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Younique Just Launched A New Game-Changing Foundation

Remember a few weeks back when we gave you the scoop on $400 million beauty brand, Younique? Well we're back today with more exciting (and exclusive!) Younique news! Just in time for summer, Younique just debuted two amazing new additions to their already-incredible catalog of foundations. The YOUNIQUE TOUCH pressed powder foundation and YOUNIQUE TOUCH loose powder foundation are not only available in over 10 shades, but they both offer incredible coverage whether you consider yourself a beauty novice or pro. Here's more on the exciting new foundations from Tori Poulter, Chief Sales Officer for Younique Products: We are excited to extend our wildly popular foundation range to include a new pressed powder foundation and loose powder foundation. We’ve got you covered with our new YOUNIQUE TOUCH pressed powder foundation. Our new formula goes on silky smooth to create a flawless, airbrushed finish with buildable, medium-to-full coverage. With brand-new shade options (in addition to our classic shades of TOUCH MINERAL pressed powder foundation), we’re sure you’ll be able to find your perfect match. Our new YOUNIQUE TOUCH loose powder foundation is an innovative and easy way to get seamless coverage with an incredibly soft feel. Just buff your way to the coverage you want for that perfect no-makeup makeup look. This weightless foundation is buildable but never cakey or heavy—you’re left with natural-looking radiance and a smooth finish. YOUNIQUE TOUCH loose powder foundation looks flawless on its own or paired with any of our other foundations for a polished, matte finish. This dreamy powder foundation is definitely a match made in heaven. Foundation that goes on light, but still provides full coverage? Sign me up! SHOP THE NEW YOUNIQUE TOUCH FOUNDATIONS NOW

7 TMI Wedding Questions Every Bride Is Afraid To Ask (But Really Wants To)

Every bride has her list of worries about her wedding day--some are more personal than others. Since you’re probably not comfortable talking to your wedding planner about them, we’ve got the answers to some of the most embarrassing questions brides want answered. How will I use the bathroom in my gown? This is when your bridesmaids really come in handy--and you need to seriously throw any modesty out the window. A bridesmaid will stand on either side of you to lift your dress up, while you focus on handling your undergarments. Some pros suggest sitting on the toilet backward so that the train of the dress is not in danger of winding up in the toilet (you’ll still need your maids to lift the dress up). Others recommend taking the dress off entirely, but that seems like a lot of work to us. What if I have my period on the big day? This is an inconvenience most brides don’t want to deal with on their wedding day (and night). If you are on the pill, your doctor can work with you to tweak them so you do not get your period the month of the wedding (this is usually done by skipping your placebo/sugar pills in the month or months before the wedding and starting a new pack of pills right away). If you’re not on the pill, still talk to your doctor--there might be something he can do. If you do have your period, you might want to add in some extra protection (a tampon and a pad) if so you don’t have to worry about an accident and be sure to change them often. I don’t glisten--I sweat! How do I avoid pit stains on my wedding dress? Many women swear by Botox injections in the pit to prevent excessive sweating. If that’s too extreme for you, look into getting Certain Dri. Women swear by it to keep them sweat and pit-stain free. My wedding will be outdoors in the summer. How do I make sure any BO is kept at bay? If you’re spending any time in the hot sun, you’ve got to worry a bit about body odor (even the most ladylike brides can get it!). Keep a travel-sized deodorant in your purse--or ask a bridesmaid to carry it in hers--so that you can apply frequently throughout the day. Is it horrible if I’m too tired to have sex on my wedding night? Not at all. In fact, a recent survey found that at least 25 percent of couples don't even have sex on their wedding night, because they were too drunk or tired. Other brides and grooms want to spend time with their guests at an after-party instead of getting busy. The bottom line is you have your whole lives to have sex, so don’t put pressure on yourselves. Doing it the next morning or even once you get to your honeymoon destination is just fine and doesn’t spell trouble for your marriage. I want to wear a sleeveless dress, but my arms are super hairy and waxing often irritates my skin. What can I do? Whatever you do, do not shave that hair off. Instead, head down to your local spa or salon before you buy a dress and ask them if they have a wax for especially sensitive skin (most do). Then have then test a small section of your arm. If you don’t have a reaction, you’re in the clear. If not, you can consider bleaching the hair (although that can also irritate)--or you’ll just have to keep them covered with sleeves or a shrug. When I get nervous, my mouth gets dry and my breath stinks. How do I make sure it stays fresh the whole day? First, take a trip to the dentist for a cleaning. Excess plaque can definitely lead to bad breath. On the big day, drink plenty of water since lack of fluids can impact your breath. And of course, you can always pop a few breath mints keep it all minty fresh throughout the day. Skip the gum, though. No one wants to see a pretty girl in a gown chomping away on a wad of Bubblelicious. For more wedding advice, Follow SHEfinds on Pinterest! --7 Things Every Bride Forgets When Posing For Wedding Photos --9 Things Every Bride Forgets To Do After Her Wedding Ceremony --6 Things Brides Should Do Before Putting On Her Wedding Gown [Photos: Shutterstock]

