-ever session and I had barely any regrowth, unlike with waxing, after which I normally see little hairs within a few days. Even worse, waxing often took off a layer or two of my skin. Yeow! And threading is completely natural and devoid of chemicals.

But a couple notes of caution: Be sure to tell your threader exactly how you want your brows. Pencil in the shape you want if needed. If you feel uncomfortable with anything your threader is doing, let her know! For example, the threader at a salon I visited in suburban Philadelphia (that shall remain unnamed), dipped a swab into powder and on my brows to prep (my skin is very oily). Then she dipped the same swab back in the powder. She also wiped her nose then wiped another client’s face with the same hand. Ewww…

Instead, find a reputable threader you can trust, like the threaders at Their website promises – “After hearing endlessly about past spa nightmares from our clients, the Shobha Family has vowed to go that extra mile to ensure your safety, and therefore we only offer Super Sanitary Services!”

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