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Want Your Man to Put Down His Maxim? Try a Sun FX Spray-On Tan.

July 11, 2007 by SheFindsTara
shefinds | Style

What: A Sun FX sunless, streak-free, spray tan, so flawless you'll wind up being mistaken for a Maxim model.

Why: I went down to Euphoria NYC to test out this new, all natural spray tan. At 5:30 p.m. I walked into the spa a pasty, ghostly girl. Ten, painless minutes later, I emerged a bronzed beauty. Flash Bronzer I couldn't help but flaunt my amazing new tan everywhere I went — drooling boyfriend in tow.

For $50 this impeccable ten-day tan, one that I could never, ever come close to attaining on my own, is safe, natural looking, and best of all, can transform you from blah to beautiful for all your most important events (like the wedding I know my arch enemy from college will be attending with my ex she stole from me).

Replicating the effect on your own takes a bit more time, but it can be done (I know because as soon as my glow started to fade I was frantic applying product to keep it looking fresh). My savior is Avon's Skin So Soft Satin Glow Airbrush Spray ($12) for the body and Lancome's Flash Bronzer Custom Color Tinted Self Tanning Face Lotion ($26) for the face. Both are fool-proof, buildable and natural looking so you don't have to fear looking like an Oompa Loompa spawn.

Get Ready for Your Cover Shoot: Call 866-786-3948 to find a spa near you with SunFX.

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