This Is The One Hand Cream Every Woman Should Keep In Her Purse

Living in New York City means I wash my hands a lot. Given that I spend so much time holding subway poles and touching doors and doorknobs, I've become extremely diligent about washing my hands whenever I've made contact with a public, shared surface. As much I like keeping my hands germ free, there is one downside to all that washing: super dry hands. Obviously, dry hands feel really unpleasant, but hands lacking moisture will also start to show age. That's why I religiously apply Seed PhytoNutrients' Hand Salve after every wash. It's one of my top three most favorite hand creams (right up there with this one and this one) because it's super creamy and hydrating, but dries quickly without any greasy residue. I also love that this hand treatment is jam packed with lots of good-for-your-skin oils. Here's the rundown of the ingredients: Camelina Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut, Safflower Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Jojoba Seed Oil. How can that be bad, right?! The result of regular use for me is that my hands stay soft, moisturized and also wrinkle free. Now before you give me grief about $22 for a hand cream, let me explain. One tube will last you months. A little goes a long way and given how essential this item is in your beauty routine, I say it's worth the splurge. SHOP SEED PHYTONUTRIENTS HAND SALVE NOW More on SheFinds: - The Sandals You Won’t Take Off All Summer Are On Sale Right Now - Be The First To Shop Lively's New Crazy Comfortable Wirefree Strapless Bra - BB Dakota Just Launched The Prettiest Bridesmaid Dress Collection

Calling All Wanderlusters: You NEED This One Thing In Your Home

Traveling is the only thing in life in which you spend money but become richer. You learn about new cultures, get to see amazing places and get to step outside your comfort zone. We all keep track of places we've been whether it's by passport stamps or journals. Physically being able to see all your travel accomplishments is typically unheard of. This home decor piece by Landmass Goods allows you to check off each place on your bucket list by simply scratching it off on your map. This World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Map looks good on your wall and is sure to strike up a conversation for anyone that visits your home. Expensive art can cost you an arm and a leg but this personalized map looks great with any decor and is only $36.99 in the SheFindsShop for a limited time. Get this for your favorite traveler or yourself while this sale lasts! More on SheFinds: -Nordstrom's Bestselling Tunic Is Back In Stock --& In The Best New Hue For Summer -The Sandals You Won't Take Off All Summer Are On Sale -Be The Hostess With The Mostess With This Flatware Set

Be The Hostess With The Mostess With This Flatware Set

The older you get, the more you want practical gifts for any holiday or birthday. And if you love to cook, more often than not you're always stirring up a storm in your kitchen using multiple different pots, pans and utensils. But when it comes time to serve, do you have quality flatware to use? It's one of the bare necessities you need in your kitchen but it's often simply overlooked. This Knork Stainless Steel Flatware set is here to save the day. Each set comes with 20 pieces - enough for a full, 4-person family and the stainless steel is so tough that it won't bend or break even against the most difficult foods. A quality set like this is usually $100 but right now this set is only $54.99 in the SheFindsShop. Get it now and start serving nice flatware at your next dinner. More on SheFinds: -Hurry! The Most Versatile Dress EVER Is 40% Off At Nordstrom -These Leggings Flatten Your Stomach --& They’re 35% Off Right Now -My Favorite Strapless Bra That NEVER Falls Down Is On Sale Right Now

