Try Not To Stare...Into The Eyes Of These Creepy Animal Face T-Shirts From ASOS

June 18, 2013 by Sara Alderman
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Remember that kid in your high school bio class who wore an extremely oversized t-shirt? Preferably with a very vivid and true-to-life depiction of his/or her favorite wildlife animal? Lions were a favorite, as well as koala bears, dolphins and wolves. You know, something they could easily wear from class to say, the science club meeting. Well, ASOS is on a mission to bring that look back (for some reason?) because their latest line of t-shirts are giving us some serious Bio 100 déjà vu…and the creeps. Not only are these t-shirts oversized to the max – which used to be great for covering any unwanted pubescent changes, but what’s the point now? – but they are way too lifelike (is it a photo?? is it a drawing??) They’re just downright creepy. From the squinty rabbit eyes to the creepy hamster face, complete with that little rodent paw, these enlarged animal homages look like they might come to life. And we really, really don’t want them to.

Imagine if they popped up as an ad on the side of your Facebook? That happened to me and I had to find out who was selling them (even when my friend was begging me to make them go away). I gotta give it to ASOS though, as scary as these shirts are, it’s cool they put them on their site. For all I know, personal animal faces can be the next big thing.

Click the slideshow to see all the animal face tees and get even more creeped out.

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