This Is Major–Here’s How To Save 20% At Groupon For Two Days Only

Chances are you already know and love Groupon for their amazing deals and offers on products and services around the country. But get this: Groupon is currently offering savings on top of savings! For two days only, you can save up to an extra 20% off your Groupon purchase with code SALE3 at checkout*. Groupon doesn't do sitewide deals all that often, so this is kind of a big deal and just one of the many reasons you should take advantage. From restaurant and fitness deals to beauty treatments and travel, now is the time to do something nice for yourself. Given that we're suckers for self-care, we say use this exclusive deal to splurge on a massage for yourself. Who doesn't want to head into the summer feeling relaxed and rejuvenated? You could also use this limited-time-only offer to finally plan the fun girls weekend you've been dying to do with your besties complete with manicures, dinner and a night in an escape room. Yes, you can totally get all that--and more!--on Groupon. If the wheels in your brain are already turning just thinking about all the amazing ways to cash in on this Groupon deal, let us remind you of this: the offer expires on May 19, 2018. That's tomorrow, FYI, so head over to groupon.com, make your selections and be sure to use code SALE3 at checkout. SHOP GROUPON NOW * Valid on 1 unit per transaction; max 3 Local deals, 3 Getaways flash deals & 3 Goods items per customer. Not combinable with other Goods offers. Up to $50 discount per deal. Ends May 19, 2018. Exclusions apply. Full details at gr.pn/promofaq.

This Headphone Tool Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

Have you ever been on a plane next to your friend where you want to watch the same movie on a laptop together but can't because there is only one headphone aux plug-in? It's SO frustrating and let's be honest, no one wants to only have one earbud in. Luckily, this CuTech 5-Way Headphone Splitter is here to save the day. This awesome AUX splitter lets you share your music and entertainment with your friends — just make sure you have multiple headphones. Featuring a small, portable design, this splitter is ideal for when you're traveling and all want to listen to the same playlist or watch the same movie - it even can connect up to five headphone sets at once. Usually you would pay $15 or more for this in the airport but get it for only $9.99 in the SheFindsShop now!

BB Dakota Just Launched The Prettiest Bridesmaid Dress Collection (Bonus: Everything Is Under $150!)

Just in time for wedding season, BB Dakota is here to make all your bridesmaid dreams come true. The brand just launched a gorgeous bridesmaid dress collection that is not only stylish, but also super affordable. Are you ready for this? All of the dresses in BB Dakota's bridesmaid dress collection are $125 or less. Really! Even better, they're insanely pretty. All the options are full length and there are tons of colors and prints to choose from. Best of all, these aren't dresses you'll dread wearing. In fact, there are quite a few that you could totally repurpose and wear again as a wedding guest. Here are a few of our favorite styles from the new collection: SAVE THE FIRST DANCE BRIDESMAID DRESS ($110) CROSS MY HEART BRIDESMAID DRESS ($110) FORMATION BRIDESMAID DRESS ($110) SHOP BB DAKOTA BRIDESMAID DRESSES NOW

Beauty Diary: This Is My First Impression Of Hourglass Cosmetics’ Veil Translucent Setting Powder

Welcome to our new series, Beauty Diary! Each week I will put a new, trending beauty product to the test and give you guys my honest first impression to see if it is worth the hype (and your money). This week's product is HOURGLASS Cosmetics' new Veil Translucent Setting Powder. See what I thought in the video below: Be sure to also check out where you can still buy Marc Jacob's sold out bronzer.

Shop Bath & Body Works’ Incredible New Sea-Tox Collection For 20% Off For A Limited Time Only

Here are two good reasons to treat yourself today: Bath & Body Works just launched the most mermaid-tastic body care collection and they're currently running a 20% off siteweide sale. You know what that means, right? Time to ball out! Sea-Tox is BBW's brand new mermaid-approved collection that's formulated with mineral- and nutrient-rich ingredients from the sea. Not only do the products work wonders on your skin, but they smell divine. Here are a few of our favorites: SEA-TOX Sea Mineral Body Polish   SEA-TOX Sea Wave Hair Foam SEA-TOX Seaweed Body Lotion When you're ready to shop, be sure to use code GLOWING at checkout to get 20% off your order! SHOP THE SEA-TOX COLLECTION NOW PS: If you love all things mermaids, don't miss this incredible mermaid essentials cosmetics bag. Not only are the products inside amazing, but the bag itself is so cute! MERMAID ESSENTIALS Mer-mazing Cosmetic Bag Gift Set Be sure to check out this awesome wirefree strapless bra.